SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. Yes!! Armour!!!! :D:D:D It would be a pain to make, but I would want to anyways..... ;;>.>

      Me and Kalani were debating splitting one....

      If we do, I want to dye the horse part first if it is a standard NS color. I would love to paint him a nice reddish chestnut color with a little bit of white or cream dappling on the rear flanks and down the spine a bit. And possibly a white spot on the chest (horse's anatomical name for that part would be......???)
    2. I think, after the nightmare of the Sards and Beryls, any body blushing has to be kept relatively light not to show too much when it chips. So, a nice, dappled grey, perhaps?

      Oh! Or one done up like a Victorian carousel horse! Yes! Want!
    3. madammaumau, that's an awesome idea! I would love to see that ^^
    4. I'm a little afraid of saying something here. I remember posting on Euclase and saying "EWW, grey resin!" ...And then the next day, he seduced me and now I've joined a split and am waiting for his meditation head. *_*

      But I'm also not into the huge muscle types, either. If he's anything like Iplehouse dolls, I'm out. I'm really not a fan of their bodies. :|

      If they did end up giving him all the crown jewels of a male horse, I think I'd laugh myself to death. :XD: But I highly doubt it's something to worry about.

      As of right now, I'm interested only to see pictures of the actual doll. I'll make my judgements then.

    5. I definitely am in the muscled torso fan club. ^-^

      I'd make armour for the human torso and barding for the horse end.
    6. centaur....that all i got to say (melts) i'm a sucky for any of those type gah gah
    7. just thought... chain vest, well more of a shirt, so you can still see the sculpt.
    8. Oh my god agreed. I'd like to see someone go ahead with outrageous plans with body blushing, only to be in despair when it starts to chip. haha
      But seriously, folks, exercise some caution.

      I say this, but I'd like to see someone pull off some amazingly realistic blushing.
    9. If you had a big enough bowl, you could dye all the horse parts chestnut brown and leave the torso in the original resin? Would stop chipping.
    10. That is what I would do if the horse body only comes in NS. Dye it the desireded color and only paint/blush the detail markings and stuff. And with a body that is supposed to be furry instead of just skin, it is not as vital that the dying come out perfectly even. It might be nice, but not really neccesary.
    11. Holymoley that is cool. I kinda want to take a bite out of one of those legs. I can't wait to see him all together!
    12. Holy crap! Look at the size of those legs! He has to stand way bigger than 70cm as a horse if his human form is to be 70cm. This is looking very promising indeed *now REALLY hopes that Soom don't bring out a hooved boy for Sag*.
    13. i've seen the diary - nice work! but the horse torso is too big in the drawing i think. well maybe in life it would be more gentle
    14. Now that is impressive, I'm really excited about seeing him complete. I'm interested in how it'll all fit together. Good like Souldoll!
    15. Oooooh now I'm interested! That torso looks yummy! And those horse legs!!! Woot!
    16. WOW! I like the human torso *O* Very well sculpted and it's also very interesting that the horse legs are jointed!
    17. I think this doll is going to be pretty spectacular. And HUGE. When I look at the torso in the artists hand, it looks quite large .... add a horse body to that.
      I cannot wait to see how this turns out.
    18. And reverting to the topic of horse genitalia (did we ever really leave it?), it looks like the horse body will have a discrete little bump in lieu of genitals. That is probably just as well.

      On another topic, the human torso doesn't (yet?) have a waist joint. I would imagine they will have to build one in as otherwise I can't imagine how you would fit the human torso onto the horse body.
    19. Whoa he's going to be HUGE!