Souldoll Vito (50cm) Discussion - Part 4

Apr 26, 2017

    1. @Iron_Dog - Very cool photo! You must have a really good organisation system. Thanks for taking the time to take everyone out. I think I remember Rhas-Khan (is he the one with the special eyes?). Cool outfits! This photo is making me more interested in grey resin, haha.
    2. @xyuemoto Rhas-Khan is wearing eyes by Chocolate Tsang/Handmade on Etsy. Eilam has Enchanted Eyes in Cracked Salt & Pepper. Wisp is wearing eyes I made. Liroshan is wearing a "defective" pair of Enchanted Eyes in grapefruit (he's got hetachromia with those eyes). Arjan is wearing Oscar Eyes in Dragon Egg ver.3. Kai-Wen is wearing Dreaming Tree Studio in burning maple. Belial is wearing eyes I made. Ondraeden is wearing Dreaming Tree Studio in fire opal and Valerian is wearing Dreaming Tree Studio in a custom colour called witchy light.

      And I'm quite proud of myself that I can remember all that off the top of my head. I've no idea what I had from breakfast this morning but I can remember the company and style of the eyes that my dolls wear. It's obvious where my priorities lie.

      2 outfits are HZ, one is SPO, one I got off a friend so no idea who made it and everything else I made.

      If you want grey resin, i have you covered there, too. I think I have 7 or 8 different grey resins. I have a terrible, terrible weakness for grey resin. Or coloured resin in general.
    3. @Iron_Dog - Haha, that's cool you remember all that. But, sorry I confused you. I meant he has special eyes in the story? Like he kept them closed and you shouldn't look into them, something like that? Ondraeden's eyes are really glowing in the photo, very cool. Do you have any suggestions for eye brands that do small iris in the small eyes range? I would like to see all your grey people.
    4. @xyuemoto Ahhhh, yes. Rhas-Khan is not only the God of the Abyss, he IS the Abyss. When you stare into the abyss, he most certainly stares back at you. He can see and show you all that you have been, are and have the potential to be. Many are not ready to see that deeply into themselves and go mad. His father, Hylocereus, is an Elder God and the God of Mysteries and Oracle to the Gods. He almost never opens his eyes around mortals as that frequently drives them insane even from brief looks.

      For really small eyes in general, I like Dreaming Tree. Amanda is the owner and is simply lovely to work with. She'll do custom eyes and her pricing is dead reasonable. The smallest eyes I've gotten from her are 4mm for my Batchix Clever Littles. I've never requested small iris from her but a friend of mine has and she was quite happy with her purchase.

      It might take me a couple of days to get the dolls out and grouped up but I can certainly do that. Just be aware that the lighting in my apartment is not good so the shades of grey will likely not come out true to what they are. Some of the grey I have are also older and while I can't see any mellowing, I would cautiously assume there is some just due to age.
    5. @Iron_Dog - Thanks for the info. Looking forward to see all your grey people.
    6. Not the grey shot (yet) but a shot I also posted to the Raccoon thread that people here may find useful. From left to right are:

      SoulDoll Vito Berial fangs head shown joints body, Iple FID Claude Vampire with claw hands, Raccoon Doll Elf Kai

      Colour is mostly true to real life except there is more difference in the greys and the Raccoon boy is not as creamy white as he looks and is more white white. My camera loves to colour-correct me.

      And yes, that seriously over-blushed sunburn the SD boy is sporting is pretty much what it looks like in real life. I will be sending him out to have that fixed. I'm a bit mad over that as I paid for his face-up and this is just not acceptable. The eyes and lips are beautifully done as I've mentioned before but this level of blushing is beyond reasonable.

      [​IMG]50-ish cm guys by ID Locke, on Flickr
    7. @Iron_Dog - That sucks you got stuck with that bad faceup. Seeing the head with the full body it's kind of shocking. It looks like the artist was trying to hide the grey. I hope you can get it fixed soon.
    8. Yeah, I'm not happy about that. If I'd have known he'd be so sunburned looking, I'd have saved the cash, gotten him blank and sent him out for a face-up later.
    9. @Iron_Dog oh no, that really stinks that they overblushed your guy so much! That's insane how different the head looks to the body! :/

      Meanwhile I got my Paw back from being repainted - code name hairy boy :lol:

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    10. @Roterwolkenvogel it's like the face-up artist was trying to hide that he's grey. I almost want to complain to SD about the massive overdone blushing but what would that get me?
    11. It wouldn't get you anything but maybe they will realize that people who order grey dolls want grey heads also!
    12. True enough. Maybe if I included the picture of how overdone the blushing is in comparison to the rest of his body, they'll realize I'm not exaggerating how too much it is.
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    13. I would definitely point it out to them @Iron_Dog - who knows, maybe they will compensate you in a way. You won't know until you've tried!
    14. I sent SD a message via their board about the amount of blushing (with an image of just how much blushing there is). I don't expect anything from them but they should be made aware that at least one of their artists went crazy with the blushing to the point that his head isn't even the same colour as his body. We shall see if anything comes of it.
    15. Heard back from SD on the blushing issue.

      Here's what I wrote:
      I recently received my Vito Berial with the default face-up. He's wonderful but his head is so heavily blushed that it looks like he has a very bad sunburn. His head is a completely different colour than his body (see attached image).

      I need to send him out to a face-up artist to be wiped and re-painted because the blushing is far too much. I'm not happy that I paid for a face-up only to have to pay again for an artist to fix the very heavy blushing that was done.

      Their reply:
      First, we are sorry to hear that.

      However, we are afraid that the makeup is default makeup and we didn't add more blushing on your doll head than default makeup.

      Berial-fangs head makeup is basically expressed in a very rich color tone with body painting as you can see it on our sale page.

      We think because it is shown a darker and more colorful because the grey skin you choose and default makeup color tone(warm tone) are basically large in contrast.

      So, the difference seems to be large.

      Anyway, we will refund 50$ as your point if you are not satisfied with our makeup work.

      We hope you understand and contact us if you need any help.

      Thank you.

      I wasn't expecting anything so it's a nice gesture on their part to refund the cost of the face-up. I would say then for future reference to anyone getting a default face-up to really pay attention to the photos posted of the face-up. Apparently what you see is what you'll get. I did think the blushing was a bit heavy in the photos but assumed it was lighting/angles so that's on me.
    16. I think they did the right thing by offering to refund the points.
    17. @Iron_Dog - I'm glad you're getting your money back from that.
    18. But hey, congrats on getting the cost back as points at least!
    19. that's very fair of them. I'm not sure I understand their explanation. but the fact they are refunding payment speaks for itself. they goofed.
      shows us all that we should contact the company with any complaint when an order goes sideways.
      happy outcome! :daisy
    20. (Not trying to argue, so hopefully, it doesn't come off that way) I don't think its that they necessarily 'goofed', but they most likely have a strict protocol to keep the face ups more 'uniform'. If you look at the original Berial photos, he was NS but practically blushed into a tan color. You can see the blushing (it is not a bad job, but it is all over and heavily pigmented to achieve that color). So, essentially they took the same face up they did to that NS body and put it on the Grey Skin body to the exact same degree. (Keep in mind, with humans there is a chance for error) What they are saying is that since the grey skin is a cooler tone, the warmer blushing merely looks more "sunburnt" than if it were a NS body. To be honest, I personally think they shouldn't keep the exact same color scheme no matter the doll skin tone, but I can see where as a company they might worry someone would be upset if they did not remain consistent with their face ups.

      Overall Souldoll has always been quick to assist me in any way they can. I've never had anything but nice things to say about them when I have contacted them about an order.