SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. Hmmm... $900 doesn't seem so bad for such a large doll with all the extra resin parts. People have paid far more for human 60cm dolls... It is a chunk of change, no question, but BJDs are expensive!
    2. Eto anyone know the weight of the human version of Chiron? Thanks... I am comparing weight of Chiron and luts ssdf....
    3. Im interested to know too ^^
    4. I've been drooling over the Human Chiron for quite sometime now, and I think I've finally decided to purchase him in the future. I just had a few questions about the ordering options and caretaking.

      Souldoll has the option of getting a Human Chiron body with the Centuar head. Does that mean that Chiron will have the pointy ears? I really love the ears on the Centuar head, and I wasn't sure if they would be included if I ordered "Centuar head" option.

      Also, I have never owned a doll with grey skin. I was thinking of having a grey Chiron, but I don't know how to take care of it. If anyone has had experience with grey skined dolls, I would deeply appreciate any information you can give me.

      Thank you so much~ :)
    5. Yes the ears are part of the head, I'm pretty sure even if they're detachable that the Centaur head would come with the Centaur ears.

      There's really nothing that different about caring for a grey skinned doll compared to any other colour resin, just remember that the seams will not be sanded, and it could be risky to do yourself because the grey underneath the top layer is likely to be slightly different. People who sand grey dolls generally have to sand the whole thing just a little to ensure the same colour, which most likely won't be the same as what he came with on top. If you don't want to do that, you simply have to be comfortable with the fact that there may be quite visible seam lines on his body.
    6. Thank you so much for the info!

      Hmmm, sanding... I'de be too afraid to sand it down too much on accident, or scratch it to high heaven. XD
    7. [​IMG]

      Box opening photos coming eventually!
    8. If you order the human with the centaur head, it does have the elven pointy ears. I got my boy that way, and -love- that head to bits. The ears aren't detachable and they are fairly large (:aheartbea) so they need a bit of being careful, but they're gorgeous.
    9. More and more I'm wondering how their grey resin matches up to Soom's Euclase's grey... Cause I'd sure love an extra body for my extra Euclase head. lol Wouldn't be sure which would be better for it though, centaur or human.
    10. He does have goregeous ears and the grey is a much nicer shade than I was expecting. The promo photos were very dark but he's a nice mid-range to lighter grey, almost with a bit of lilac undertone. Plus mine came with great seams so feeling the need to sand isn't even an issue. I'm so glad I treated myself to the fullset. He really is amazing. I just want to keep looking at him all the time! :aheartbea
    11. My Chiron

      with Heliot R. head


      Thanks for looking.
    12. Chiron is awesome~! :D It's probably one of my favorite Souldoll BJDs; I think it is such an amazing doll because of the horse legs, etc.
    13. I have to say, unless a default grey Delphine and Kallix fell into my lap, he's my next doll as well. Not only am I becoming a grey resin addict but my other expensive hobby is my friesian stallion, so, as my daughter said, it's like they made him for you, mom!! She also said, forget it, he's to expensive....:P
    14. Got a question for those who have ordered Chiron-centaur ver. I don’t quite understand the lower body option. When you add the lower body, is that adding the centaur body or the human body?
    15. I think, when You buy Chiron-centaur version is possible added human body.
    16. I opened up a pictuer request thread for chiron asking for pictures with him in comparison to SD and larger males. Here is the thread.

      Edit: Had to edit the link, my computer was being a pill.
    17. I'm ordering a Chiron at the end of oct. I just wanted to know how the tail is attacked to the body. I'm going to remove the tail they had and attach a real horse hair tail. i have horses and we are going to use his hair to make the tail. I really don't like the fake tail so we are going to do some custom work to fix that. lol

      If anyone is interested in horse hair tails let me know . We will be making tails once he gets her. I have 5 colours(horses ) to work from.

    18. he is so gorgeous!
      btw can anyone help on different brands of clothes & shoes
      that can fit chiron human?

      thank you~quite new to bjds
    19. Vinge: He is an amazing piece of work!!! i really really want one :) :D
    20. Chiron looks definitely great and the price is not bad for such a big doll at all. :ablink:
      Too bad that my doll concept is more to sci-fi, so there isn’t any character like a centaur. Maybe I should re-design the story to fit him in. :sweat