SoulDoll Zenith Discussion ~ Part II

Nov 12, 2014

    1. Hello I need some help I buy a Agnes Soulldoll in Ligth blue but is blank and is my first girl doll I whant to know what size of wig do you recommend and what clothes do they fit her?
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    2. Aerin's brother's head shipped today!! Let the faceup planning begin.;)

      Sorry I can't help @Fallingroses I don't have girls. :ablink:
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    3. I'm fairly sure my D. Agnes' wig is an 8-9 (I bought the full set when she was released last year, so I'm not 100% sure.). You might be able to get a really stretchy 7-8 wig to fit. Agnes is "Zenith" size, so, for clothes, "SD16" size should work.

      Or clothes close to these measurements:
      >Height : 64 cm
      >Neck : 8.8 cm
      >Shoulder width(including arm) :12.5 cm
      >Chest : 26 cm
      >Waist : 17 cm
      >Hips : 27 cm
      >Arm (to wrist from shoulder) : 18.5 cm
      >Leg (to ankle from waist) : 40 cm
      >Feet length (Flat feet) :8 cm
      >Feet width (Flat feet) : 3 cm
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    4. Thank you :thumbup I think it’s 7-8 wig her head measured 19cm and I hav a 8-9 that is big on her
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    5. After weeks and months of agonizing over resin color pairings and hybrid body choices I decided to go “forget it” and just buy one of the new Souldoll Zenith bodies for my Shiva-G head.

      It was then I realized they have gargantuan feet. But I’ve found the brand of shoes that fit them now (thanks doa wiki) so I’m committed! Hopefully I can work out something with those silicone head covers so she can wear some of my AS Xishi’s old wigs...

      They fit, but they’re kinda loose right now.

      I just really like this body for the 64cm height!
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    6. Got a photo of the two elf brothers together. Aerin and Aeson Virion. Both are Federer-elf sculpts.

      [​IMG]aerinandaeson2 by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    7. Aerin looks so delightfully snooty and Aeson looks like he's packed in a lot of living over the centuries ;)
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    8. You got that right. They are so different. Thank you!
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    9. I love sculpt multuples! The possibilities are endless!
      Loving that green wig!
    10. @aernath I tried a couple of other wigs on him but this one seemed to go best with his aged appearance and former occupation. He is using the bow because he can't bring himself to raise a bladed weapon even to hunt. His mental pain goes deep. Still he is proud of his night warrior rank of Silver Owl and wears the small badge at his neck. It serves as a warning to anyone(elf) who might think he is just an old elf who can't defend himself.
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    11. My Souldoll Zenith girl body arrived today...! Can't wait to dress her up with my head! <3
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    12. @Ruyilala congrats! Would love to see her all dressed up! Reminds me that i also want an sd female from souldoll someday since i live the details on their bodies!
    13. Hehe, here she is! I need to change her eyes because her irises are too big, but I'm in looooove~


      I actually bought the dress from @Asatee, so come have a look! I haven't put on her sleeves yet because her hands are too big to fit orz, but she looks very elegant in this dress.
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    14. That dress fits her really well! It matches the softnes of her face up so much. And yeah can understand its a hassle to get her hands of to get clothes on. Just put on an outfit on my souldoll boy and the sleeves did fit over the hands in the end but it took allot of patience...
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    15. She looks absolutely gorgeous - perfect on her! I'm glad to see your Lady wears it like a dream! <3
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    16. I don't think I've ever posted a photo of Sola here before, so here she is! (One day I will get a better photo setup, I swear lol):
      [​IMG]Sola by Zaliayn, on Flickr
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    17. Can anyone advise me about matching some hands to normal SD from early this year? Doll Family H doesn't have 'normal' - only yellow or pink.
      My (3) SD crew are very old, new sandy brown, and fairly new grey. So I can't tell which color would work.
      Thanks for any info. I have my eye on a Zenith boy. :wiggle
    18. The Serena NS body I have is pinky--so I would try a pink version. I'd be careful about the wrists, though--I know that the hand are a little small so the DF wrists may need to be checked for fit.
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    19. I can say that my loongsoul Normal Pink (Not imported) is very close to my Souldoll girls from last year so anything that matches that closely should be a close match. DFH pink may be close, I've seen it vary a bit in person so I'm not 100% certain but I would definitely only choose resin that had pink undertones/overall look because Souldoll is definitely pinker than a lot of 'normal resins'.
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