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Nov 3, 2010

    1. Congrats on your girl @PennyDes . Is that the default face up? She looks lovely and I really like those glasses on her. :3

      I also got a Swinte as a gift head during their last event, but I don't have anything for mine -not even a character as she was truly an extra in the order. I got her as a back up in case the Jina head I ordered wouldn't work for the character. But it seems like she will, so the Swinte is an extra, and yet I don't want to part with her because she's so pretty. I don't have any photos of the Jina yet either, because I'm waiting for eyes for her from Enchanted Doll... It's probably only been a few weeks since I ordered, so it'll take a few more. In the mean time, I'm trying to hunt down a very character specific wig for her. She's hanging out on a borrowed body without eyes right now, poor thing.

      Did you guys notice the sandy brown and grey skin event they have until the end of the month? Seems like all their basic Zeniths are available in the two skin tones. I'd be very tempted if they still offered the old body, but as they don't, I can't buy from them. Which is probably a good thing, because I couldn't afford it anyway and I really don't need any more big girls. Their wardrobes have taken over my bigger storage boxes, haha. xD
    2. Hi Yenna :). Thanks for your compliments on Swinte and yes she does have the default face up. Oh I'm sorry to hear your Jina is without eyes... I hope they arrive soon. Enchanted doll eyes look so amazing online (I've never seen them in person). Best of luck on deciding what to do with your Swinte head :thumbup as she really is a pretty sculpt. I actually ran into the same issue with Yola. I bought Yola only so I could get a free blank Swinte head but I ended up liking her sculpt so much I can't seem to part with her. What kind of wig are you trying to find for Jina?

      I wish Souldoll offered the old body in any color. The proportions look nicer in photo comparisons of the old body vs. the new body.
    3. ED was fast and sent the eyes after just 3 weeks, so they're on their way now and I should be able to take at least some kind of photos of her soon. :3 I've had a lot of ED eyes over the years and I love how flexible they are with custom orders and how many different colours they have.
      The wig is black with side parted bangs and it's about shoulder height with curls -longer if they're straightened. And not insane giant curls like on most wigs, but more toned down like a real person would curl their hair. I'm looking at one mohair I could trim a little because I definitely can't find anything that's right in the synthetic fiber categories. I ordered alpaca fiber and made a wig for her myself, and it would be fine otherwise but the fiber is so coarse that it looks like horse hair on her. I'm so frustrated about it too because alpaca isn't cheap (I don't have the patience to process raw fiber). I might have to look for smoother black fiber but ordering is always a bit of a risk. I would just custom order one from the alpaca wig makers, but I think they all use the glue technique instead of sewing the wig. I don't like hard wig caps or the fibers being fixed in one direction = it doesn't leave many alternate styling options. And Zeniths have such weird heads that I'm not sure it would fit unless the maker had a Zenith themselves. Such a problematic wig this one, you'd think it's not that hard to find but it is.

      Oh yes, I so wish they offered the old body too. It's got such lovely and smooth looking joints. The new body is all leg, with a squished torso, not to mention the giant boobs that are definitely not everyone's cup of tea. But it's funny how the extra heads come in and make themselves at home. I wish I could just sell my Swinte and not have to find her eyes, wig or character, but she's just too pretty...
    4. Hi Yenna :) I'd love to see the eyes in Jina when they arrive. Thanks for letting me know enchanted doll eyes are a nice company to deal with.
      The wig sounds very pretty... I hope you find one like it. Sorry the wig you made didn't turn out right :(. That can be disheartening especially if the materials cost a lot. I've never made any wigs myself but want to someday. I recently found a great video on how to make a stretchy sewn wig with synthetic fibers. I think she shows how to curl and style too. If you'd like I can private message the link to you :thumbup. Let me know.
      Lol, yes I noticed the heads do have a bit of an awkward shape to it but fortunately the head looks great once the wig is on. Iplehouse wigs don't fit too well but so far Monique Gold 7/8 wigs are a very nice fit.
      I agree about the new bodies. I am not a fan of the huge bust personally and when my Anaele arrives she will be getting a bust reduction. Either that or I will modify an Iplehouse YID so the Zenith head will fit. I will have to see what I need to do once she gets here as I've never seen a Souldoll body first hand. I'm new to Souldoll ownership and only have heads so far. All I know is I want a petite look ;).
      Best of luck finding a look for Swinte and getting / making that wig you want or Jina. :)
    5. @PennyDes You're welcome. I'll be posting a few photos with the current wig and the new eyes when they arrive, but then I'm going to have to figure out what to do with the wig problem. I'm not gonna go down the making a synthetic fiber wig myself -road, because those can be found in most styles. I actually sewed the alpaca fiber into wefts and made that one into a stretchy sewn wig too, instead of a glued one (I just kind of hate making wigs myself). It would be fine if the fiber itself wasn't horrible. I love how I can curl, straighten and put it up on a bun if I want to, but it just looks so bad because of the horse hair syndrome. x_x

      Sorry, I don't think it's possible to do a petite look with the new Zenith body. She's very tall, volumptious and just generally pretty big. The good thing is that Zenith heads should be okay to put on smaller bodies because the heads are fairly small and so are their faces. You won't get a bobble-head syndrome, at least.

