SoulDoll Zenith Discussion ~ Part II

Nov 12, 2014

    1. @Ashemanu I can't wait to see him either but this weather is the pits, it's dry but too cold. Oh well I can still play with him until then.

      Edit: I am playing! I can't afford to get him a new body so I will blush his face and neck to diminish the difference and give him leather wrist cuffs/armor. <3<3<3 He is so handsome.
      [​IMG]Aerin by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    2. Hi all... I thought I’d post this just in case anyone else missed it. The “special order” sale includes sculpts like Justitia, Briseas and Hilda... as well as a few other limited dolls. I originally ignored it thinking it was a repeat of other discontinued dolls.
      *Special ball jointed doll for you, SOULDOLL*
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    3. @PennyDes Thanks for the reminder,

      If anyone needs a refresher on how beautiful they can look IRL, they should look at your flickr stream. Your Briseas is very haunting, the souldoll pictures does no justice to how beautiful that sculpt is :)
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    4. You’re welcome :) and thanks very much.
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    5. I just asked Souldoll about my Isabel order. They responded that they had accidentally put my order in the layaway box. So now I have to wait another week for them to send it to me.
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    6. Aerin Virion, finished faceup and I found an owner for the overly blushed Ringdoll hands they go well with his faceup, he needs wrist gauntlets to hide the resin mismatch but that will fit his character as a warrior, bowman.
      [​IMG]Aerin 11 23 18 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    7. I am curious how many people actually own souldoll evelyn. I had purchased clodia instead since she was such a similar sculpt with a more affordable price, but now that she's been discontinued, I'm slightly regretting not getting her.

      What are your experiences with evelyn? Did you get the factory faceup? Did you prefer hers over clodia? I'd love to heard what owners of her have to say.
    8. I own an Evelyn, and I completely adore her. She has the company face up, which is excellent. Her posing is ok - I am happy if a doll is able to stand, so my standards are not very high. She has the older body, which still is able to stand, opposite to the newer bodies. She has alot of personality, and counts among my more unusual dolls. So far I have not once regretted to get her, and I already have her for a few years.
      Here she is:
      [​IMG]Polaris02 by Ashemanu, auf Flickr
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    9. Standing is pretty much the extent of my posing requirements too ;). Beautiful photo, lovely doll and her dress is incredible :D. Is that a souldoll outfit?
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    10. @PennyDes Thanks! That is the outfit from the fullset. Impossible to sit in (too tight), but at least she can elegantly lean against something ^^
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    11. I'm curious to see the vampires. why vamps in December? I admit I'd rather they did elves. and every size has a vampire head, but you get one free!
      plus discount. sort of crazy in a good way.
      I haunt the SD site waiting for news of my vito Liam. it's been 9 months. paid off almost 5 months ago. :wantshipping:
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    12. My Isabel just arrived and she’s so pretty! I can’t wait to paint her.
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    13. @Ashemanu She is so gorgeous ... definitely regret not getting her lol. I adore the fullset outfit. I nearly got it for clodia, but it didn't fit my character that she is shelling.

      @petiteballerine I actually use my vampire head for a sidhe (close enough to elves is appearance) so they can double as that if they have pointed ears lol. Kinda wish they were longer, but oh well!
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    14. You're welcome :). Too bad she can't sit in it but the elegantly leaning looks to work well :). It is such a stunning outfit.
    15. The new dolls are up, but they are still marked as sold out. I'm partial to Daina's human sculpt more than her vampire version
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    16. Artemis got her dress yesterday. Now she’s just waiting for her eyes, wig, and face.

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    17. *carefully enters*

      Hello ^^ I got my very first SD Doll, and it's a Souldoll Abigail :dance
      Just sharing a picture of my still-unpainted beauty, Yrden:


      I will send her to a friend for the face-up in january, because I didn't wanted to have trouble with deliveries between the holidays and christmas-business.
      Even though she is so large, her sculpt is very filigrane and lovely! And I adore Souldolls hands! Got some extra pair of hands and heeled feet, too. She has the new big-busted body and stands well! But she has an extreme hollow back, wich makes it very difficult to sit. It's like she has an overweight on her bust and then flaps to the back. Until now I haven't found a tooth od something inside the bust-joint to bend her bust. Anyone got the same perks?
      But I still regret nothing! Souldoll did excellent work and my girl is worth every little cent! So much beauty :drool


      I recently made her skirt and under-skirt, wich are the first parts of her outfit. The tanktop and the beanie are just for keeping her not-naked and warm. She's going to wear lots of black with purple details and a classic gothic style with a touch of witchy-ness. I enjoy seeing other black-dress-souldoll-girls in this thread, too! Fits so well :3nodding:
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    18. The Abigail sculpt is so gentle and beautiful! :D I can't wait to see her with faceup, especially, as there is not a lot of Abigails around the Internet.
    19. @Pinkes Pony I never before have seen an Abigail that wasn´t on the Souldoll site itself- awesome! I love her face! She is beautiful, I am excited to see her with a face up.

      Here is Idun, my Serena Human vers. - I am not really getting warm with her, mostly because of her body. Of all the new Zenith girl bodies I own, this is the worst. Her knees refuse to lock, she is completely unable to stand. It drives me crazy.

      [​IMG]Idun 2 by Ashemanu, auf Flickr
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