SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. He´s on sale again now! And guess who made the first layaway payment for her Human Chiron this morning XDDDD
    2. very intriguing.
    3. This is whatI get for saying I'm only going to collect vampires...maybe I should just collect dolls that aren't human.....centaur...WOW
    4. wow... after two and a half month they restock them

      great job :doh

      wuha i hope that they'll ship out the next dolls as soon as possible *_*
      just can't wait for my chiron any longer >..<
    5. I hope so too! XDDD
    6. I'm very anxious to get a Human Chiron :)

      And the news about dolls being available in white skin is awesome too!
    7. :dance Hallo, my Chiron centaur coming home :dance
    8. i've got a couple of weeks ago both my human version and my centaur version an i must say i love the centaur better than the human version. don't mistake me i'ts pretty good too but the head is a bit too small for the body in my opinion and i was expecting something more high quality for the outfit. The make up is very well done on both the version and the gray skin is lovely.
    9. Any chance of Chiron fitting in Hound size clothing?
    10. .....and shoes??? :sweat
    11. i'm sorry i don't owe any hound so i can't say ^^
    12. So far I have bought for my Chiron only dollmore model doll clothes, and can say that they fit just fine. Some shirts are a bit too loose/wide in shoulders. Pants are quite tight, because Chiron's got strong thighs. Glamour model doll clothes are obviously a bit too big for him, because he's shorter than glamour models, but some of those will do just fine, too.
      Shoes are still my issues. I'm waiting for new ones arrive any day. Will see. So far nothing fits, or I buy them in wrong places. :XD:
    13. I'm pretty sure Hound stuff would be too thin, the proportions just don't seem to match. Also I believe the shoes would be too small.
      From what I can see measurement wise, some Model Doll shoes should fit him, you just need to find some with an inner length long enough to fit his 9.5cm feet. :S
    14. The length is not a problem, the width of his feet is.
      Well, after buying a dozens of pairs, one will fit :XD:
    15. does anyone who has the centaur body have any ideas about other torsos that could fit into the body? I REALLY dont care for the souldoll zenith arms, but that horsey torso is too awesome... :D
    16. I seem to remember somone at a doll meet saying Mecha Angel shoes from Soom fit him. It was a while ago, though, so I may be wrong.
    17. Gods I want a pair of them, I need a whiteskin human with the centaur head and a greyskin Centaur *sighs* Souldoll will kill me, or my budget at least
    18. I'm still tempted by the centaur, but with the delays and the general opinion that his head is a weeny bit too small... I'm not sure.

      I think he's stunning, and were I to get him I'd go for the Centaur with the centaur head, though something is just throwing me off wanting to part with $900 for him.
    19. Denver Doll is offering back the human version non-fullset. The Centaur is just awesome and i will like to ask how much was the time wait for one after full payment?