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Souldoll Vito (50cm) Discussion - Part 4

Apr 26, 2017

    1. I was surprised they refunded me. I hadn't expected anything nor did I contact them in the hopes of getting anything. I just thought they should know that the face-up was exceptionally sunburned looking and certainly not what I was expecting at all. I can completely understand the default being all the same across the board. That's why it's called a default face-up.

      SD has been very good when I've emailed them about questions. Eilam (Vito Rail) has the default face-up minus the strange lines under his eyes at my request. I'd offered to pay extra for that to be left out of the default but they said it was no problem to leave the lines out. I love his face-up and can't imagine him with a different one.

      My Souloid also has the default face-up for the head I have on the body (yea for free head events!). They were very good about helping me instruct them to NOT paint the Phiel head but to paint the Titika head with his default face-up so there wouldn't be any confusion.
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    2. I ran into a similar problem with an Iplehouse limited girl. Her
      default resin tone was tan and I ordered her in their Peach Gold.
      When I got the doll the default blushing made her look hideous.
      When One of my friends told me she looked scary I decided to
      do something about it. I sent her head off to my favorite face up
      artist and had her wiped and a new face up applied. She is now
      beautiful. You really need to be careful about getting a default face
      up on a lighter resin tone doll.
    3. @TomB I hadn't thought the level of blushing would be that high despite it being fairly heavy in the promo shots. That's on me. However, it might've been prudent for the face-up artist to realize how dark it was becoming and use a lighter touch. Live and learn, right?

      I will be sending him out to have his sunburn treated with massive amounts of aloe. I'm not sure yet who is coming with me to DollNorth in May so I'm waiting a bit before I send him out in case he makes the cut to come with me. I have a fairly large selection of guys to bring even if I only consider the "new" dolls in my collection since last year's DollNorth. I try to bring dolls/sculpts that people don't see frequently or sometimes dolls that others specifically ask me to bring because they've never seen one in person. I think I'm the only one in my local group that has a Berial. If he comes, his partner, Kai-Wen (Raccoon Doll Elf Kai) will come as well and I don't think there's any Raccoon boys in my local group either.
    4. Okay. So I made a decision today to buy a second hand Iplehouse Rex FID in ns to be my Vito Liam's body. I will be able to switch heads if I want or I can sell the Rex head. Only thing is, I need to mod the neck hole of his head. Although IH heads are smaller (15cm) their neck holes are much bigger; a dremel will be necessary. My big concern is what respirator should I buy to be safe? Anyone here know?
    5. There is a great thread about respirator safety https://denofangels.com/threads/what-you-need-to-know-about-respiratory-protection.399096/
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    6. Thanks! My friend Linh made it.
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    7. Helloooo handsome <3
    8. Hahaha! Love this guy!
    9. Rai-Sui finally has a body! After being a floating head for over 2 years I snagged a body in the MP and he's finally a whole doll.
      [​IMG]Rai-Sui by ID Locke, on Flickr

      The resin match is extremely close and if he wasn't in strong sunlight, it probably wouldn't be noticeable at all. With a face-up, it's likely not going to be an issue. He needs clothes as I've just cobbled something together so he's not nekked but that will require me getting off my lazy butt and actually making stuff.
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    10. @Iron_Dog - Ra-Sui! Doll Wisp must be happy (I can't remember if he already has a body though). I am interested to see his faceup when it's complete.
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    11. Yes, Wisp is quite happy now that he's got Rai-Sui.
      [​IMG]Rai-Sui &amp; Wisp by ID Locke, on Flickr

      I have quite a few dolls requiring face-ups now. Rai-Sui has been a long time waiting but he was also just a head for the longest time.
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    12. @xyuemoto Thanks. I'm really pleased with how they look together.