Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. @vanori Feliné is so cute! Her face up is so gorgeous! It photographs so well too!

      I thought about giving Ferdy white spots but wasn't sure I would like them, they look lovely on your girl though.
    2. I'm glad everyone is finally getting their Rudy's. They're all so cute.

      @taixonay I have a similar issue with my Ondiin's tail. It's so heavy that it falls off that I don't even bother with it unless I'm taking pictures. But Rudy's tail is much smaller, so without clothes it probably stays in place better? Soom needs to ship them out with stronger magnets, lol.
    3. My Rudy's tail actually stays on decently even through a layer of clothing. It's a little more wobbly that way. Without clothes, it stays really well.

      @vanori Such a cute faceup! I love her!
    4. My Rudy arrived yesterday! Talk about super fast shipping! :aeyepop: On the down side, I was not prepared for how small he is, from a visceral standpoint I mean. I knew about the measurements and looked at a ruler in my hand, but holding the doll is an entirely different experience. I guess I'll give it some time to see if I'll warm up to this size. I'm a sucker for deer and I love seeing what you guys have done with your Rudys though. :love
    5. @TechnicolorFox When I spoke to Soom about the issues I was having with the tail and the skirt, they said that I put the magnet in too deep (the one that goes on her butt). Maybe that is the case. Hopefully someone else who ordered the outfit can confirm this with pictures. Otherwise, the tail is fine. I haven't tried any other fabrics against the tail to see how well it does or doesn't stay on though. The skirt still looks cute, I just have to be careful when her tail is attached. :T

      @sno4wy congratulations on your Rudy's arrival! I was surprised by the size too. I really hope you are able to get used to his size. They are really fun to mess around with....

      I've been using Ferdy to pick up my Pukifees. :D

      When my Leepy gets here, it'll be fun having the two of them terrorize the Pukifees. :mwahaha
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    6. @taixonay: Thanks a lot =) Iw as niot sure if i want freckles ore spots. I did her face-up twice, the first version had spots on her cheecks too.. but i think it was to much for this little face. You're Pukifee is hanging around with you're Ferdy xDD

      @Twillow : Thank you =) I have no problems with her tail O___O ( but she is nude at the moment.. so i need to look at it after i sewed her some clothes)

      @sno4wy : I can't wait to see pictures from you're super fast Rudy :D

      I made a flickr group for Soom Petit Gem dolls, everybody is welcome =)
      Soom Petit Gem

      A little picture of Feliné with Lolli she got :D ( i need lashes for her :(... i ordered some but i think they need looong xDD )

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    7. Omg!! Seeing you guys already receiving yours I simply Can't get to get my tawny Rudy Omg!!!! Still not shipped yet ;u;" <3
      Just ordred the nude doll along with a brown tan Rudy for a friend.. Waiting is killing me!
    8. Yea same here! Love all these photos and I'm anxious to get mine shipped :0
    9. just got my shipping notice for rudy!! :dance
    10. ME TOO! I can't wait! I will be gone this weekend though so I really hope she will arrive before I leave town :O
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    11. Congrats to the new shipping notices :D

      Can't waqit to see all the pictures and cute Rudy's :D
    12. My Rudy is finally here! She's smaller than I imagined but wow is she absolutely precious!

      I have not glued the magnets on her parts yet but as you can see from the photo, the skirt doesn't stick up in the back and as of yet it has not shed. Her top is pretty secure with the bead in the back; I haven't had it fall off or get loose yet but I do hope that the bead will stay on. The only complaint I would have is her stockings isn't completely even. As you can see in the photo, her left stocking has jagged edges.
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    13. @vanori Congratulations! Her little freckles are absolutely adorable. :D

      I'm so glad to see all of the Rudy's arriving, they are all so cute!
      I'll make the last payment on my Leepy in a week then I am in for a little wait. Hope it won't be too long. :celebrate
    14. Feliné got lashes :D


      I need clothes for her..... >.<

      Does anybody with a Petit Gem own a Pukipuki too? If so i would love to see Pukipuki clothes on a Petit Gem please =)
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    15. Love her~ The bow is adorable!
    16. @vanori Oh my goodness, Your Feliné is adorable! Everyone's Rudy is so cute!

      I just got my Rudy today and I'll work on a faceup this weekend. I do own a Pukipuki and I have to say that the dresses and tops from Nubanded fit, but some pants might not because of Petite Gem's hips.

      [​IMG]Mia is Home
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    17. Thanks a lot =)

      Thank you very much =9 The picture is very helpfull :D
      I can't wait to see the face up =) May i ask which eyes do you used ?
    18. @vanori No problem ^-^
      I made the eyes, the are 10mm
    19. wow you did an great job *////*

      My Ondiin is on the way :D Now i need to wait 1-3 weeks till arrive ( customs are really slow xDD )
    20. Hey you all <3

      I got my Ondiin 2 weeks before, but i had no time to take pictures >.<

      Today i take some pictures =)

      I wish you all a good week start.

      Btw her name is Mií :D

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