SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. I just asked Souldoll if it was possible to order the horse part in grey and the attached human part in white skin... I would love one like that,..that way my airbrushing wouldn't rub so much...
    2. I'm getting the centaur white . I'm going to be with a help from my friend painting his black with a white blanket(Appaloosa horse colouring) and lighting strips on his legs. He's going to look like this when we are done with him.(horse part of him that is lol)


      I can't wait. Chiron rocks as a Centaur.
    3. I plan to get the centaur virson soon.. Pics will be up when I do.. But I love this doll, soul did a very good job on him.
    4. I'm all for this. Although, with a spin. Has anyone tried fitting a female doll torso onto the horse body? :3
    5. I just get my Chiron^^ I ordered him on 30 sept and he's alredy home in 22 november. Although I blamed the costums for held him for so long since he's already arrived in 16 November.
    6. Please add pictures :D
    7. hi my yazoo just arrived he is the centaur virson white skin i put the pic hope u like it
    8. He looks very beautiful, tiffanykou!
    9. Oh he's such a beautiful doll! I'm planning on ordering mine after christmas! I can't wait! ;)
    10. Your Chiron is lovely, tiffanykou!^_^

      I'm ordering mine sometime in January probably-I'm using my tax refund to get him. I'll be ordering the centaur version in white and dyeing the horse part either black, grey or brown-I haven't decided which colour I want yet. I am so excited about getting one-now I just have to figure out where on earth I'm going to fit him in my little house. XD
    11. My Chiron^_^
      He was called Sei, I ordered him with standar make up and wig from Luts (9-10 cm is definitely too big for him) His stuff hasn't arrived yet T^T
    12. Azulafan199-if you figure out the real horse hair thing let me know. If I get mine I want to paint him to match my little zebra striped grulla but love the horse hair idea. Maybe I could use my friesian's hair for the tail and make him a blend of the two. Frankly, I like the fake tail. But that is a really interesting idea!! Can't wait to see it.
    13. Catdancer - did you get a reply from Soom? as that was a really good idea :D

      I have ummed and ahhed about getting a centaur Chiron (after reading through this inspirational thread) but the additional PayPal cost and shipping and custom charges is making me nervous ... the waiting time for me is great as arrival would time with warmer weather so could do the faceup and painting then ;)
    14. I might order a human version. . . sometime. . . Haha. I was wondering if you have to pay Layaway and also, does human version come pre-strung? Thanks in advance. <3
    15. This is my Prince Bran Tsuki. I got him on Dec 10th 2009. I just love my boy . He's just waiting on getting his face up and painting done.

      He's wearing a black shirt form Dollmore and Soom Sphere Antlers.


      I'm hoping they will make a girl version soon. I'd love a female centaur. Bran is lonely. *crosses fingers*
    16. Oh, so amazing, I'm so jealous of you, you're so lucky!!! :D Love seeing him in the snow, it's amazing stuff. :) I must redouble my effort to actually save enough for my Chiron grey centaur this year. Must...resist...other dolls! :...(

    17. heidipay: I hope you can save for one. There well worth it and he is alot of fun to take pics of. For getting him around I modified a huge meat shopping bag to carry him in. Its got nice big handles and ya he weighs alot but fun to take out for meets. I'm hoping to have him painted up by the end of Feb. Paint job as changed. Since they are base off a heaver style horse. I'm going to paint him up like a Clydesdale horse (brown with 4 white feet) . The Appaloosa marking where going to be too much on him and it would probably make him look skinnier then he is. so I decided to go with a more natural look for the big guy. more pics to come once he is painted.
    18. Yeah, resisting other dolls is my problem with my Chiron. With everything I want done from the company he's about $1300....and there's a lot of dolls I want right now. I would also love a female version!! I think if my stallion nets me any stud fees this year I'll use 'em to buy Chiron LOL. I guesse then I'll have to paint him to match the actual boy. Friesians are just so monotone....:)
    19. oh wow i think I'm in love! hehehe, this guy is definitely the next on my list. I only wish that we could get the human face option with the pointy ears >< but the centaur head is growing on me too.... gah! so hard to decide o.O

      maybe I'll get the human head and just apoxy sculpt some points ears on? ;P
    20. lol I so want to get him, but my first Souldoll MUST be a male Katie A. for a personal character.