SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. hi, I really like Chiron, I was wondering where would Chiron owners buy clothing for him other than Souldoll website (:

      Thank you!
    2. I get him the 70cm stuff from Dollmore and Dollzone. :)
    3. Also some DOD DOI stuff can fit him. I know the DOI pants and shirt I got him fit very well.
      @Genesblues - do the pants from Dollmore fit him good? The 70cm dollmore dolls always look like they have skinny thighs and Chirons are fairly good sized.
    4. Yep, Dollmore pants fit ol' thunder-thighs surprisingly well. LOL! I haven't tried any of the super slim fit jeans, but the normal jeans, cargo pants, slacks and such fit Chiron perfectly.
    5. Beside outfit from Dollmore,I get him Angel studio clothes. The pants and suit fit really well :).
    6. You can get shirts at the dollarama. Their t shirts fit Chiron. All you have to do to make it easier to put over his head is cut abit down the back of the shirt and add snaps. I've found them with lots of saying on them. As well as you can take the shirt apart and make a pattern for him. As well as on the workshop spot here there is a great pattern for patternless pants and shirts.

      I also found that dollmore , some alice collection outfits and you can get outfits made as well. I got an outfit made by du-hast for my guy.
    7. I just found out about this guy today. He is amazing :) I just wish he was a little smaller ... He is sculpted so well :)
    8. I want a centaur! I really really do. However the Souldoll one is slightly too skinny for me :) I'm picky, I know, but the horse part does not look like a real horse. just too skinny! Anyone know of fatter centaurs?
    9. Soom's Epidos has a somewhat thicker horse-torso than the Chiron. But the proportion of the human part of the body is quite large in comparison to the horse part.
    10. My Chiron

      I this photo on my Souldoll Chiron Centaur. Its just a head shot but I just loved the helmet on him. I got the helmet at Anime North and his outfit was made by du-hast .

    11. I adore your centaur Chiron!!!

      I can't wait till they have the Chiron Centaur back up for sale.
    12. Since the "2011/04/27" SoulDoll has stated the announcement of:

      * Notice (2011-04-27) *

      We are informing that we temporarily stop to the sale of Chiron-centaur ver. because we need to repair original form.
      We will do our best for restock this doll as soon as possible.
      Thank you.

      I was wondering if anyone knows if the "Chiron-centaur ver." will be back on sale with he's new body and if it will be soon or not.... :S

      They say they are "still working on him" but to be honest it has being too long and I'm scared they won't produce him at all at this time...I wold really like a full size centaur doll, and Soom versions are neither too short or look least for me.

      Thank you all in advance and sorry for bring this up again. :sweat
    13. Now I have skimmed though this thread, and I haven't seen any pictures of how the hands joint to the arms. This guys is the next doll I want to get, and his head and body are perfect for what I am trying to achieve. However I have seen the Ball jointed hands from Dika Doll, and I want to invest in those for both Zenith and my Lishie from Luts. They will work for my Lishie, if I just get an s hook to attach them. But I want to make sure before I buy them they will work for Zenith as well.

      If anyone can take a picture of the joints, that would help me out greatly!!
    14. Hello everyone~..nice to meet you all~
      Here is a photo of my roy ~,the photo was taken on halloween~
    15. lets see who is still subscribed here ;p oh and I'm new and am waiting for my 2nd hand Chiron centaur (grey) to arrive in the next week ^^. And there is a minor bit more activity in the SoulDoll Zenith Discussion Thread of late... not much but some... I am also the owner of a LE Kagel (The Marauder) who is also waiting for a custom-ed suit from Freedom Teller ^^.

      It seems a friend inquired about the 'centaur' doll and was informed they 'were' working on it (implied now). Maybe this is the year of the new horse body? ^^
    16. Congratulations, Lady Tiku, he is very handsome!
    17. TY ^^ I'm going to see if the "Black Elegance Outfit" works next ... but first I have to figure out how to protect the sleeve where I accidentally tore the cuff off ><. I need to see if one of my clubs experienced sewers can repair it too.
    18. Resurrecting an old thread here and adding a pic of my Halvir. He is on a Resinsoul 70cm body and the resin match is near perfect.

    19. this is amazin! I have the bit centaur full set that came with the human part but there is nothing on this earth that would ever get me to take the top torso/arms... off my centaur, To terrified to restring that horse's ass (lol) if it came apart too much If I could get the chest and complete arms/hands I could have two full dolls as I have both types of heads too... But this... makes me want to keep one and try. Does the head fit well on the neck and what RS body? *i think they have a few types? I loath the new zenith body so I'd never do a split for one... More pics? XD pleeeeeeeease???? I don't want to sell my boy but he's been living in a box for a year now ><
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