Souldoll Vito (50cm) Discussion - Part 4

Apr 26, 2017

    1. Argh! I meant Rai-Sui wears a 6/7 Litch wig. Typing before coffee has entered the system is obviously dangerous.
    2. @Iron_Dog - Amazing faceup, cool details. It's cool to see how his one eye actually looks with the dripping part. Wisp must be happy to have him back.
    3. He is. I need to take some couple shots now. Didn't get to last night as my camera battery was critically low and only managed a few shots before it went dark. Rai-Sui is currently sitting on my desk at work (because I work in the chillest office ever).
    4. So what does everyone think about Charlotte and the new Vito girl body?
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    5. @nancy_schroeder_ca I ordered the new Tarot girl! This will be my first doll directly from Soul Doll in ages, lol. I also got the human Charlotte face blank. I think she'd look great with a different faceup :). Did you order her too?
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    6. I haven't yet! There is a little matter of the cost when I add up everything I want!
    7. Haha! I understand!! I'm doing a 6 mo. layaway :). There's still time to decide. I kept debating since she was released to see if I realllly wanted her. Her entire look is spectacular though :). The wig and outfit...and shoes are amazing. I didn't get the body blushing though as I usually never she may not come with painted finger nails.

      Update: did actually ask for the body blushing so her nails have those gems on them ;)
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    8. I have very grabby hands for the human version. I like the look of the new body but haven't ordered yet because 1) I can't seem to find my money tree and 2) I don't have ANY dolls in this size! I just wish they'd kept their old double line for bodies.
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    9. I love the human version - if you can call a lavender- skin girl human. I wish they hadn't put indentations on Star's face. jewels would stay on without them.

      I asked SD if I can order the urethane shoes with human.

      the vito size is nice. I'm curious about the new body. they cheated in the posing pics, putting her joints out with her knees up. ;)
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    10. I wonder why SD decided to make the new girl so tall with a large head that doesn't match either the old boy or girl? that's the only thing turning me off ordering her.
      that is a BIG head. :sweat she won't fit with any of my dolls!
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    11. I wonder the same as petiteballerine, the new vito girls will look odd with the previously released dolls .. Maybe they're going to update the boys too? and change the line's style?
    12. According to their measurements, Charlotte is 7 inches and Freya is 6.5. That's not a big difference so they may be within a normal human variation.

      PS. I did order Charlotte with the no beads head.
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    13. I order Charotte un human version, she is my first doll un this size, maybe dollfie dream clothes fit this body, somebody try it
    14. I'm getting a Soul Doll Freya and I'm having trouble finding any threads on her. My question is where can I buy clothing that would fit her well? I'm buying her secondhand and while she does come with a dress, it's not the exact style I have in mind for her. I'd like her to be more "modern", so where do you shop for clothing in her size?
    15. Oh boy, you're not going to want to hear this, but unless its from Souldoll I have yet to find clothing that works completely for then Vito girls.
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    16. Oddly enough, dresses that fit the FID Iplehouse original body girls fit my Vitos. (the original body. who knows what will fit the new ones?)
      I wouldn't choose a tailored outfit, but this and two other gowns I have fit in the waist with room to spare. a bit mind-boggling. I have some Elfdoll things, and several modern outfits for Dollstown Elf size that work as well. And when I say 'fit,' I mean looks nice, no need for pins. So, it's a treasure hunt. Best tackled if you have other dolls items will fit. :sweat
      I'll try some more things on my girl this week during daylight when I can take decent pics.


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    17. Hey all,
      I have a bit of an obscure doll project coming up for my MSD crew in the coming months, and I was just wondering if anyone here would by any chance have a Minifee head and a Vito boy head they could take photos of side by side? I've read that the Vito heads wear 6-7 size wigs, as does my Minifee Honoka, but I don't want to assume that that means they look like they're the same size heads. I'm not worried about height comparison, as if I end up getting a Vito boy head I'll be putting him on a different body, so just pics of the heads on their own would be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)
    18. Just realized that I'd never posted a pic of Rai-Sui and Wisp after Rai-Sui was painted. Although it wasn't intended, I've discovered that Rai-Sui's eye seems to "follow" you in photos despite my not re-positioning it in his head. How cool is that?
      [​IMG]Soul Purpose by ID Locke, on Flickr
    19. @Iron_Dog - Cool photo. Both of their wigs are really cool too.
    20. Thanks. Rai-Sui is wearing a Litch wig called God, which is hilarious as Rai-Sui is the God of Death, Decay & Guardian of Souls. Wisp is wearing a Monique wig although the name of the style escapes me at the moment.