Souldoll Zenith Girls Discussion

Nov 3, 2010

    1. Only everyone who owns Zeniths. They only reliably wear Souldoll's own shoes and their selection is very small. Other shoes I've had for my girls are Dollmore model girl shoes (though I had to sand the heeled feet a bit to fit into one pair), and Lut's Senior Delf boy shoes. Other male shoes will likely fit as well, because the flat feet are the same size as on my older Dollshe Hound body, but they're often very wide-looking. Heeled (and otherwise feminine) shoes are much, much more difficult to find.
    2. I figured that was going to be the case. I put her heeled feet on and I found some boots on eBay that fit her that way. What a pain in the butt!
      I wonder if Souldoll did that on purpose to increase sales of their items.
    3. Jina looks lovely! The hairstyle is very becoming on her too. <3:)
    4. My zenith girl is still without shoes and she is more than year at home!! So,I will buy them in the souldoll web.
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    6. What a beautiful girl, brewsjoe! ...and very nice pictures!
    7. Sorry to intrude - I just came by and noticed the question about feminine shoes for the recent Zenith girl body. Well, my Briseas wears these from Dollmore, even without heel sanding, and they fit perfectly. They have them in other colors as well. Some of them seem to be a fraction too small in the front piece, but still fit. These shoes fit our Zenith girls as well: Model F Macy boots, ankle cut enamel boots, Diora shoes. They have them in other colors as well.

      BTW, I find the way they measure their shoes quite confusing... but Dollmore have a long history of helping out owners of odd sized dolls which can only wear their own company's things.:aninja:
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    8. Thank you Crystalenchantress! I think she is beautiful too. :blush
    9. @Brewsjoe your Serena is just gorgeous! :D Thanks for sharing photos.

      @Mandagore thanks much for the shoe tip :)
    10. Thank you PennyDes! I am glad you like my girl and the pics. :)
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    11. I'm looking at Souldoll's Zenith girls right now (Specifically Swinte <3) and I notice that the Zenith body is rather generous in the bust department! It seems they have a small breast part for sale to fit Vito girls, but what about Zenith? Any smaller bust options? Or, if I decided I wanted smaller breasts, would I have to put her head on another company's body?
    12. Yeah, I’ve asked Souldoll several times about the small bust but so far they are only considering it for possible future projects. So you will most likely need to find an alternative body if you want small bust for your girl. My Souldoll girls (Swinte and Anaele) share a Mirodoll 60cm girl body small bust version and I’m in the process of modifying an Iplehouse nYID doll so the neck is small enough to accept the Souldoll head. IMO Swinte’s sculpt is one of their best face sculpts :).
    13. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully they'll offer a small bust for the Zenith girls in the future, but for now I'll check out Mirodoll :D
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    14. You’re welcome:) and unless I’m mistaken, I think Mirodoll is having a winter sale. No modification is required for the Souldoll girls head to fit and it makes for more of a petite look as their bodies are shorter in stature.
    15. You're right! There is a sale on :D Do you have any pics of your Swinte on the Mirodoll body by chance? I'd love to see how it looks :D Is the body good? I've not heard of Mirodoll until now :)
    16. Oh good! Sales are always nice. I have a picture here from the shoulders up Souldoll Zenith Swinte Hybrid Mirodoll
      But no full body ones. I’ll try to get one for you this evening. Don’t be alarmed at the color difference my Swinte is normal skin and the body I bought second hand is tan. It’s my project body to learn blushing and how to suede so color didn’t matter. I think Mirodoll normal is supposed to be a pretty good resin match to Souldoll normal but ask around as I’m not totally sure. Mirodoll themselves might be able to answer that question for you too. Unfortunately they are not the highest quality out there but for the money I’ve felt it’s worth it. As far as posing, the body is terrible...and I guess they are known for that according to some reviews I’ve read. I’ve heard sueding helps with that though. I’m not sure what clothes fit them as Iplehouse clothes are far too baggy. Their overall form isn’t too bad for the price. I personally feel that the Zenith girl heads are in excellent proportion to the body. Wow... what a long ramble... I hope some of that is helpful, lol.
    17. Thanks! That’s all super helpful Your swinte is beautiful ^^
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    18. I recently tried my Karin head on a Peakswoods girl body and the proportions are really great. Neck to head fit is flawless and the resin match is workable. I was trying a white head on and older PW body and it looks like the PW white might yellow more quickly than SD.
      Peakswoods is high quality and the bodies have excellent posing with pretty joints. Comes with a small bust option and a few feet and hand options. I was skeptical about their engineering because they are so slender, but after owning one and handling several I definitely want a girl body too. She fits all kinds of readily available Graffiti-sized clothing, too.
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    19. @St. James Thanks, that’s great to know! I will definitely have to look into peaks wood as a possibility for some of my floaters :thumbup. I’d love to see pictures if you have some.

      @Mermaidgrey Aww thanks <3. i took a quick picture for you and uploaded it. The camera angle made Swinte’s head look a little bigger than it really is.

      (Please excuse the censor stars but I never upload total doll nudity to anywhere but the marketplace and only if necessary. )