Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. Pretty sure mine did too! Got an email of a status change for my order :D
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    2. yay, congrats on the shipping notices! i'm hoping mine ships soon too :whee:
    3. Yay she's here! I'm going to try to get a quick face up on her before the rain drops in and hopefully post a box opening thread too. She's so cute and tiny. I really wasn't expecting her to be so small, but wow. Probably the smallest size I will ever own.

      Pros: Resin is goreous. She's in the brown tan and I absolutely love the color. I love her little sleeping bag and accessory bag too. Really adorable.

      Cons: So, I bought the outfit and I must say I'm pretty disappointed. ): One of her leggings were coming apart and for some reason the skirt won't stay down and it sheds SO much. There's a cute small pearly looking ball in the back of her shirt that's supposed to fasten it together, but it doesn't always stay in place so the shirt comes undone pretty easily.

      This con is me being a bit nitpicky. For the price I paid, why couldn't Soom have installed the magnets themselves? Maybe I'm spoiled, but I would have preferred the magnets already be in the parts. >.>

      Anyway! Here's my Rudy: Ferdy!

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    4. @taixonay She's pretty cute! I'm sorry to hear about the outfit. I know tiny outfits are tricky, but still.
    5. Congrats! She's so cute!! I'm excited to see her all faceuped and frolicking :D
    6. @brightberry yeah, I just think the design for the shirt wasn't very well thought out. Those little metal clasps you sometimes see on clothes would have worked much better.

      @Twillow here you go:
      She still needs her parts glued in, but her face is done! I'm surprised how quickly I was able to finish her... My pukifees have been very difficult for me to work on and I've only done 2 out of the five faceplates I've had since October. ;_;

      Also, here's Ferdy's box opening thread~

      ETA: What brand of superglue (or any glue) is okay to use on dolls to glue magnets? I've looking it up but all I see are "some are" and "some aren't" which doesn't help at all. ;_;
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    7. Awwww, freckles!! My favorite. I got my pink slip saying that the package is at the post office, so I'm going to sneak over and get it first thing tomorrow morning!
    8. @Twillow yay! I hope you post pictures of your Rudy too!
    9. Can't wait to get mine shipped! It still says preparing to be shipped ;^;
    10. My Rudy is here */////////*

      She is so small xDD

      I try to make a face up , and then i can show her :D

      ..... now i need a Leepy too TT_____TT
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    11. He's here! He's here! He's SO TINY. It's hard to really comprehend 13cm until you hold it.

      [​IMG]Soom Petit Gem Rudy by Twillowkins, on Flickr

      There's more pics of the box opening if you click through to flickr. I glued his magnets, so I'm waiting for them to dry completely before I put him all together. I had a bunch of little stuff that was too small for my PukiFees, and it fits this guy perfectly!
    12. Did you guys get a shipping notice e-mail, or did the status in your accounts just quietly change? I figure with the Rudys finally going out that I should get mine shipped soon, but I have no idea when that might be or how this whole process works with Soom. :XD:
    13. I did get an email saying there was a change in status of my order, and I had to sort of figure out on my own that it was a shipping notice. It had an EMS shipping number.
    14. Awww! He's so cute! What size eyes is he wearing and what brand of glue did you use? I plan on going to the store tonight to pick some up and I don't want to get the wrong thing.
    15. They're size 10 eyes, from Chocolate Tsang on Etsy (though they took foreeeeever to ship to me).

      Just generic superglue. I checked out this tutorial for some tips, skipping down to the inserting magnets bit.
      Tutorial Magnets: Extracting, reinserting, correcting reversed polarity
    16. My status has yet to change and I have no gotten an email yet. I did ask Soom and they said it should be shipped on 4/15 at the very latest and can be shipped sooner than 4/15 so fingers crossed!
    17. @vanori congratulations! I can't wait to see what you do with your Rudy!

      @Twillow thanks for the advice. I ended up getting some Loctite gel based glue. It worked really well and I didn't have to wait too long for the glue to dry. I'm thinking about beveling my Rudy's (and eventually Leepy's) eyes so they can at least take 12mm Mako eyes. :sigh


      Now that all of Ferdy's parts have been magnetized, all that's left is to paint her ears and tail (and maybe her antlers).

      Regarding the outfit, when someone else gets theirs, can anyone else confirm if they need the tail to keep the back of the skirt down? For me, without the tail, the skirt sticks up in the back. The tail sits it down nice enough, but there's also enough separation between the magnets that the tail sometimes falls off.

      Originally I wasn't planning on getting clothes for my Petit Gems, but if Leepy's outfit will be anything like Rudy's in the quality department, they might need some other articles of clothing. ;_; Any suggestions on where to start?
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    18. Oh wow! The Rudys look so adorable, they make me wish even more that Leepy would ship soon! But that probably won't happen for a while
    19. Holy cow, my Rudy left Soom earlier today, well technically yesterday my time but today Korea time, and it's flown back in time through the timezones to arrive in the US already. O_O Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for different package to get out of EMS "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" since March 24. >_>
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    20. Congrats Twillow for you're Rudy boy =)

      taixonay i really love the little freckles on youŕe Rudy's face <3

      My Rudy's face-up is done =) ( her ears and body need blushing xDD )
      Her name is Feliné ^^

      I hope you like her =)


      I wish you all a great sunday =)
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