SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. Agh, I know the feeling! Both heads are so beautiful! I'm allllmost certain I'm getting the centaur head, though. I *should* be able to order my Chiron this month. I'm just a bit terrified at the prospect of having to unstring him for dyeing. XD
    2. oh my goodness, you're much braver than me! :lol: I dont think I'm ever going to even touch the stringing unless absolutely necessary! hehe

      and i think i've figured out my problem... i'll just get both! ;)

      though they may have to be veeeeeery far apart purchases, lol, thankfully they arent limiteds! sooo happy about that!
    3. Oh yes, this guy is definitely on my list. I'm like Hominivorax, I wish I could get the centaur ears on the human head...sigh. Maybe I can mod the ears? Hmmm...
    4. Do you have to buy him on layaway?
    5. These photos are amazing! Thanks for posting them.
    6. Hey all,
      I just purchased a human version Chiron from DDE. LOVES IT!!! I have him in grey skin. I purchased The Hallowmas outfit for him. This may have been covered in this thread already, but his feet are HUGE. DDE had no boots that would fit him. Also 8/9 wigs are a bit too big 7/8 are a bit too small. Does anyone have any suggestions what brand of shoes I could look into or wigs for that matter. I purchased him as a companion for my Vampire Red Elfdoll. Chiron is by far the most perfect doll I own. He May even become my favorite. I am so glad I went with the grey skin tone it makes him even more unique. I typically go for white or fair skin on most of my dolls.
    7. @ schrett - I have a grey Chiron too! Despite my love for my other dolls, I have to say he is my fav! Just gorgeous! As for the wig issue I suggest moleskin, just stick on his head and it really helps hold the wigs (the thick moleskin is best with him). And for shoes there are a pair sold at Dollmore that fit him wonderfully. I'm at work now but I'll post what pair they are when I get home this evening. :)
    8. Thanks gwenithcoy I really appreciate it He looks a bit silly in formal attire bare foot right now.
    9. Thank you soooo much
    10. Torturing Chiron

      My friend at our last meet up had abit too much fun with the Prince and well he's now out for revenge.


      He does kinda make a good scary clown guy though but please don't tell him I said that .lol
    11. ummm, might be the wrong place to put this but.... is souldoll gonna release a girl to?!? I need a girl centaur lol that is my dream doll. It would be soooo cool. Is there a way to email them or something? Lol sry just a little excited and impatient XD.
    12. When the chiron was released I asked Souldoll if they would make a girl and they said they would like to, but didn't have any concrete plans at that moment.
      So maybe one day they will. I don't know.
    13. Lol i emailed them last night and got the response of "were very much planing on a female, thank you for your interest. However, it could take some time b4 we are able to release her." or something like that. I really hope they do :).
    14. I hate to be repetitive, bu I've asked this question three times and I still need an answer. Does Chiron HAVE to be ordered through layaway?

    15. no.... none of the Souldolls have to be ordered through layaway. they have that banner to let people know that they "can" order with layaway if they so choose. ;)
    16. OOOOoooo i was wondering the same thing.... well thank you to I suppose :). Lol you seem to be helping me quite a lot Miss Ally thank you sooo much XD.
    17. you're welcome.... i am currently waiting for a gray Chiron centaur.... :)
    18. ooooo lucky lol, i emailed souldoll about a girl version, they said they were planning but could take some time.... oh well, guess ill be waiting (with my current amount of money, ill be saving for a while no matter what doll i get anyway XD).