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Souldoll is a Korean BJD company founded in 2002. They make dolls in several different sizes, alongside clothing and acrylic eyes. Most of their dolls have a more realistic appearance and can be ordered in white or normal skin. Default faceup option and special custom faceup services are available.

Special order periods for gray and "sandy brown" (tan) resin open up each year for one sizing line at a time, and last about a month.


This line offers both male and female "mature minis" that stand 51-52cm tall.
The original Soulkids appeared more childlike, but many of the newer female sculpts can be considered mature minis. Soulkids are available in both genders and are MSD-sized dolls, approximately 43cm tall.
Soul-Sweeter is Souldoll's present line of 25cm dolls. There is currently only a girl body available. Normal skin for this line was changed to a "new normal" which differs from that of the Sweet line. Limited full-set dolls are released under the "Lovely Sweeter" category.
In December 2008, Souldoll released a line of 70cm dolls. The first standard release was Chiron, with an option for a human or centaur body. Currently, there are male and female bodies in the Zenith size, which are 65.5cm and 64cm tall, respectively.
Souldoll's tallest line of dolls, reaching 75cm in height. Currently only male Tera-Zenith dolls are being sold.
The Soul-Double line was last sold with 63cm males and 55cm females, and discontinued in August 2015. The bodies were more mature in style and thinner than standard SD dolls, featuring double-jointed limbs and a mature look.
  • Soul-Sweet (discontinued)
Soul-Sweet was Souldoll's old line of 26cm dolls, discontinued as of March 2015. Head molds could be bought with either girl or boy bodies.


Souldoll Waitlist


Over the years, Souldoll has released many limited editions; most of which were full sets with non-limited sculpts.

In 2009, Souldoll began to release dolls under a Tarot Card theme. So far, these have been modified dolls that also sometimes have a basic release. Usually the dolls have a different skin tone not usually offered, but some have other features such as different hands.
In 2010, Souldoll started running another set of Limited Dolls that had very limited numbers that would be sold. These dolls are called the Fantasy dolls.
Souldoll has been doing theme dolls for a few years now and so far very few dolls have been released as Theme Dolls.
Souldoll has done a few limited runs dolls now that were made for specific Doll conventions. These dolls have only been released and sold at the conventions for each so far.
Souldoll has a limited line of dolls that is based on different Korean stars in the film, and music industries.


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