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Spirit Imprint - CrowBlackJay - Tinies

Aug 13, 2017

    1. Oh she's really cute @ronnie92! :D I'd love to buy one of these lovely ladies one day. She'd make a great sister to some of my other dragon bjds.
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    2. Just giving this thread a gentle bump...
      The recent preorder for She Is A Dragon, caught my interest, well, re-started it and I am giving the dragon some serious consideration.
      Whilst doing some digging and checking the dragon out, came across CrowBlackJay's Elf....see her here: Elf...and I want to know more!!
      Anyone else looking at her with interest?
    3. That is a gorgeous doll!
    4. The elf looks gorgeous, as well! Thankfully my wallet is saved in this case, as they're both too tall and too short to fit into either of the size scales I have going on in my collection at the moment. Apparently she'll be 38cm tall! (source)
    5. I've got one pre-ordered and I couldn't be more excited!! She's somewhat of a birthday/christmas gift to myself.
    6. Ooh lucky! I have one of these lovely little ladies on my wishlist. One day they'll be a pre-order when I have the money. :lol:
    7. @tithorargentus - congratulations...
      Do you mean you have ordered a dragon?
    8. Yep! One of the matte blue ones.
    9. Congratulations! Which head/heads did you go for? Please post pics as and when your Dragon arrives!
    10. ARGH!!!
      I am not on Instagram, but am watching the progress of the Elf girl...*sigh*
      Had no idea there would be a choice of heads...and hands!:cool:
    11. Yes! I hope to see a lot of them around, even though they aren't the right scale for my crew. The sculpting looks gorgeous. The detail on the lips especially!
    12. I went for the g-horned open plate for my default and the g-horn closed eye for my secondary. I had a lot of other doll things going on and could only afford one extra. :( I'd like to get a second dragon in a different colour one day though.
    13. @ronnie92 - yes, they all look very detailed and wonderfully sculpted.

      @tithorargentus - great choices! Now what you mean when it comes to what you can realistically afford though. Hope you'll get another one in the future.

      I am tempted to join instagram, just to keep a closer eye on what's going on with the elf...I joined Facebook only to keep up to date with 5th Motif!!! ( but did later close that down)