SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. It seems we have a few answers from Souldoll about release date and other body parts. These were taken from the Q&A section under his picture.

      The pictures of making process and the orginal form are expected to be released about the end of November.
      Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

      "Thank you for your interest.
      He will be saled by a flawless centaur ver. of four-legged and human ver.and we are considering some of the skin color now.
      His mane of a horse´s hoofs and tail was made by urethan.
      Contact us if you have any questions about him.
      Thank you.:"
    2. Hmm.. A resin mane and tail? :nowords:
      Maybe I'm not as intrested anymore.. I fantasized about a real tail.. Like a tail wig. :XD: And a real mane too!
      But I'll wait and see before making any decisions. :)
    3. Yes, much of what is now under his picture was put in Souldoll's response to my question.


      First, sincerely thank you for your intertest on Chiron.
      We are answering to your questions.

      a) Whether he is to be a full-blown, four-legged centaur or a two-legged guy with hooves.
      : He will be saled by a flawless centaur ver. of four-legged and human ver.

      b) When he will be released.
      : We are expecting that it will be released from the mid of December to the end of December.
      For present, we will do our best for release it as soon as possible.
      We hope your support constantly.

      c) When we will get to see pictures of the actual doll.
      : The pictures of making process and the orginal form are expected to be released about the end of

      Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Chiron.

      I too am not that impressed by a resin mane and tail. Shame. Also, looks as though he might clash with Sagittarius, so at least we have time to see what Soom do. Anyway, a real-life 70cm centaur! Our prayers have been answered!
    4. Wow, bookmarking this for further installments. All these Myth/Zodiac/Legend dolls coming out are really exciting to see.
    5. resin mane and tail??!!!'s a bit of a turn off
    6. Guess we'll just have to wait and see ^-^
    7. Oh no! I've just discovered that Chiron was also the guardian of the Seventh Circle of Hell (so he did appear in the Divine Comedy. I hadn't remembered him being there). The members' club in my characters' backstory is The Seventh Circle. Looks like I might be fated to have him, resin tail or no resin tail.

      Actually, I'm sure if either one is hideous, they can be got rid of. The mane must be on the head (which can be replaced, if needs be, or the mane chiselled off) and the tail can be (carefully) snapped off, a hole bored and a hairy tail put in as replacement. I even already have the tail hair as I have been making ponyboy outfits for two of my chaps. Roll on end of the month!
    8. They said 'horse mane in the hooves', so I guess they referrerd here to the sculpture of fur in the hooves; just like Beryl and Sard, I suppose, that have sculpted hair down there. So= no problem on that ^^.

      About the resin tail... it can be easily chopped XD, to be replaced with hair. Even the classical hairy aposit that you can buy in any shop to decorate your own ponytail would do great. Actually, it is a very good thing to me that the tail will be made of resin; you can consider amazing possibilities; from sticking fur to it, for an amazingly thick and wild cascade, to remove it totally or partially and add hair...

      No big grief for me. I want it!! Now let's seee if SOOM takes the glove ^^
    9. Far out, don't come online for a few days and suddenly Souldoll release a 70cm centaur out of the blue??? But of course.

      Eep I want to see him! Thank goodness centaurs don't tempt me though. :) Though if he has a hot bod....and comes with optional human legs.......
    10. Does anyone still know will he be limited or not? I'm really anxious about it. X3
    11. Ah Destiny...She is to blame for so many things hahahah

      Ah me thinks you are right about that. They mean the hair on the hooves...fair enough. As for the tail- snapping that right off :D
    12. The tail may even have a joint so it can be in different positions. And if there is..... well. one can just take off the resin tail and replace it with whatever real hair they want.

      And I agree with Nanyalin that the sculpted "mane" they are referring too is the fur above the hooves. Like a Clydesdale (cannot spell that)
    13. indeed poor lady fate shoulders most blame O.o, well it might be enough time for me to gather my spare cash:)
    14. This is fascinating. I am really looking forward to seeing the photos. Looks like Souldoll may have been a bit "Soomed" as well. :-)

    15. nope, you spelled it correctly.
      I'm rather "soomed" by this too...I hope Soom takes the bait and does a centaur too :D
    16. Atleast I have till the mid of December to save up for him. Meaning I must stop buying other dolls until then. And I have a holiday bonus coming...sweet.

    17. Ooooo, if they are selling him as a human version, that means they should have some other 70cm dudes on the way too! Maybe I can get a body for Blisdon that is a little more flexible! *prays that they are double jointed*
    18. After hearing about Souldoll's little foray into stealing Soom's thunder, I was excited. After seeing that silhouette? Not so much. It looks too much like man-on-a-romance-novel-cover to me. Now that I also know that the mane and tail will be resin, I doubt I'll like this guy, so I'll wait to see if Soom can win me over if they do a centaur, as well.
    19. I hope he doesn't look like the centaurs in Harry Potter - I didn't like them very much :(
    20. Hey, at least with a centaur you don't have to worry about clothes. :lol: They don't need them and rarely wear them!