SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. I like the romance-novel look of him :D I think we need more muscular guys in this little BJD world hehe

      Also, I think the resin mane was just a translation problem and they meant that the fur on the hooves would be resin (like the sard's were)

      Yeah, they weren't very centaur imo :D

      hehehe yup just some kind of weapon and some piercings ;P
    2. I really really want to see him O.o
      Not so much because I want him, but I'm really interested in how they will manage to make him look and such.
    3. I really would not mind the resin tail, if such a thing is involved. I mean, I came to BJDs through Breyer horses, so as long as the tail and feathering is well-sculpted, it will give a lovely realistic effect. Too often I've seen beautifully realistic Breyers modded with fur manes and tails, to the end of making them look like My Little Ponies. T_T All the realism just vanishes. That's well and good if you're into the 'toy' aesthetic but I don't think somehow that's where Souldoll would go with their centaur.

      That said, in Breyer we have two kinds of tails... One style of sculpting is natural, flowing, and concentrates on the texture of real hair. The other is affectionately named 'Cucumber Butt'. All depends on the care of the sculptor.

      So who knows, maybe with the proper sculptor, the resin tail will actually be BETTER than a fur option. Cause I shudder at the premonition I'm getting of all the floofy purple mohair that would otherwise be planted in those rough-n-tumble stallion rumps. :shudder:

      I do hope, however, that the artist leaves the 'mane' to us. It would really impair the jointing of the neck, waist and wither to have a sculpted mane tracking down the spine. I will be adding a fur mane myself... but I'd rather be able to make that decision than have it made for me.

      And I can't forget the original Greek depiction of centaurs as feral, oversexed warriors whose favourite passtimes included boozing it up with Dionysus and stealing human women from small villages. So I also am rooting for a big, burly warrior boy with a draft-horse body. Oh yeah. :drool:
    4. Noooo! *headdeskheaddeskheaddesk* They can't do this, they just can't! Not only am I a Sag., but I have been dying for a well done 60cm+ centaur. Is it horrible of me to hope that I hate him so I don't get tempted to buy one?
    5. i told you, either way, with either company, we are doom from the start, there no way we can avoid not getting one or the other O.o but yea, i'm a bit obsess with centaur for some reason....ahem
    6. *siiiigh* i love breyers... but can picture it going either way with the resin tail...
      i can picture my beautiful masculine draft horse centaur with a great dreadlocked tail from the wind... but also well sculpted like breyers. except, seating would be complicated with a stationary tail. breyers, as great as it is, doesn't have to consider joints and movement...
      anyhow, *sigh again*

    7. Sorry, but I'm really not into the big muscle, super masculine types. My Sard's body is just fine though. I do agree that as a centaur he should not be a waif, since centaurs tend to be more warrior types, than the frolicking types seen in Disney's Fantastia(Those centaurs looked like My Little Ponies).

      But all of this, "oh man, he's gotta be hunky!" talk has me wondering... is Souldoll going to sculpt a genderless horse?

      Just sayin'...
    8. I was thinking that, but I didn't want to sound wierd......

      What are they going to do with the horse...anatomy? >///<
    9. LOL! I was thinking just the same, and I didn't ask because of the exact same reason. :lol:
    10. Oooh good question o.o
      Didn't even think of that.
      Can anyone see it in the shillouette? :lol:
      Maybe they'll make just a lump, like with alot of horse toys for kids >.>
    11. ABJD are "anatomically correct" so I imagine it would be whatever is aesthetically pleasing to the sculptor. although, I admit less would be more for me in a male horse. a very big male horse. :roll:
    12. Now that would put me off. Male horse parts aren't something I want to look at >_<
    13. Lol you could always sand the horse man bits off ^^; Castration ftw?

      I'm really excited to see what he looks like! I don't mind the resin tail though if it looks ugly...XD It's such a long wait until we get to see!
    14. *freaks out* Srsly I love centaurs like none other!!! Souldoll may kill me...infact I'm positive I'm doomed.
    15. Cripes! I go away for a day and this thread has turned to talking about horse genitalia! I have no feeling one way or the other about this, but I guess a glossed over genital region would be as naff as Ken's sanitised groin. So, I guess it would make sense to sculpt some sort of realistic horse tackle *mind boggles at the thought*.
    16. * hopes for Narnia centaurs instead of Harry Potter centaurs*
    17. Yes!!! :D I loved that Narnia centaur! He was soooooo cool! Though I won't say that I completely disliked the HP centaurs either. They weren't so bad.
    18. Yes he was completely awesome.....Greek Centaurs wouldnt be too bad as well :)
    19. With a movable resin tail you can have two legs off the ground... I like that idea.
      You can convert a resin tail to a haired one by removing the tail but leaving a curved tail bone, paint, and glue hair to the bone. You can use mohair or you can use wig wefting (is that the word?), you know the lengths of pre-sewn hair that you use to make wigs. I get mine from CoolCat website. If he does come this way, there are plenty of Breyer people here on DoA that many can type up something on hair-ing. Woot RRH! Who ever thunk it? RRH on DoA. OMG this is starting to get amusing.

      As for clothing- leather tooled vest, maybe something gladiator styled tack, or a neat across the chest sack/hobo style bag (for his herbs, food, etc).
      I'm so going to get this boy; he'll have to be 1) ugly or 2) super insane expensive for me not to.
      The only thing that may kill me this year would be Decembers Soom... the possibilites there.

      FYI - mane in legs are called fetlock or feathers. the Forelock is the hair between the ears. And most model horse stallions/geldings have just a triangular "bump". [ahem... model people, we do not need to tell them how some models look... do we? ;) ]
    20. ....But Imma tell em anyway. :XD:

      I have this one Breyer that was originally released under the name of 'Llanarth True Britain'.... Absolutely gorgeous sculpt of a Welsh Cob stallion in flight at a fast trot. It was one of Breyer's first forays into the truly realistic sculpt style they have today....but omigod. I nicknamed him Thunder, as in "Balls of".

      I'll try to find a picture to send to Souldoll for reference. *snicker*

      PS: ARMOUR FTW. *swoons and dies*

      PPS: I can do a hairing tutorial if everybody likes, when he's released. =^_^= I can also do a resin-remodel tutorial for people who would prefer a stationary tail. Mainly cause I am so frickin excited that two of my hobbies are gonna merge. *L*

      So how does everybody plan to paint their centaur??????? I gotta know.... Mine is either going to be dark-skinned (possibly even African-skinned) and deep dapple bay with white stockings and a mixed mane and tail, or pale-skinned and dappled steel grey...or maybe grulla... or maybe blue roan! *swoon*