Souldoll and unbalanced molds.

Dec 7, 2008

    1. i had Giselle and Star...i dont see anything wrong with them.besides i own 10sd-size dolls from varies company...each have their own beauty and unique...
    2. ok, i'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that every doll that i've seen complaints about, i could see clearly that the mold's eyes were way off. Maybe it just jumps out at me, but to me its not even masked through photography, or angles. its clear as day to me. I just wouldnt have bought the mold. To me, this is not a huge deal. if the doll had bubbles on the resin, or parts that were a different color, that would be a bigger issue. All of the things ive seen complaints about can be corrected by an aesthetics artist. a little exacto knife here, and a little sandpaper there, u know? but this is just how i feel. obviously, everyone has their own feelings about this.
    3. I've had a few Souldolls myself and I see imperfections in their face but in my own opiniong I just think it gives them character. As stated above, small imperfections can be altered quite easily. And I agree I can see the imbalance in the faces when I look at the pictures from Souldoll. I don't think it makes the quality worse however. These aren't Babs being spit out on a machine line, they're human sculpted.
    4. I don't think that's what Naiara is saying... she's not talking about the natural imperfections and asymmetry that give doll sculpts (and human faces) their realism and character. The flaws in question sound more to me like problems in production, not in the sculpt - for example, the eyes in comicbookartistboi's link above. That is simply ridiculous, and something that could very, very easily happen in the sanding and cleaning process. In fact, it's probably why she was finished as a dress model and not offered for sale.

      The mouth and teeth problems could also have a great deal to do with how the doll is pulled from the mold... true, these dolls are not coming from a giant assembly line, but they are being mass-produced in the sense that multiple objects are coming from one or two molds. Resin is a tricky thing at the best of times. Plastic is, by definition, plastic and malleable.

      I'd like to see comparison photos of different people's same sculpt - for example, a Giselle the owner considers acceptable and a Giselle whose owner feels she is too far off symmetry. It would be helpful for potential purchasers to be able to judge for themselves.
    5. Do you think the Souldoll Double bodies could be off aswell? I just ordered one for christmas.
    6. I never thought a wink at there being flaws with Giselle. I almost got her. And then I saw a girl on doa who had one and said it took lots of modding to et her face semi decent. Now looking back at the site photos I see that I coulndt have told that in a million years that girl had uneven eyes. If truly was masked by the pictures. Now Im very uncertain about companies that dont have pictures of there dolls straight on or lots from the same angle of there face. Its sneaky and I don't trust it. I hope someone can point this out. I woulndt have been very happy having my first doll so imperfect, when my dolls are my image of perfection.
    7. For what it's worth, my Lily C looks exactly like the shop photos. (Left eye slightly wider/rounder than right, right eye slightly longer horizontally. You can see it clearly on the shop photos if you want to see what I mean.)

      As a customer I do not feel tricked, misled or lied to by Souldoll or their photographer. Souldoll sent the product promised, with the exact same sculpt and quality of face up as their photos show. I've bought dolls from other companies which look nothing like their shop photos, and have been very disappointed. I could make a long list. But Lily C is not on it.

      For anyone worreid about bodies: As far as I could tell, her body was fully symmetrical and all the joints fit and worked absolutely fine. I sold the body for something a bit 'softer' to go with her soft face.
    8. My double body is perfect, SystemRose... and it's new in the last three months.
    9. Phew, thanks babytarragon and Ann Marie that gave me some peace of mind. :)
    10. ...I think that unless there is a problem where the doll is being misrepresented or sent with serious quality control issues (airbubbles, cracking or chipping resin, scuffs, etc.), a thread like this is not appropriate. Perception of the sculpt comes down to your personal preference, not dishonesty on the part of the company. The issues with the sculpts themselves are apparent in the sales photos; they're not modifying their sample heads and then sending something different and inferior.

      (Also, Naiara, please use the word "thread," not "threat." A "threat" is something different entirely. :)).

    11. :/

      I see people think i'm saying souldoll is bad quality.
      That is not really what i am saying in the first post.

      I'm just letting people know that if they are bothered by unbalanced faces to be careful buying a souldoll, because they seem to do it more often.
      Wait for owner feedback, and photo's.. stuff like that.

      I can also say that i myself have seen the Unbalanced features in Hye, Gisele and sleeping Ize [havent seen a normal Ize inrl or in owner pictures so far]

      And the Bling Bling msd girls. [but these were only uneven and not so far that it became unnatural and unbalanced]
      And besides that their dolls all seem perfectly fine to me.

      .. Also Souldoll does have photo's of all the dolls taken from the front,
      you just have to ask about it and they will give you a link/file.
      [Ive done this because i was a bit unsure about one of their Korean males]

      But then again..made me wonder why they don't post those..or photo's of the head without a faceup on their website... >__< but i guess ive only seen like..5 company's do that.

      They are nice people,
      but the artist really needs to watch it a bit more.
      Because it almost feels to me like they are getting sloppy.

