Souldoll Vito (50cm) Discussion - Part 4

Apr 26, 2017

    1. @Iron_Dog I was looking to compare them to 65cm and 70 dolls mostly :)
    2. @Mewtt I can snap some pics for you if you want. It would be later this evening as I'm just about to go get ready for work (it's 8:30am where I am right now).

      Did you want them nekked for better body comparison (i.e. where shoulders/hips/etc. fall in relationship to each other) or were you just looking for an overall height thing?

      Keep in mind that the height difference between a Vito and a 65/70cm boy will look like a lot. Vito's are also very buffed and it might look a bit strange to have a super buffed short dude next to a sleek tall guy. My 70-ish boys would be a Dollshe (pure body), Leeke (muscle body) and DZ body (he's an older body, I don't remember the designation off hand). The 65cm would be 5Star (old body), Unidoll and SoulDoll Double.
    3. @Iron_Dog An overall height would be just fine, I'd really appreciate it :) depending on how it looks I may have to try and find a slightly taller body more like 56-60 but I like the buff look of the vito alot.
    4. @Mewtt If you also want, I can throw in my DF-A boy (he's 56cm but not really buffed) and I've got a 60cm Miro body that is very buffed. Additionally, I can toss in my BBD and JeiDoll (both 61cm) for comparison of heights.
    5. Here's the comparison shots @Mewtt . The Vito in all the pics, Eilam, is the Rail sculpt with the default face-up
      [​IMG]70cm SD+52cm by ID Locke, on Flickr
      These are nearly 70cm boys (68.5cm to 69.5cm)Left to right: Dollshe Orijean (pure body), Leeke Khal Vampire (muscle body), DZ Edward. These guys tower over the Vito and unless you were going for the look it might be a bit much for your purposes.

      [​IMG]64cm SD+52cm SD by ID Locke, on Flickr
      These are 64/65cm boys. Left to right: Unidoll UH-08 Elf, 5Star Dark, SD Double Ize
      I'd say the height difference isn't too bad with this group as long as you wanted to have a fairly significant height difference.
    6. These are the guys closer to Vito size. Again, the Vito posing here is Eilam, a Rail sculpt.

      [​IMG]60-ish cm SD+52cm SD by ID Locke, on Flickr
      Left to right: DF-A Que-Wei (56cm), Angel Toast Crow head on 60cm Miro body, JeiDoll Ashford (61cm)
      I think they look okay with the Vito boy height wise as long as the look you're after has a height factor. Surprisingly, the 56cm boy doesn't look bad at all next to him.

      This is actually who Eilam is paired with. Rhas-Khan is a Soom ID51 Gluino (romantic head)
      [​IMG]Rhas-Khan & Eilam by ID Locke, on Flickr
    7. @Iron_Dog - Cool tattoos(?) and that navy blue wig that guy has. Really like your vito's outfit too.
    8. @xyuemoto Thanks. Yalaren (the tattooed one) came to me that way. They continue over his back as well. The wig Yalaren is wearing is incredibly soft. I think it's a Hual but I'm not 100% sure. Eilam (the Vito) is wearing an HZ outfit. I have another HZ outfit that also fits him very well but it was claimed by my Raccoon guy.

      It's a shame I didn't think to pull back the sleeves of Khale's robe as his default hands are DZ armour claw hands and you just don't see those very much and they're really cool. I was going to put Mkhai (ImplDoll Miguel the Demon Hunter) in the 64/65cm shot but he shows best naked as I've metal leafed him in gold, silver and copper.
    9. @Iron_Dog thank you sooo much that was really helpful!!! Might change plans for a better look amongst my dolls :)
    10. @Mewtt Glad to help. The Vitos are wonderful dolls and I adore this size but there's still not a lot of companies that make this kinda odd male size. Some of the ones that do, only do it for limited times (like Soom or the Granado 53cm guys). If you want, I can take some shots of the dolls I have in this 50-ish cm sizing if you'd still like to go with a Vito. I have...

      SD Vito (obviously), Soom ID51 (51cm), Granado 53cm, Iple FID (49.5cm) Iple Creea-J (50.5cm), Raccoon Doll (51cm) & SD Souloid (48cm).

      I won't be able to get the shots until sometime late-ish this evening as I'll be leaving soon to go play Pathfinder with my friends and that is an all day event for me and I don't get home until around 8pm.
    11. I for one would love to see your 50cm range doll!
    12. Sure! I'll do that this evening. I have a list of sorts for the guys in this range and it's a pitifully small one *sigh*. I wish there was more ready-made clothes for these guys, too. Specifically in the fantasy style. But, I sew nearly everything for my resin army so it's not like they're naked (well, most aren't). But I have found that each of these 50-ish boys require specific patterns for their sculpts as they really aren't standard sized AT ALL.
    13. @Iron_Dog - I'll have to look into HZ outfits. Is there a longer name for the wig company? Searching google for Hual just autocorrect searches for "haul". The metal leafing sounds really cool.
    14. I found some hual wigs on eBay by typing:
      6-7" doll wig

      My Vito Liam (now Kai Boi) is waiting to try his head on my Iplehouse model FID body ordered 2/20. Apparently there's a big delay for FIDs. I am going a bit bonkers waiting to see if I can share this body. I have lots of clothes if it works.
    15. You have the best bet of finding HZ outfits on Legend Doll (a dealer site). The full name is Heisejinyao Ziyulinglong. They also make dolls. I got my Hual wigs off ebay but I think you can also buy them from Legend Doll.

      The metal leafing was quite the project. It took me 38 hours doing it in 2 hour intervals. I think he looks awesome but I'm highly biased.

      I may not get to the 50cm group shot this evening as I've just recently returned home from gaming all day, have yet to eat supper and it's almost 9pm where I live.
    16. @Iron_Dog - Wow, 38 hours! Do you have a photo of the full view somewhere? Would love to see him.
    17. @xyuemoto and that's after the 26 hours it took me to remove the black acrylic spraypaint that he'd been coated in. I do have a photo of him in all his metal leafed glory. If you go to my Flickr (ID Locke) and look in the album called Mkhai, you can see some shots of him both before I metal leafed him (after I'd cleaned him of the paint) as well as some progress shots and the final look. If you have trouble finding them, pm me and I'll link you since he's OT for this thread.
    18. @Iron_Dog - Thanks, I will go check it out. I think I am already following you on flickr, haha.
    19. Well, it took me longer than expected but I crashed hard on Sunday and Monday was just filled with busy. Still took me 1.5 hours this evening to get everybody out, dressed, wigged, posed, photographed and then all put away again. I need to take a pic of my entire crew together but I'm really not looking forward to hauling everybody out and going through that on a much larger scale (I have 56 dolls).

      On to the pic! These are all my 50-ish cm guys with the exception of Warrick (SD Phiel Gold Souldoid, 48cm) and Ra-Sui (SD Vito Azreal). Sancire (Dollshe Saint 55cm) is also missing because... Dollshe *heavy sigh*. I was too lazy to haul out Warrick and Ra-Sui is still a head in a box as I need to buy the poor boy his body *sigh*. From left to right are:
      Eilam (SD Vito Rail), Rhas-Khan (Soom ID51 Gluino), Wisp (Iple Creea-J Lev), Liroshan (Granado 53 Lucifer), Arjan (DF-A Que-Wei), Kai-Wen (Raccoon Doll Elf Kai), Belial (SD Vito Berial), Ondraeden (Soom ID51 London the Moor), Valerian (Iple FID Claude vampire). Funny enough, all these guys are from my Divine Worship world.
      [​IMG]50-ish cm boys by ID Locke, on Flickr
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