SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. Hey guys, does anyone yet have a centaur ver. Chiron? I am HANGGGING to see owner pics of the centaur head sculpt... I know, sorry... I guess if people had him a home, they'd have posted pics here by now, teheh... I am just impatient lady!
    2. Do a search for "chiron" in the Gallery. I know I've seen an owner post photos there.
    3. Thanks april; I've had a good look but there aren't yet any owner pics of centaur ver. head sculpts...none I can see anyway. I'll just have to wait...I might even resort to doing some housework to pass the time. Truly, has it come to this?
    4. ^ DoA member Yrth, shared the arrival of
      her gorgeous blank Chiron, with Centaur head,
      right here. ^________^ Enjoy, he's a real treat,
      I can't wait until I win the lottery to brin him home
      (I'm kidding, it won't be for a long while, though)! ^ ^

      - Enzyme ^.^
    5. GAH! But ofCOURSE; the Box Opening/Arrival Gallery... me so stoopid!
      Thanks so much Enzyme you legend! xx
    6. You know, I bought model doll boots for my Chiron, 2 pairs, and none of them fit. His foot is too wide. :(
    7. Really? That's too bad!
    8. Yes, that guy is a Yeti. :(
    9. When did you order him ???

    10. I ordered him at January 12, at Triskel Fantasy (Dutch BJD dealer). :)
    11. I am order Chiron-centaur NS 23.1. from Souldoll. ;)
    12. Wow you had to wait quite a lot for him :o ...... (Congrats to your Chiron btw ^^)

      I've ordered mine also from a dealer in Germany, guess that I'll have also to wait a veryy long time -..-''
    13. Thank you.
      Hopefully yours whill be shipped out faster. Souldoll had some trouble with manufacturing at first but hopefully it is all solved now and hopefully they will also ship out other chirons soon. :)
    14. Thanks too^^

      I'm also hoping that they'll ship the Chirons out soon :lol:
    15. i love this centaur body, but has anyone experiemnted with putting other torsos on the horse body? I think that the arms on the human part are cartoonishly skinny :(
    16. >.< I wonder when Souldoll will sell Chiron again...I want him so much.
      They say on their site he will be again on sale on May 10-15, but given the delay they suffer from, I doubt it.
    17. Aww, thanks, that helped me! I had ordered him storm boots and cross boots (Dollmore), and they didn't fit.
    18. I want a Chiron to go with my Soom Amber... >_____< But I really shouldn't. *stalks Souldoll site* I hope they keep selling Chiron for a long time, until I can think about ordering such an expensive man...
    19. I keep entering Souldoll website almost every hour just to see if they have put him on sale again UUUXD But still no news ¬¬u