SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. Oh crap :abambi: a centaur. Do you think they accept firstborn as a deposit?
    2. I'm sooo getting him. I've wanted a large Centaur doll since I got into the hobby. I currently have a MyTwinn horse for my 60cm boys, but a Centaur would be even better. Only issue is SPACE! Argh!

    3. I'm very interested to see, but not really in owning; I pictured it and I think actually Gormenghast is as 'un-human' (shaped) as I want my boys to be. ^-^ But you never do know; never say never. ;) On the concept alone though, fascinating but not for me.
    4. Awww, snap! They beat Soom to it! :lol: Wow... if that silhouette is anything to go by, we are gonna have one massive hunk of horseflesh to contend with. Fabulous. I can't wait to see what he'll be.

      'Tis almost the season for celebrating big strapping Sagittarius-lookin' types, anyway. :aheartbea
    5. If they do I have a cheeky three-year-old ready to ship. ;)
      Nah, just got hubby to sponsor me so it seems Chiron is coming home (without me having to part with my first born). :D

      Also a bit worried about space.. and poseability. He'll be massive, will he even be able to stand up?
      And will he have a tail?
      So many questions right now, I hope souldoll gives us a bit more info soon.
    6. *joining the squee fest*
      Can't wait to see what the Centaur really looks like! XD
    7. This will be veeeeeeeery interesting if Soom does indeed some out with a centaur as well...heck, it's interesting even if they don't!!!

      I'm not so sure a centaur is for me, (let's not even touch the fact that I'm sure I'm SURE I can't afford him right now lol), but I can't WAIT to see!
    8. Son of a...stud! :P How can I pass this up? Better get on to winning the lottery or something!

    9. I just thought, if this really is to be a centaur, imagine how much work there will be to blush him! My Sard still isn't finished, and that is a walkover compared to this. I need to get the airbrush out and have a practice, I think.
    10. OMG, a 70cm centaur, you can't be serious!? I love centaurs... I love 70cm dolls... I have to have one!

      I saw madammaumau mention Akando-type muscles! I would just die, that's be sooo great! XD

      Whatever he looks like, buff or slim, I'm just praying that he'll haver a basic version so I have a chance to save! >w<;;;
    11. I am actually getting excited about a BJD I haven't really even seen yet, but have loved horses since I was a little girl, and when I found out about Centaurs in my early teens I must say I was aghast at idea of a man/horse. Now with me into BJD hobby it would be like a dream come true to have a pose able Centaur esp. so big and if indeed muscular or slender won't matter to me.

      Also glad DOA will review on weather he will be off topic or not. Do hope he will be allowed as would love to share pics of mine as well as his GF.

      I can see these things will be flying off the assembly line if the real thing is half as good as teaser and it seems they will indeed to do him well and oh Double Jointed!! Oh that would be terrific for poses.
    12. Are you serious? I always wanted a doll like that... WOW! ~Gus
    13. crap...just when I thought I had money...
    14. Hmmmmm.... I think I will absolutely love them, but I don't know if I would want one... There is so much to think about, clothes or some sort of body hair? Or all over painting? Blah. I really need some real preview pics!
    15. Must ... buy ... him ... Argh! 32 pets, anyone? :)
    16. He should definately be on-topic based purely on the excitement he caused here :love

      Oh wow the blushing! I think i'd want his horse bit with fur though, some sort of flocking should do it ;)

      t'was me actually hehehe
    17. This is unequivocal proof that the companies read our posts on DoA. *L*

      And god love me, I am so screwed on this one. I will HAVE to own him. Please let it not be limited! Cause seriously, he's probably gonna run $2000+ US, considering the expense of making something like a four-legged centaur.

      Now, two problems:
      A) What can I sell?
      B) How the hell do I explain this to my girlfriend?
    18. PS: I would love to be a fly on the wall at Soom when the news about Souldoll first touches down. :XD:
    19. I'm so excited to see what he looks like. He's going to be huge, I mean, we know he's going to be 70cm tall, but how long is that centaur body going to have to be? I wonder when they're putting out more details. I'm just glad it's not under the limited section. :)
    20. If any thing in past has taught about these new dolls is how long it takes from concept to design to actual mold could be 2-3 months at least then depending on weather in country how long just for them to produce the dolls, much less if anyone opts for face ups or body work. I frankly can't see anyone wanting to wait any longer then need be, so I am guessing pretty much anyone who actually orders one, will opt for it to come blank and then to either commission someone or do work themselves. But I dowonder how they will pull this off considering like others noted 70cm tall, that is going to be one super sized man/horse. Wondering how big his head for wigs, how will they opt to have him jointed, maybe only in front with just a hip joint and straight lehs or what?? They better hurry, as until we see actual pics hard to commit on what we imagine in our minds and what they create.