Spirit Imprint - CrowBlackJay - Tinies

Aug 13, 2017

    1. Hmm I've had cans I've MSC for years, and never had issues with them. I just try and keep them a little bit warmer than room temperature before I need them and then I give them a thorough shake for 5-10 minutes.
      But for such a tiny face I can see why an artist would be a good idea.
    2. I’ve received my elves and dragon. Their posing is great and I love the detail in their sculpts. Now that they’re here, I’m not sure if my original plans will work so I have a lot of ideas floating around. I’m looking forward to getting their faceups as that will help them develop their own personality and style.

      There are a lot more owners on Instagram now so I’m enjoying all the different styles. They’re all so beautiful :love
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    3. I'm very much enjoying seeing all the elves as they arrive and get their face ups too! :D Maybe that'll be enough to stop me from spending money.
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    4. I managed to paint my dragon. I struggled a bit putting her back together.


      Has anyone made clothes for these?
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    5. @cheesedemon88 I have a lovely dragon boy I got home in 2018, and where as I have not made clothing for my Dragon. I found my boy can wear some Barbie and Ken outfits.

      So here is a photo of my boy Tia in his Wonder Woman shirt
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    6. @Tippetarius love him, looking great. I already have barbie clothes for my Soom fairies, might be worth a look, thanks.
    7. Wow what a stunning paint job! :D I love how you've done her horns!
    8. Woo! Just joined the latest pre-order for the elf girls and I'm so excited! <3
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    9. Love everything about her! :D Going to keep my eye on this thread for future pre-orders!
    10. EDIT: ignore this post, I accidentally mistook this for the Hellwis Workshop thread.