      I hope just like someone said the previous page people that are bothered by it,
      send Souldoll a Note.. so Souldoll know they need to work it XB

      Anne Marie:
      I have seen 2 Sleeping Ize's my own and one on a stand without a faceup,
      and he had exactly the same mistakes as mine had.
      Because i myself also thought that the mouth being a bit strange probably was a production error i took a closer look lol.
      But then again i don't think Souldoll would have send me a bad doll XB

      + i know from a Hye owner i know that if anything breaks or is wrong on your doll even after like a year they send you a replacement.
      So they are not a lazy company like some that won't bother about air bubbles on the nose or stuff like that @[email protected]

      His body is fine..
      very pretty.. Absolutely HUGE.. but pretty.
      [lol.. it's just.. not really huge as in..big and tall.. but he's MASSIVE ...]

      the website says they are 63 cm? But Milk [58 cm Supia] doesn't even reach his shoulder so i think it's more like 65.. XB
      If you want i can take pictures to compare o---o"

      And the girls are a little bit small.. 55cm but thats cute.


      i have english auto spelling check 1.something that corrects wrong.
      Forget about it a lot. >__> Should update now my connection seems to be okey.


    12. I would love to see comparison pictures, please! :) Since this is a buying/shipping advice forum I'd think it best to pm me them. ;) Thank you so much.
    13. i'll post a little here since i know what Naiara is talking about .

      i'm in the hobby for about 3 years now and got the chance to see plenty of blank mold , but personaly it's the 1st time i saw so many symetrical errors on a mold.

      i'm owning a Gisele : believe me the symetricals errors are huge
      i'm sorry not taking a picture before my friend modded it but i was nearly posting a FS post immediatly after the box opening because of that (if the post still exist in few weeks i know somebody that owned it ,so will post picture at this moment ^^)

      the default : the right eyes is like 3 or 4 mm upper than the other one and the left one is very smaller
      the nose going all left and the mouth following it of course . so if you look at your doll from above you'll see all her face going left , chin too

      Souldoll took great photos , they do shots only from the side the defaults are less visible
      and their make up are dark enough to mask it a little too
      but with a very light make up the doll is really looking like a picasso ............. (just a word , i don't have anything against picasso XD)

      so i was very disappointed about that problem too , fortunally i know somebody that can do modifications and even if it's not perfect the result is magical . i will surely buy again in their company since their molds are lovely but i'm really hoping they'll be more careful about that sculpt problem

      also i'm very sorry for all thoses who wanted one gisele and don't buy it after reading my post : soooo sorry >.<
    14. I did the modifications on the moachan's Gisele, and I'm totally agree with her. Since 3 years, I modified a lot of dolls for my pleasure and my personal taste but for the gisele, i was just obliged to do that because, otherwise, her face looks too much "bow-legged"... I understand, the BJD are never perfect, it's normal, it's not industrial works, but those imperfections are too much important, in my mind... I think, in that case, it's not a question of taste but a question of finishing...I have bought another Gisele after doing the modifications of Moachan's one because she's really really nice when her eyes are on the same level...
    15. It's probably good to warn people because I know a lot of them care quite a bit about having symmetry in the sculpt. But on the other hand, some people don't care/ don't mind. As I've stated before, I actually prefer slightly asymmetrical sculpts as looking more "real". I get bothered by too much symmetry. The 3 mm imperfections people are describing in Souldoll sculpts probably wouldn't bother me at all.
    16. The shoulders on my Souldoll Double boy body are a little off- one is higher than the other and his elbows are at two different angles (it's hard to explain)- but the body works perfectly, and you can't really tell without getting up close. He does seem a bit funny shirtless sometimes though. I have one of the older heads though, so I can't say anything about their new faces.
    17. I see what Naiara is talking about as well, especially with Hye;;;
      Souldoll does seem to have an issue with symmetry, and sometimes it's hard to tell unless your looking for it in the promo pics. So I think it's worth mentioning. Some people like the molds how they are, but maybe for some it will not be what they were expecting.
    18. I painted Miribyeol for a friend of mine and the head was terribly lopsided. It looked like the right eye was sliding down and off the face. My friend eventually ended up selling the doll because it was so asymmetrical.
    19. I just recieved my new Souldoll Gisele today, and I don't see anything wrong with her.

      She may be slightly uneven, but I don't even notice it. She's incredibly beautiful. The only complaint I have is a mysterious black stain on the back of her head behind the magnets, and she's a little tight.

      I think she looks wonderful. Don't know what you guys are talking about. Souldoll might have fixed it on their molds, but I don't know.
    20. I have a Souldoll Byeol and although I love her to death, her face is very unbalanced. The best way to tell is to rotate the pictures of dolls horizontally, like so.

      Here she is normally. You can tell that there is a little bit of asymmetry but it's not too bad.

      Here she is flipped horizontally, she looks very uneven. I noticed this the first time when I was looking at her in the mirror while holding her.