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Souldoll Vito (50cm) Discussion - Part 4

Apr 26, 2017

    1. #1 Chocolatine, Apr 26, 2017
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    2. My Azreal skull head arrived in the mail today! I bought him from a fellow DoA member and OMG! he's gorgeous. I had him sent to my work address as nobody would've been home to get the package. Naturally, I needed to open the box right away. Even my co-workers said he looked really cool. It'll be a while before I can afford to buy him his body or get him his face-up, but I'm thrilled to pieces with how he looks as just a blank head.
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    3. That's so awesome! Congratulations! ^3^
    4. Congrats! I love my Azrael Skull head! Speaking off, according to his faceup artist I have another six months of wait ahead till she estimates him to be done - thanks god I've grown immune to waiting :lol:
    5. 6 months? Wow. That's a wicked long time for a face-up.

      The skull head belongs to Lord Ra-Sui, God of Decay & Guardian of Souls. I love the details of the head. they're all kinds of amazing. I'm looking forward to getting his head painted even if that will be a while (I have 2 other dolls that require painting ahead of him and since I can't paint them myself...)
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    6. Technically at the end we'll be at twelve months - she already has him since October last year. I'm cool with it tho she doesn't usually accept commissions and a faceup from her has been on my list since I started this hobby
    7. You have far more patience than I do. I don't think I could wait that long for a face-up. I hope he comes together just as you envision him.
    8. I KNOW I couldn't wait that long for a face-up. That's why I do many of my own. They're not perfect, but at least all I have to wait for is a sunny day.:lol:
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    9. I wish I was able to do my own. However, I suffer from extreme nitpickiness and a strong desire for perfection that, when combined with my face-blindness, is just asking for massive frustration on my part since I can't actually see a face as a whole object in order to paint it. Being face-blind is likely why I almost never wear any make-up aside from lipstick (which is more to keep me from biting my lips than actually getting fancy *snorts*).
    10. I suck at doing my own sadly and just like Iron_Dog, I yearn for perfection :lol. But yeah, I guess my longest wait for a faceup was 1 1/2 years? As said, desensitized xD
    11. Wow. A year and a half? I am awed that you have the patience for that kind of waiting. I find it torture to wait 6 months just to get a doll never mind actually have it at some point (more or less) and wait that long for a face-up to be completed.

      Then again, I think I've seen you in the Dollshe thread and it is more or less assumed to be waiting just this side of eternity for dolls to finally make it home so.....
    12. Don't remind me, a year to get my first Dollshe Fashion guy :lol: honestly after that everything feels fast xD
    13. *winces* Yeah, the Dollshe wait seems pretty brutal. I'm hopeful my order of a Pure body will be close(ish) to what was stated (2-3 months).

      I was quite pleased with the timing of my SD order. They pretty much delivered when they said they would and that included a gorgeous face-up. The layaway was super easy as well.

      I'm trying to appeal to my reasonable self (that seems to wander off whenever dolls are added to a discussion) with regards to my Vito purchase later this year. Doll-self says do a layaway for Eilam (Rail) AND the Vito body I need for Ra-Sui at the same time. Reasonable-self cringes at the cash outlay of a full doll with face-up + body and the possible evil Customs fees a package like that could wallop me for. Doll-self says it makes better planning to get them both at the same time as by the time Eilam is ready to ship, I'd probably be placing the order for Ra-Sui's body anyway. I'm a little worried that doll-self seems more reasonable than reasonable-self.
    14. I'm also a nitpicker and a perfectionist. That's why I do most of my face-ups 3 or 4 times before I'm even semi-happy with them. I finally bought magnifying glasses to help me see what I'm doing. They'll have to do until it's time for cataract surgery.

      I could never wait a year for a doll. My latest doll came in 24 business days, which was sheer bliss. I'll wait as long as 2 months for a doll. After that, you don't want to be anywhere near me. I can't remember exactly how long my Jin took to arrive, but I'm pretty certain it was at the upper limit of my tolerance for waiting.
    15. I'm STILL waiting on a doll I put a down payment on back in mid-October of 2016, so it's been a smidge over 6 month for him. I'd ordered a DZ a few years back when they were waaaaay behind and didn't see my guy (that I paid for in full) for about 8 months. Those 2 were the longest waits though that I can recall. That's one of the things I love about buying 2nd hand. Wait times are drastically shorter than ordering brand new.

      I'm also trying not to browse the MP as if I were to see a NY Vito body for a decent price, I'd be wickedly tempted to buy it but can't due to lack of funds and I'd probably just be disappointed that I'd teased myself with the possibility of putting Ra-Sui together sooner rather than later.
    16. Congrats on your leonhard arrival :) @Chocolatine
      So far I saw Normal and Sandy brown Paw, but not yet seeing for Mint Blue one, hopefully anyone buy it would share the pic
    17. Yay, Finally managed to finish my layaway on Paw and Arianna. Let's hope it's not a huge wait until I get my shipping notice.
    18. Wow! Leonhard Is very interesting man!

      And I made my first video with my star, Kiar! My wonderful torero! Love him so much!

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    19. I wonder if anybody of you lovely people here could help me
      I got a Iplehouse JID Leona
      I got a Raccon Intimate Nana
      I got a Iplehouse FID Mari

      one of those is longing for Lester (Ok, its me) but I wonder to which of the girls he would fit the best
      Can somebody show me pics beside FID, JID and Racoon maybe?
      that would be awesome
    20. @greeneyed-soul - I no longer have a JID for comparison, but here is Vito Jin with FID Miho and Raccoon Mika. I think in terms of head size, a JID girl might look better with Vito.
      [​IMG]IMG_3259 by Lorraine, on Flickr
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