SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. oh god oh no whydo doll companies torture me so?

      Wasn't Chiron the centaur who led Dante through hell? XD *scatterbrained*

      But yea, agreeing with you guys, if sooms is FEMALE..... uh-oh. Goodbye, left kidney!
    2. Omg want one.... would totally have to flock the body tho. it just wouldnt seem right all smooth, to me anyway, i want him furry! Theres no way ill be able to afford one any time soon tho, absolutely no way :(
    3. I could totally ignore a female centaur :D

      definately flocking that body too :)
    4. Gaaah. The waiting is almost worse than the not-being-able-to-buy-it.

    5. Oh no you're not! :| I'm painting it.
    6. Kalani-chan, I hate to tell you you're a bit confused. ^_^

      The Greek poet/philosopher Virgil led Dante through the levels of hell and purgatory... I think you're thinking of Charon, the ferryman on the river Styx. Who is easily confused with Chiron, the centaur who was a tutor in philosophy to Achilles and Hercules, amongst others.

      I knew all this useless knowledge would come in handy some day... *L*
    7. Just adding my squees to the rejoicing.

      I would like to see, rather than flocking on the horse-parts, which would rub at the joints and get tatty quickly, imho; different coloured resins for the human torso and horse-parts ie normal skin for the torso and tanned for the horse, or normal skin/white skin, or (my favourite) tanned skin for the torso and a buttery yellow resin for the horse, with the lower legs white and then I could have my dream palomino centaur!!! Of course the hooves would have to be painted in each case. Failing the dream palomino my next choice would be an all white fellow along the lines of Cloud or Thunderhead...happy sigh.

    8. Wow, I can't wait to see real pics. He's tempting, but my Beryl is about as much as I can deal with, hoof wise. I'd like to see how well he poses and all. Until then, I reserve judgement.
    9. What would be great is if they offer free shipping to the first ordering period people as it would so save us some major bucks. I mean Dollmore offers free shipping for anything $800 or over that fits in one box, he can fit in one box right? That is the plan. Oh my this is going to be a intense waiting period not just to see him, but if he is affordable the waiting while they make them. Oh my this is going to cause my HBP some major meditation time.

    10. Whoopsie ^^;; this is what I get for skimming through threads! Great thought, of a totally muscled centaur! :D
    11. Boy that would suck....having to assemble that big boy.....he is definately going to be huge. (lets hope he stands out of the box.....)
    12. I don't care WHAT it looks like or how much I WANT! Even if the face is ugly I'll just change it. MUST HAVE! ><
    13. welll with looming in the distanct, and with Soom MD face still in the shadow...either way, we are doom as doom can get, no puts about it!
    14. i do beleive i've just been saved from making my incoming tobias's uncle aximili XD. this is like perfect timing!! and if scorpio has a tail i can mod, i will so buy this dude to make my andalite. though, i think i'm gonna need a bigger pot to boil him in...
    15. I like the idea, but I don't want to get too keen until I have an idea of the pricetag. Realistically, I don't want to spend over $1000 on 1 doll. The AUD$ is low at present so any doll costs more and from memory Souldoll charged $1200 for their limited Fullsets recently. I have a feeling that Chiron is going to be more than I want to spend. I think I'll keep my fingers crossed that Soom will offer something magnificent and I won't mind missing out on Chiron (unless they offer a long layaway or make him available to Souldoll dealers).
    16. I've never thought about Souldoll.
      I never was much into "animals".

      But dayamnnnnn!
      NOW I'M EXCITED!!!
    17. I can't wait to see how they pull this off. I do hope it isn't limited, though I'm fairly sure it would be.

      ...must put money aside for taxes... *writes 100x*
    18. I hope so too. Though, there is hope yet! They didn't put it under their limited section with the rest of their limited dolls. There's a chance it could be a regular doll. I can't wait to see how he turns out though, limited or not.
    19. [whimper]
      I wanted a hooved beauty from Soom... but now... ... ...
      [looks in wallet. looks at every "what can I sell". looks at wallet again.]

      If the overall height is 70cm, then if the man was on two legs (human) he would be closer to 55-60cm. Horses have longer horse legs. But he will be a dream to pose... four legs are sooo much more stable than 2.
      And painting... will be a dream. A smooth coat can look good. Check out repainted Breyer/Stone horses. Just use a flat pain or a flat/matte clear coat. Unless he has a black coat... always looks better glossy.
      hmmm...... would it be weird if I started drooling?

      I missed out on Beryl... drat for time zones. I need a hooved beastie.
    20. PS... Virgil guided Dante through hell. Chiron was the healer and teacher.
      Oh and has anyone noticed that the group heading he is under is called Zenith - an astronomy term. More zodiac creatures?