SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. SoulDoll just keeps blowing me away. Can't WAIT to see how they handle this concept.
    2. No! I have no money! Don't tempt me with horse-man lovelies! *cries as wallet commits suicide*

      EDIT: Slightly OT but they spelled 'coming' wrong...*snorts* Since when was it spelled with two 'm's?
    3. I can't wait to see the pics!!! :D:aheartbea:D
    4. Atleast they didn't right "cumming"- used to drive me mad when I was younger and boys did that!!! It's also very rude *blushes*

      Thanks for the heads up on resin matches maumau!
    5. What, of me spontaneously combusting? ;)
    6. Omg... I hope he's ugly looking or else GNNNNN.... man KI'll never come up with the money for that! They will probably sell him like for 900 and up
    7. At the very least...i'm predicting over $1000, plus all the extra stuff I want to do to him (oi- minds out the gutter!!!) he's gonna cost me a fortune...ah well, I need a project for next year after my Euclase one went tits up
    8. Ah, but just think of the money you would save on shoes and clothes! If the Sards have turned out to be cheap to keep, this one will be even better!
    9. oh gosh *wonders if it's possible to get Akando and the centaur* C':
    10. ooh so true!!! ooh another way to persuade the hubby! (you're so good at this heheh). Jeez; I really ought to get some work done hahaha, instead i've been running from akando to chiron to soom specualtion threads all morning! I'm exhausted! i need some tea :)
    11. LOL. Me too. *goes to put kettle on*. A nice chocolate digestive, Abs?
    12. Dammit, Souldoll. XD
      If this sculpt suits me, AND SOOM's Sagittarius does.. I'm screwed. T_T
      70cm of centaur goodness though? Oh my!
    13. :o how...... did I miss this?! OMG I don't care how much!! I waaaaaant to seee him!!! Please show sooon!! :...(
    14. *wonders if Soom will be releasing a Centaur now* Lol I bet their gutted souldoll beat them to it xD
    15. Hahah, I've been stalking that page for days waiting for info on what the heck "Zenith" was on their site-now I see- haha SAFE but curious to see what it looks like and what else they are planning under their new 70cm line ^_^
    16. :o That is the most awesome thing ever!! He is gonna be huge if he really does have the full horse body! I would want to snuggle with him. :lol::lol:
    17. He is probably going to be sooo expensive. And shipping is going to be murder, too!!!
    18. has there been any mention yet of if he's going to be a limited?
    19. He isn't in the limited section of the site, so we are hoping not.
    20. Oh damn it! I just used my last money on Akando but Agh! :D Centaur!!! A Must have! *3* *goes to look for a job*

      And half of us here in finland died when we heard about this :D We hope so too that it won't be limited. At least it's not in limited section ^__^

      Let's hope they release pictures of him soon!

      *and hope for muscles >:D*