      I used to love most of Souldoll bodies because they were very posable. I really wanted both of the older double bodies (male and female), but they discontinued them before I had a chance to get them. Now, I wish they had more variety in their (female) bodies. But no, they're all clones of eachother: huge ass, big boobs, giant thighs, the same torso, legs and arms. Put the Zenith, Vito and NL.girl next to eachother and they're identical in shape. The only difference is the joints, and unfortunately I find all of their joint solutions dumb. I don't know what happened, they used to make such posable dolls and now it's all about the looks. Which would be okay, I suppose, but it's the same look all the time that really gets to me. =__=
    6. Are there any hybrids forZenith girls? I'd love to see the possible combinations :)
    7. I tried the Shiva head on a Withdoll Senior girl body on request once. I've also photographed a Zenith head on an old Delf girl body, but I can't find it right now. I posted it to one of the souldoll threads on DoA, I think. It looked a bit odd because the Delf neck is super thin. I don't have any actual hybrids, though.
    8. Aw it's a shame that delf bodies won't work because they look really nice and I've heard that they're actually pretty posable. I think Shiva looks pretty good on the Senior WD body, do you know if their normal skins match? And how is the newest Zenith body compared to the SWD? Is the difference very obvious? Thanks for the information about them :)
    9. I don't know what the Souldoll normal skin is like, so I can't answer anything to the resin match. I've heard it's okay, but I don't have personal experience. And yes, the difference is obvious, as Zeniths are 64cm and Withdolls are 58cm.

      I don't have the new Zenith body as a whole anymore (I switched the torso), so I can't take proper comparisons but I found the Zenith/Delf photo I took before. Withdoll is about the same size as the Delf:
      This is the old Zenith double body with heels on vs. Delf girl with shoes (the heels are a little bit taller so the difference with flat feet isn't quite as huge).

      Here's a headswap without wigs & with wigs. It isn't as bad looking as I remembered, considering that the Delf neck is too thin even for the Delf heads. The bobble-headedness is the biggest reason I let go of my Delf girl. But Luts has done something to the type3 neck, so it might be thicker now.
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    10. @Yenna That's quite the difference o-o I think the old Zenith body looks a lot better compared to the new one...she just looks too rigid :/
      I really appreciate the comparison and thanks for the reference photos and information again :abow:
    11. Hi :) I've only tried my Zenith Girl head on a Mirodoll 60cm girl. The proportions look natural with the head. I don't have a full body photo but will take one in the next few days to share how it looks. I hope to try an Iplehouse YID body with a modified neck at some point.

      Hi Yenna :) that's too bad about the wig. No one wants a horse hair look for their doll... well unless it's a horse of course, lol. Thanks for the heads up about the Zenith body and I am really leaning more towards Iplehouse yid modification. I will still see what I can do to reduce the Souldoll bust. Sigh.... It would be great if Souldoll would bring back the old body as an option :eusa_pray. Looking forward to seeing your photos :).
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    12. @PennyDes Thanks for the hybrid information! It's great that proportions are okay on mirodoll, their bodies are great for the price. I hope she'll work on a nyid body with a modded neck, good luck with your hybrid :)
    13. I was also thinking about finding another body for my Isabel doll, because I also think the body is generally too big for my tase as i prefer bodies like old supiadoll and lillycat lune body. I think the zenith body is too huge and stiff, and the boobs are too much. The old version was better i think. So i guess I will try to see if I find a body a bit smaller.

      Here is a picture of souldoll Isabel, I dont think I have shared her here before.
      [​IMG]Souldoll Isabel by bunnylungs, on Flickr
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    14. Sorry for doble post, but does some of you have any tips about a body that is pretty/ nicely shaped and a bit petite to fit her head?
    15. Hi bunny lungs :) I've had good experience so far with a Mirodoll 60cm girl body (small bust). The body I used is second hand and tan skin but will be airbrushed to match eventually. The proportions are good for Souldoll Zenith Girl heads and Mirodoll does have normal skin that I have read is a good match to Souldoll NS. Mirodoll is not a good poser however. I am going to try my Zenith Girl head on Iplehouse NYID body sometime this winter. I will post how it turns out. In the meantime here is a link to my Swinte on a Mirodoll body. I apologize for having a link and not a photo but I am currently on my tablet which doesn't allow me to get the correct code from Flickr.

      @Misoup You're welcome and thank you :) I hope modding the Iplehouse doll goes ok... it will be my first mod. I will post photos of how it turns out. Here is the photo of Swinte on the Mirodoll body... sorry it took me so long. I meant to post last week. I hope you don't mind a link... I am currently on my tablet which doesn't allow me to get the correct code from Flickr to put the photo into the post .
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    16. I fiiinally have a photo of my Jina, Ye Rin. I just couldn't handle the horse-hair-alpaca wig, so I waited for a temporary fiber one. I now have my eye on an either alpaca or a mohair custom wig from an artist whose style and construction fits my requirements and I'll be contacting them soon about getting her her actual wig. Until then, she's sporting this fiber one I cut and styled to at least slightly resemble her actual hairsyle.

      Poor girl also needs clothes, but I haven't done research into bodies yet, so I'm not sure how much clothing I should be making for her yet. She mostly wears pants and I know for a fact that if I make pants for the Zenith body, they won't fit any other possible bodies. Zeniths have ginormous thighs. But at least I got so far as to remove the copper manicure the hands had (it was chipped), and I can now re-do it in more neutral tones so that Iria can keep on borrowing her body until I get Ye Rin her own, lol.
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    17. Has anyone tried to place a supia doll Ariel head on either the soul kids N.L. Girl body, soul Vito girl body or the new double Zenith girl body? I would love to see what it looks like and which body do you think would look best with the head?

      I've also had my eye on Iplehouse's Elvira and Lydia and I'm struggling to find out which one to buy as my first bjd
    18. Hello, I've my eye on Lime but I want to hybrid as an andrognous boy. Anyone know how doll family resin matches? I'm looking at their 56cm boy boy, it's close to soul folks neck circumference and shoulder width
    19. I have a Souldoll Swinte. Her head is indeed small. She takes a size 7/8 wig.
    20. I have a Souldoll Swinte...and her feet are gigantic. I am having trouble finding shoes for her. Any one else running into a similar problem?