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Aug 13, 2017

    1. @CrowBlackJay Apologies if this is the wrong place or if I missed if you said it, but I looked around for an answer and I've been having trouble finding it- will you be doing She is a Dragon again? Obviously no time soon, since second preorder hasn't even shipped out yet, I just know I'm absolutely in love with her, omg. :D

      EDIT: I'm a dummy, naturally the second I post is when I read that apparently more are planned. Just a teeny bit embarrassed there.
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    2. @Schtauffen Don't worry, there will be more pre-orders.
      I was planning for the end of December, but since the processing of the parts in casting company will take longer than expected, the shipping will be postponed. So the next pre-order will start only after the shipment of this one.
    3. Looking forward to seeing what the next preorder colors will be. I’m sure they will all be beautiful! But I’m so happy I got a purple girl this round.
    4. I'm hoping for white again. After seeing the pictures of all the lovely horn heads, I very much regret not ordering all available heads. Hopefully I can do that in the next preorder. I also hope that once the lovely ladies are home, the next preorder period is still open*. I was debating on ordering two last time but thought I should wait and see what they look and feel like. I kind of suspect I will want another though and have already started selling in preparation to raise dolly funds.

      *Edit: to clarify, I know CrowBlackJay said next preorder would open after current preorder ships, but the Russian post is taking an incredibly long time for deliveries to USA right now. Some of my friends have packages in transit (lost) for 2 or 3 months. I would hate for the next preorder to close before the first doll arrives. But if it does, I'll just roll with it. :dance I'm lucky to have even one on the way!
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    5. Ooh I hadn't heard that about the post. I sincerely hope that is not the case with the dragons! Ughh that would be awful for Crowblackjay too, I imagine by the month mark people would be asking for refunds. :( Glad you mentioned it though so I will try to steel myself to expect several more months.

      I wonder how long shipping will take into Russia from Haru?

      I know what you mean about wanting the first one in hand for sure. I would probably break down and order a second one before receiving the first too, if pressed. I wouldn't trust ever being able to find one on the secondhand market when the runs are so small (22-ish this round?).
    6. I'm really looking forward to this thread getting an influx of dragons from this preorder. :D

      Still eagerly waiting for my shipping notice haha.
    7. I saw the post on current threads about the order period and thought the dates must be wrong, but then I came here to fine the third one has not been announced yet. This is a good thing for me because I have too many expenses at the moment. I just love how expressive she is.
    8. Well, I just got my first dragon today and I can safely say I'm in trouble for the next preorder. I can't believe the movement on this girl. I just got her out of the box and already she's like my best friend and my most inspiring muse. I cannot recommend this doll enough to anyone who might be interested.

      [​IMG]She is a Dragon by stuartsmycat, on Flickr
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    9. Incredible! :D
    10. Absolutely stunning! :love
    11. My girl came in today as well. <3

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    12. Mine is still stuck in her travels, but hopefully she'll come home soon.
    13. @Kataxenna that blue is a great shade. I love Kestrel in her white, but now I'm super conscientious about keeping her covered to slow the yellowing process. I better make sure to take plenty of photos while she's still young!

      @Tippetarius I'm sure she'll be here soon, hopefully today!
    14. I ended up naming her Baritra after a dragon lord in the mmorpg Aion. XD. I deffinately want another dragon. Maybe Purple next~
    15. I'm kicking myself for not discovering these dolls sooner. I saw them on Flickr a few days back and they're such a nice balance of graceful and dragon.
      @CrowBlackJay You've inspired me to try making a dragon BJD, and also save up for this beautiful baby.
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    16. I realised I haven't shared a picture of mine! Which is mostly because it's a hassle to share from instagram.

      She arrived on April 24th, and I'm delighted to find that both quadrupedal and theropod-like poses are possible, without assistance from wires or stands! Here's my favourite one that mine can pull (she's called Silara). To keep in with the one-picture rule, you can find more on my instagram (on my profile/signature). Such an incredible doll!
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    17. I love the dragon and will be trying to keep an eye out for a future release. So pretty!
    18. Thank you! I'm glad to inspire someone!
    19. [​IMG]
      I got mine from the post! She is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to making her some clothes! I likely won't do much in the way of body blushing (as I fear chipping too much), but may paint her nails, some detail on the horns and possibly around the eyes. I feel like the gray resin doesn't need much detail or refinement, as lights bring out the sculpted detail quite well.

      I'll try to post more (and better) images as I get them, and would love to see what others do with theirs :)
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    20. I have found some Barbie tops fit these girls really nice.
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