Souldoll Vito (50cm) Discussion - Part 4

Apr 26, 2017

    1. @Iron_Dog - Haha, that is a cool coincidence.
    2. Hi @mythos_bjd I took some pictures for you. :) They feature my Minifee Elf FLAM, modded Vito Berial (the painted head), and Vito HyunO. I did Berial and HyunO because, to me, they're quite different even though they're from the same line. HyunO is quite a bit bigger than Berial.

      I put more in my flickr album here Berial.


      Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else.
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    3. You’re amazing, thank you so much! A Vito boy head should definitely work for my plans after seeing your pics, now I just have to hunt down one of their discontinued sculpts that I like on the secondhand market :whee:
    4. hi everyone! i was wondering what size Lester’s head is? in cm if you can? i’m wondering if his head would look too small if i used him as a boyfriend to my SpiritDoll SnowDrop:chibi
    5. I have a Vito Hyun-O coming in this week from the second hand market, so I've been poring over all the Vito threads to see what to do about clothing. Not a ton of suggestions, so I'm planning on doing some sewing for my new boy. I know some people here sew for their Vito boys, does anyone have an idea what percentage reducing "normal" size SD patterns works?
      He should be here Wednesday, I reduced a pattern by eye, based mostly on my Dollstown Elf bodies, as the measurements are pretty close, but wondered if someone had a "formula"?
    6. There are patterns for Tonner's Peter Pensive which should fit well. The legs will be a little short but that is an easy change.
    7. @Ivke I don't know the size of your SnowDrop but the cirumference of Lester's head (taken in a straight line above the ears) is exactly 20cm in my case. Taken with the wig on.

      @wally when I still had my Soudoll Double boy his tops fit the Vito body perfectly. So slim SD13 clothes should fit. As for pants again SD13 pants might fit (really check the hip size or ask the one you want to buy from for the pants width), but you'll definitly to shorten the legs.

      I can't really recommend any patterns, as I tend to make my own, by simply putting down the nude doll on a sheet of paper, trace the torso and then add to the shape the cm as needed (meassuring e.g. the chest size, dividing it by two (for one side front/back) and again by two to meassure from the middle of what I put on the paper and add to it. Then I re-trace the shape with the markers for the added cm). Not sure if I could properly communicate that ^^°°°
    8. omg thank you so much! her head is 17.5 cm so im happy his is 20! :chibi i was scared of his head being smaller bc ive seen a lot of people say Vito heads can look disproportionate next to slim msds so thank u!! :sumomo:
    9. Well, it depends on your taste and her aesthetics.
      Lester is more slim at the front, so his head isn't really round but rather oval from the top.
      If she's sculpted like eg Luts KDF Molds it might still seem a bit off. But it really depends on your own personal taste and perhaps even the face-ups. In real live there are various people with various head and face shapes. The Vitos are more on the realistic side and take small eyes (8-12mm) and smaller wigs (7, 7-8), but there still are some that pair them up with other more realistic sized SDs (eg. the Dollmore Zaoll ladies). If you put the sculpt next to a strongly stylized doll (especially those anime-inspired ones), they will look off.

      From what I've seen she has pretty big eyes, but otherwise is more on the realistic side feature wise. I'd recommend putting pictures of them next to each others, see if you like the difference in style.
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    10. thanks for the advice! i am going to be getting realistic faceups for them both so i’m thinking if wont be as bad, also if i put small iris eyes in snowdrop i think it will work fine:D and i have her on a doll leaves body so not as chunky as kdf, definitely going to try the putting their pictures next to eachother! tysm
    11. my Lester and Freya
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    12. @wally Hey! Congratulations on the arrival!
      Glad you could fit him some clothes from your stash right away!
      It's an awesome size and the sculpting is cool. Not making it easy on the clothing front, but worth the trouble/efford in my oppinion -^^-
      I like the styling you choose (also that cute hat/cap).

      @Rashell: Lovely styled. They look liike they have fun (and Lester is still my favourite XD)
    13. Finding clothes for these boys is indeed difficult! I sew leather, but it's been many years since I've sewn for BJDs. It took me forever to create a pattern and make a pair of jeans. My pattern needs some tweaking, but the jeans are finally finished. His leather hat and belt were a cinch, but leather is not alive like fabric is!
      [​IMG]Souldoll Vito Hyun-O Jeans by jd-bjd (wally), on Flickr
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    14. The jeans look good!
    15. Great job @wally Hug him rather nicely XD
    16. Nice outfit. You did a super job on his jeans and the fit is great.
    17. Thanks for the compliments on the jeans! I made him some houndstooth trousers and a denim shirt, and have realized that I should pay a lot for clothes for him, making them took me forever!!! I'm hoping Souldoll will come up with a new outfit for Vito boys soon...
    18. My Charotte or Charlotte arrived! She is the Star version in light serenity. The color is beautiful! She took so long to ship that Souldoll apologized and refunded my shipping fee to points. So I guess I need to buy something else! She was shipped in a huge box.
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