SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. I hope he isn't.. *kinda wants to wait to see what Soom comes up with as well* xD
    2. holy god!!! they can't do this to me!!! >.> i love it, now we just need to see the handsome guy face -.-
    3. he would be over 1000$ it's obvious...(((
      hope it would be a well-made doll that would be worth buying it
      if he has four horse legs he's gonna be a big guy which will need it's own room, damn it...
    4. He must be nice... And Christmas coming... probably I ll have some money in the pocket for a little present for myself
    5. Hopefully he'll be fully in scale. If he is...well my poor paypal is just gonna die....Anyone know if Souldoll accepts layaway?
    6. I wonder how his joints will look and where they will be placed if he has four legs?

      I'm not happy with souldoll right now, not at all. How can they just throw "Hey, we're doing a centaur!" at us and not show any pictures??
      And why, oh why do they do this right before christmas?
    7. err because they are evil...and with soom MD still hiding it face, it's a going to be a rough ride....
    8. I can't imagine that it is any coincidence that Souldoll are bringing this out before the release of Sagittarius, our previous contender for a centaur doll. Let's see who makes that best job of it.
    9. This.

      Competition can be a great thing....but I'm a bit unnerved by this not-coincidence. Not that I want a centaur - I'm totally waiting to see if Soom will release a "true" satyr with Capricorn....and we get a goat rather than the Sardian bull....but that's just me being terribly selfish. ;)

      It's been an amazing year for anthromorphed dolls!!!!
    10. I think I may be screwed either way. SOOM has been alternating genders, that means the next one up should be a girl... I think? And this one definitely looks male..... The Kktomu I have on layaway needs parents!!
    11. If Soom's been alternating gender, then Scorpio will be a girl and the centaur will be male ^^ I think anyway
    12. You're right... For whatever reason, I always switch whether Scorpio or Sagittarius comes first. x.x
    13. Has anyone noticed that both the Soom and the Souldoll sites are down? Looks like we have finally managed to crash them. LOL!
    14. Hot damn... I love my Sard, but this is really tempting... *sits down with a bowl of popcorn to wait for more info and pictures*
    15. Haha, yes... I noticed that both sites are timeouted. Buy bigger broadband, guys! You will need it to channel the flux of money...
    16. One of the first fantasy based stories I wrote in HS was about a centaur and the idea of bringing one into a 3d world has me so excited, but like many of you I worry about price tag. So let us wait and see if this will indeed be first affordable and then if so I can see not only him being added to my BJD family but I know the DT elf will be his girlfriend!
    17. Do you all think him being 4 legged he will be banned from DOA as far as Data threads and such? I mean if he is like the little one that one company put out where he comes with more human legs for a 2 legged doll, as well as the horse part then he should be allowed. But if he has to stay 4 legged due to costs due to his size so no human side to him that then DOA will ban him from topic here?
    18. I realize it's quibbling over semantics - but there IS a difference between "banned" and "off-topic." The Domadoll centaur is considered "on-topic" for Den of Angels. All dolls are considered for their topicness on an individual basis.