Souldoll and unbalanced molds.

Dec 7, 2008

    1. I've realized some of Souldoll dolls are uneven for the first time I saw them. But I've been a great fan of Souldoll's sculpts. They are so beautiful that I couldn't find the same style from other brands. Just like a human face/body that never exactly the same between the right or left side, that's how I appreciate Souldoll's sculpts.
    2. It is a beautiful mold, but the left eye (and ear...?) is much higher than the right. You can tell in that photo by not only flipping it horizontally, but noting that the left eyebrow was placed higher than the right.

      I was going to buy from Souldoll, but none of the photos sat right with me... needless to say, I knew something was off, but I didn't know what. @[email protected] I have a huge issue with symmetry, and while I know that people aren't perfectly symmetrical... for some people, perfection is a part of aesthetic value.
    3. i just now opened my Souldoll box, i bought sleeping Ize, and honestly? i don't see anything wrong with his face whatsoever. in my opinion, he looks completely balanced.
    4. Miss Ally could you post some front view pics of your boys face? I've been on the fence about getting an Ize after seeing this thread, but since you've got a sleeping Ize unmodded maybe i can see for myself before all the modding. ^^ I would greatly appreciate it!
    5. lilartistgrrl That is totally weird! it looks like her nose is in the wrong place or something. I just decided I am saving for the human centaur so I am a little worried. I appreciate the warning... I'm not sure whether I want to go through with the purchase now.
    6. not the best photo (kinda dark) but here is my Sleeping Ize straight out of the box. i guess you can decide for yourselves, but i don't see anything wrong with his face. i must say his head is a wee little thing, really small.


      his head is slightly tilted,so take that into consideration.
    7. hmmmm i might nnot be an expert at these things but to me i see a diff and it kinda bugs me....>.< maybe its just me
    8. @ Miss Ally, Thank you so much for sharing the picture!!! :D I can see a little bit of the imperfections..but it really isn't to the magnitude of what I see on the Hye and Gisele honestly.

      Actually the unbalances are so hard to see on this guy...i had to stare at him for some time to really see it. His eye on the right does dip down a little farther than the other...and I can see what Naiara was talking about on his mouth, it's a bit skewed downward to the right a bit more, but it doesn't really jump out to me initially. Thankfully, I think he is workable. Sorry I don't mean to nit pick at the imperfections, but I just really love to see the doll [both things i like and dislike] before i buy. ^^ He's a really lovely mold..and I think i can deal with the unbalances, even if i couldn't..he can still be modded a bit. Thanks so much Miss Ally for sharing him, and I really hope you share more of his pictures too! <3
    9. I've got a soulkid Mayu and yeah, her mouth is a little off. I actually didn't notice until it was mentioned and I was looking for it. Her hands look huge too but that could just be me not having experience with doll hands :'D So I'd say in my case you won't notice an imperfection unless you're out looking for it. But it's good that you're letting potential buyers know about it!
    10. oh well, i guess if you guys see him as imperfect, then so be it, "i" think he's perfect. after all, no human is perfectly symmetrical, we all have slight "unbalances". since you seem to think his features dip down to the right, i want to mention again, that his head is tilted down to the right, it is not straight on his neck. i think if his head were absolutely straight on, the "slight imperfections" would hardly be noticeable, assuming there are any. one last thought, any unbalances could be altered quite simply with how the face up is done. he doesn't bother me one bit.
    11. Miss Ally, I'm sorry if I offended you about your boy. I do find the Ize mold very beautiful, even with the 'unbalances' but I was simply looking at the mold and Naiara's initial post to see if her claim about the Ize's mold to be true. The way the original post was stated, I thought this guy was going to have some major symmetry problems like I've seen on the Hye and Gisele. No offense to Hye and Gisele owners either..everyone has their own opinion about 'imperfections' on dolls, and some are more critical than others. I understand that his head is tilted to the right, which is why i said these errors are harder to see on him. Granted, there are a few things I can see regardless of the tilt. But they really aren't big enough problems with the mold for me to not buy him...I still love the Ize a lot. Anyway...just wanted to clarify that my intention was not to rag on the Ize at all. If you think he's perfect that's all that matters.
    12. Dybbuk, no worries! i was not upset with what you said at all, i was just trying to point out the head tilt incase you didn't realize it, and it would change your perception. i can conceded that "possibly" the eyes are "slightly" different and the mouth is a "tad" wider on one side, but i don't think it looks unnatural, that's all. i hope you may decide to add Ize to your collection one day, he really is a gorgeous guy.
    13. Miss Ally~ ah ok...^^;; haha I really wanted to clarify, because, i definitely did not want to rag on your new boy. Ize really is a gorgeous guy, and I definitely do plan to get one of these boys one day. ^^ Thanks a lot for sharing your picture, it really just further convinced me I need one XD and please do post him when he's all done~~ :aheartbea