Souldoll Vito (50cm) Discussion - Part 4

Apr 26, 2017

    1. Hey guys does anyone know of a good hybrid for a Souldoll Vito body (male?) I’m looking for a head for my boy but I’m not sure what can fit, any help/ suggestions? (I know Jid can fit but I’m looking for a more mature head)
    2. I just got a surprise delivery! SD never sent me a shipping notice so I was confused when the mailman brought me in a big box. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I can open him when I get home from work.
    3. Here is my Jin! I'll probably keep the same name for him. He came with a pair of glitter pupiless eyes in so I swapped them out. His horns are HUGE. They are not on right now and I need to paint them. But here he is <3

      [​IMG]Souldoll Vito Jin by Heather, on Flickr
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    4. So excited to have a Vito! Not sure what I'm doing next but I just got my first Vito head of Liam. Love him! I have an IH muscle boy body I tried him on (neck too big) and will soon try a IH model body with smaller neck when it arrives. He will be a kpop boy. I have lots of kpop stuff for these bodies so I hope the model body works. Anyone ever try this combo? Should I be posting this in hybrids rather than here?
      [​IMG]Souldoll Vito Liam head on IH muscle body by Kathy Puckett, on Flickr
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    5. He looks great already. You can post in whatever thread the head is from. You could post in both places if he is a hybrid.
    6. @LuckyXIII I'm glad you like my guy. Thanks so much for clarifying. If the model body doesn't work, I will probably get a Vito body. I'll definitely belong here then, haha!
    7. The guidelines I have seen say that you can post in a thread if either the head or body is on topic.
    8. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thank you. When I first joined I posted in hybrids and Resinsoul but despite my seeing my 6 Makie headed/Resinsoul bodied dolls as bjds, the heads being nylon meant my posts were deleted from both. So I always ask now. I find that in most groups I have more rapport with the groups for my heads rather than bodies.
    9. The problem going by body is unless you post only underwear/nude shots, the body is covered so it just looks like you are posting constantly in the wrong thread.
    10. Hahaha! That must be it!
    11. It is always helpful to identify the sculpt in the picture. For a hybrid, you need to identify the head and body. My doll owners may be interested in how other heads fit their body but it would be best if the picture shows enough of the body to be useful. A head shot in the body's thread could show the neck fit.
    12. I do love Souldoll dolls. The faceup artists are awesome, and @Mahgiep your guy is too. Congrats. (I've no clue where you should post him, but I'm glad that I got to see him.) :D
    13. I can finally enter here. I asked about Vito Kate head here a bit over a year ago, but nobody seemed to have her. Luckily I was finally able to get her without the body from the discontinuation event. She isn't really a "vito" as she's not on a big enough body, but oh well.


      This is the new head for my character, Lilya, who is currently on a DIM GSE body. It's still a bit tall (46 cm-ish) and big for the character because she's supposed to be quite petite, but I needed wide enough shoulders for her previous head (IH Isar) and didn't have many options. I could probably get her a smaller body now, but it's quite hard as I don't want the shoulders to be too narrow and her bust would need to be big enough AND the jointing would have to please me. All of which are hard to find in msd scale. The neck on this body is a bit thick, and the head lacks a chin because of that, but I'm not sure if I want to modify it in case I end up getting another head for this body and putting her on something smaller... Anyway, I have temporary eyes for her, because her old ones were too big, and she's still wearing the old wig which is waaay too big for her petite Souldoll head. But I'm so glad her face is finally smaller than the old one (which was driving me nuts), so yay.
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    14. I got my grey Berial (fangs head) yesterday. Shipping was wicked fast. He was sent out on Monday and arrived to me in Canada on Thursday. Apparently he was moving via rocket power. And no Customs fees! He even beat his wig here AND another doll that was sent out before him (and has been stuck in Customs for a freaking week now *sigh*).

      He's just gorgeous although I have to say SD went VERY heavy-handed with the blushing on him. I'm disappointed/annoyed about that as I can see sending him out to get wiped and re-painted. Yeah, the blushing is that heavy. Aside from that though, the way the eyes and lips are done is lovely. Funny enough, he's got no eyebrows but you don't really notice that. They sent really nice eyes with him (the original defaults for his sculpt, I think) but I switched them out for some eyes I made as they really make him pop.

      I'll post pics later as by the time I finished playing with the meager number of wigs I have in his size and tried out at least a dozen and a half eyes in his head, it was 8pm at night and I had yet to eat supper. I may bring him in to work with me today but he'll need to steal somebody's wig and nobody seems willing to offer up the sacrifice.
    15. @Iron_Dog - Looking forward to seeing your new guy!
    16. I did bring him to work with me and he's currently chilling on my desk. Nothing quite brightens a day like having a pretty dolly to look at while you work. He's not super thrilled about the wig he's wearing but it's better than being bald, right?
    17. The fluorescent lights are VERY unkind to the over-blushing SD did. Frankly, he looks sunburned. I may take him outside at lunch to see how it looks in natural light (I think it'll look just as bad). It's such a shame, too, as the eyes and lips are really well done and I like them a lot.

      There isn't a way the blushing could be massively toned down without wiping his face-up, is there? I don't think there is but I have zero knowledge of face-ups. The blushing is orange-toned on grey resin if that makes any difference.