SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. I love the fact they're doing a diary! It's great to have an insight on the process. I love the fact he has "elf" ears- and a muscular torso which is great!!! The body looks beautiful for the horse. I'm just so excited!!!

      My small comment on horse genitalia: it looked on their conceptual drawings that they aren't entirely sure what they want to do (lot's of scribbling heheh). I think a bump would be best; I don't want an enormous schlong on him hehehe! On a BJD that's okay cus I can hide it in his trousers and also he's a representation of a human- I don't want a willy on a representation of a horse heheheh!
    2. I think one of the first things I looked for was the 'discrete little bump' :blush Ehem...

      But I had the weirdest idea of the human torso(minus the legs) slotting into the horse 'shoulders' giving a slight range of movement to bend forward... Making the butt a kind of 'ball joint'... :lol:

      It's just the horse section looks so large compared to the human torso, it looks like the horse 'shoulders' could completely swallow the width of the torso...

      And one other thing I was wondering about from the sketch, is if the hind quarters will be especially weighted to counter balance the weight from the human torso part?? He just looks top heavy... :sweat

      'Way to into something unattainable',
    3. I agree with madammaumau. It will be interesting to see if they do add the lower torso joint. To my knowlege, Souldoll has always had just the upper torso joint, so this will be a new step for them.

      Oh gosh, they had me from pointy-eared sketch and rippling muscle pen lines on the torso. I adore the definition in the legs.

      I pray to all the resin powers that be that this guy is not a limited. He may not be a practical thing, he may not yet have a place or character in my doll group, but so help me, I want him, and I will do everything in my power to save enough money for him!!

      Gah, my wallet hurts already..... *_*
    4. Someone asked on their site, and Souldoll's reply;
      :) So you and your wallet should be in luck :)
    5. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D.....*_* Gah!!! Nooooooooo!! Why am I so happy?!! This man has just garanteed a constant state of broke-ness for me for a good portion of my foreseeable futute! :...(

      Still... *does a stupidly-happy dance!!!*
    6. So that means we can get Soom's Sag AND Pony Boy? Hurrah!
    7. banzai for the doom of our bank?i can't wait for the pictures to come up :)
    8. Wow, that horse is huge compared to the hand. I want to get to see one of these in person someday.
    9. This is so amazing! I can't even begin to imagine what it will cost....
    10. I think as much as I love the idea something tells me since they made human feet they will make this so he can be Centaur or human and I think the price just went up to much for me. Will stick to my human DT family. Will be looking for pics of the ones you guys get though. Hugs, MK
    11. WOOT NOT LIMITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squees well into next week*

      So far he's looking really good... I am so glad they are actively planning such a powerful male torso. That just excites me, for this project. Funny, I never liked the buff bodies before I knew that a centaur was possible. He just HAS to be massive. Its the rules. *L*

      But Souldoll has chosen to really stylize the horse body. Doesnt much look like a horse but for the legs... the trunk looks much more like a big dog to me, with the strangely sloping back and tiny little waist; and the proportions are more foalish than adult horse. Not that that is a terrible thing... I mean we are talking about a centaur here, not a thoroughbred. Its not like I or anybody else has ever seen one to judge how they should and should not look. *L* I actually quite like that Souldoll is going for their own aesthetic on this rather than nitpicking overmuch with classical depictions, et al. And actually, that design decision will probably save us money in the long run... to do an exacting horse body would use probably twice or two and a half times more resin than what we are looking at in the diary.

      And I'm also finding that jointing mechanism in the hip pretty interesting. It looks like a lock stop for when the horse legs are in a standing position... like the back of the leg slides down into the valley so poor ponyboy doesnt crumple. *L* They have really thought about the jointing. Look at the hocks... the 'ball' (or in this case more like a lozenge) is set back into the hock so weight is redistributed foreward, making certain the knee doesnt ever fold foreward when he is standing. But I do wonder how we are gonna pose him with joints like that. So he gets to stand, but never gallop free with the wind? :3

      PS: My plan is to dye him a base colour.... chipping in the dappling shouldnt be a big deal but I certainly wouldnt paint over white. Maybe Souldoll will release the horse body in dark tan or something!!!! Maybe there will be a (limited) choice regarding what human colour you want plus what horse colour. That would be kickass.

      PPS: *pouts at inadequate stallion tackle*
    12. The horse parts look impressive, but I have to agree with Kasa about the proportions on the horse body. I'm no expert, but I have been out to stables to draw horses, and adult horses (male or female) don't really look like that. :/

      I like that Souldoll has provided some insight on the process, it's a good way to build up excitement and anticipation for this guy. I'm still not swayed by him yet, and I was kind of hoping I would be, especially since he won't be a limited doll. Time wil tell...

      Let's see a face sculpt, Souldoll!
    13. If the torso of the horse were not so slim the legs would have zero movement at the shoulder.... I imagine that once he's all put together it won't be quite as obvious and strange looking.

      But yes, the back is very short and it's rather... Peanut shaped. He's a bit sway backed too! Poor guy...

      I love him though. I think I'd mod his back if I were to get one (and at this point I'm plaining on it!). Build it up a bit. I don't like the dip at all, it's too extreme.
    14. those human hands and feet are beautiful, but I am somewhat disappointed in the peanut-shaped body. I've been riding and drawing horses since I was a child and I could draw a fair horse torso with my eyes closed and it wouldn't look like that! *sighs in exasperation even though centaur is too big and heavy and I am not - not, repeat- going to buy one. :roll: probably not.

      yay! that he's not limited.
    15. LOL, male horses usually keep their penis tucked up inside the sheath unless they're peeing, so there really isn't much to see--a bump would be the most accurate (lots of horse experience over the years ;)).

      It would bug me if there were nothing however, and the human torso part was male--it would look like it was on a mare's body and that would be odd to me. I also collect model horses, and I remember going to Breyerfest (big model horse convention) and seeing some centaurs that someone had made using Breyer horse bodies and fashion doll torsos. However, on several the torso was female while the body was clearly that of a stallion (a lot of model horses are anatomically correct as well)--got a good case of the giggles over that.

      I just looked at the in process pics--very interesting. I wouldn't expect him to be as conformationally correct as he could be, since he also has to be functional. I really want one, but have 0 funds at the moment, but apparently he isn't an LE? That would be great. Of course, if you went through all the trouble to design and engineer the horse body, I can see wanting to use it for more than one run.
    16. OMG NOT LIMITED!!!! Thank GOD!!!! I had almost giving up hope...but hope is back! Maybe he'll be mine yet:D
    17. Oooooooh. Not limited = good. I wasn't even interested until I saw those progress shots...don't really need another one....not that that's ever stopped me ;)
    18. Looks like he's coming along nicely! I'm a little concerned by the shape of the horse body - he appears to be missing his horsey ribcage, or something along those lines, because that's...really slender. I think that's part of why it seems so long, too.
    19. It's great they're doing a diary!

      Although the first thing I thought of when I saw him was "Woah... He's a big fella!"
    20. Oh man, I'm doomed. Completely doomed. Bye-bye money. I was really hoping that once I started seeing photos I'd hate him, so I wouldn't be tempted to buy him. No such luck. The lack of realism on the horse parts doesn't actually bother me at all, for whatever reason - I actually find the aesthetics very appealing. And I am always a total sucker for elf ears. Yeah. Doomed. *_*