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Aug 13, 2017

    1. Heck! ...missed an update. Sounds like @CrowBlackJay is expecting a sample elf soon! Do wonder if the Yuletide season will slow things down, but it will be an exciting to see a production Elf.:dance
    2. Ooh exciting! I can't wait to see photos of her! I do think the season will slow things down at least postal-wise. Things are moving slower than snails at this point.
    3. The light blue dragons are in! I'm so excited, can't wait for that shipping notification.
    4. Ooh awesome! Do share photos once she comes in!
    5. That's a gorgeous blue! Makes me think Ice dragon.:cool:
    6. I agree! I need to think of a name for mine.
      I think i'll be leaving her without body blushing and mostly just make her jewelry. She's one of the few dolls i've encountered that I actually really like without faceups/blushing!
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    8. Oooh exciting! I hope she gets to you swiftly and safely! :)
    9. @tithorargentus ...any news on your dragon? Ice Dragons need to travel in the cold of winter...right?

      The elf girl is looking amazing!!!! Confirmed height of about 37cm. Sounds perfect:)
    10. I hope that there will eventually be another preorder... I've just seen this one (OK, lies, I've seen this one before, several years before I knew much/anything about BJDs, so I definitely didn't know what sculpt this was) and I'm in love.
    11. I feel like there will be another preorder. Perhaps not this year, but maybe next year. Do you follow Spirit Imprint on Instagram? They usually post their preorder updates there. Flickr too I think?
    12. I didn't even think about that, but thank you! Off to follow them now <3
    13. You're welcome! :)
    14. Just giving this thread a gentle poke...
      There doesn't seem to be any activity on Flickr and I can only scan Instagram, regarding Dragons or elves... but I can understand that there are far more important issues we are all facing at the moment.
      I was holding out on seeing how a different BJD from another maker worked out and sadly that one hasn't done it for me, so at this point in time the Spirit Imprint Elf gals are the only ones tugging at my heart strings<3

      Anyone else watching and waiting?
    15. Sort of. I've been pre-occupied by the wait time for an incoming doll. The artist hopes he should be with them from the caster mid-July, so I'm praying that's true. Needless to say I've been paying very little attention to anything else doll related. :sweat
    16. @Quiet and Insane - oh yeah, completely understand that pre-occupied feeling. I was obsessing over the work on the new Narae60 and not really watching anything else...but for me personally she missed the mark, so I have moved back to the Elf. Oh and still wonder about a dragon.:roll:
    17. Hello, Dears!

      The casting studio which casts dragons has already begun to work and will finish the dark semi-translucent dragons hopefully in June. Thank you all for your patience!

      Unfortunately, I literally fell into the trap of time with all my plans.
      The next pre-order for dragons I planned at the end of the summer will shift to autumn due to the studio shutting down in April and half of May.

      As for the elves: the parcel with first elves in all colors(necessary to start the pre-order) has been coming to me for 52 days and has not been noted in my country yet. The same thing happens with two of my parcels with dragons shipped to their owners at end March.

      I think I'm almost ready to cast the resin myself. Although, I do not have a workshop for this.
      But I absolutely can't do anything with post delays, it's really upsets me. :(
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