SoulDoll Zenith Discussion ~ Part II

Nov 12, 2014

    1. Ouch, that sounds ridiculous. Are all of her knee parts on the right way? They look so similar from every direction, it's completely possible that Souldoll has assembled her the wrong way.

      I just fought with my new-bodied girl's knees today. Gave up with the leg armours because their shape make the knee locking mechanism work much worse than with her normal legs (luckily I actually prefer the set without them). She's gotten kicky as well, although I haven't done anything with her lately, so I should attempt to fix that.

      Started my year with some indoor photos (it's so dark here all day long =__=) of Iria:
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    2. Seeing all the beauties I had to get a new photo of Aerin. Happy 2019 day 1
      [​IMG]Aerin 010119a by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    3. @Yenna your girl looks marvelous, I always enjoy your pictures so much! I took my Serena apart yesterday evening and checked her knees, she was assembled correctly. I inserted silicon kips now at the knee joint. That makes it at least a little bit better, although it´s still far from perfect.

      @SteamWitch Your boy looks great :) I am happy that you like him! He fits very well among all the other beauties ^^
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    4. [​IMG]
      Happy 2019!
      Hi all... I've not been able to be on DOA as much as I like lately but wanted to say how lovely everyones dolls are @Ashemanu , @SteamWitch, @Yenna, @hannaliten, @Pinkes Pony and also wanted to share a quick photo of my hybrid Swinte.
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    5. @PennyDes She is beautiful! And such a wonderful dress. The color goes perfectly along with her hair!
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    6. Thank you :) her dress is from Iplehouse's Haute Couture series.
      Sorry to hear Serena's knees are extra problematic :(. I had the same trouble with Anaele. I'm glad to hear the silicon is helping somewhat :thumbup. The new Zenith bodies can be so frustrating at times.
    7. @PennyDes She is beautiful! That dress is divine, love the color.

      Aerin took a trip outdoors today.
      [​IMG]Aerin by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    8. Woah, my baby is growing! She still has no Face-up, but her plain mold has so much expression :love
      Here is Yrden saying hi, still in progress:

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    9. my souldoll animal Nami has shipped and will be here soon! Anyone have her? id love to see pictures :love
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    10. Congratulations!

      A new photo of Aerin with his right hair.
      [​IMG]Aerin day 109 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      Don't know what is going on with Flickr, today it's being a slow PIA.
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    11. lmao but it showed up in my reply no problem LOL nice btw... love this shade of blue
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    12. and a note.. in my 'preview' the image showed up but NOT with the actual post O_O... this is not your issue SW... this is site related I think? (dbl post intended to not mess with what's being shown etc.)
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    13. Thanks, Flickr is flaky today. At least the link to the photo works. :XD:
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    14. i just found it REALLY odd how when i hit 'reply' your pic showed up in my preview box no problem but when i hit post i got the same x thing as your original post...
    15. It's always time for Elarisel.

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    16. New photo of Aerin on the porch this morning.
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    17. I bought another Federer-elf head from their in-stock sale. I want to try to do an eye opening on the new one. Who doesn't need another elf?
      [​IMG]Aerin and Lore by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    18. Elves do get ever so lonely! lol
    19. Yeah, they do. They are tribal after all.
      I think he will be Aerin's older brother. Also a guardian & fighter, with a few scars and a little aging on that lovely face.