Spirit Imprint - CrowBlackJay - Tinies

Aug 13, 2017

    1. @CrowBlackJay - thank you for the updates....exciting news!:dance

      Sorry to hear your plans have not worked and how long the parcels are taking to travel. It is not good for anybody, but It can be understood with what is happening in the world right now. It is very frustrating when we have no control over stuff like post delays. try not to be too upset:hug:

      Hope the packages arrive soon and very much looking forward to seeing how they look.:thumbup
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    2. Completely understandable with the current situation! It's great to hear back from artists like this.
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    3. @CrowBlackJay - has posted a pic of the recently arrived Elf and colour samples on her Instagram - oh yum!!! The colours are wonderful, but personally leaning toward Toffee for the character I'm considering.
      What do other folk like the look of?
    4. Ooh the colours do look gorgeous! :D I personally love Hot Chocolate and Java!
    5. @Quiet and Insane - good choices. On my monitor and playing about in photo manipulation program - Hot Chocolate looks like it has some red undertone and Java is tending toward grey...ideal for a Drow elf perhaps.
    6. Yes, I'm seeing those undertones too and I just adore them. Leaning more towards Hot Chocolate, at the moment. Not that I can afford a doll given that my budget for this year has already been allocated. Perhaps one day the dragons will be released inthese colours too? :D
    7. Hmmmmm....Hot Choc Dragon....*nom nom* Oh and an elf can always find a *need* for a dragon:wiggle
      - sorry to hear you have allocated your budget already, too easily done - right?
      Well I have now flipped through all the colours and come back to Sand or Toffee because they would suit the character best...although, the first incarnation of this gal was in "normal", so a pale hue, which means Petal would be the ideal colour. Why do BJDs never stick to the plan? Don't have to make any firm decisions yet, so will keeping dreaming and planning.
    8. Yeah, Hot Chocolate is really reddish, a kind of fantasy color. And Java is a slightly brownish dark gray.
      By the way, elves are already officially approved as on-topic on DoA. :kitty2
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    9. @StrontiumDog - If it wasn't for the shocking conversion rate at the moment then I'd actually have enough left over for a whole other doll...or at least a body for my floating heads. :(
    10. @CrowBlackJay - thanks for confirming the colours and pleased to hear the girls are DOA approved.

      @Quiet and Insane - ack! Yeh...the bite of the conversion rate*grrrr* When i first came to BJDs it felt like it was take the price in US Dollars and halve it for UK sterling. Might not have been quite that but it sure felt like it.

      The full shots of Gloriana in Java and Hot Choc and terrific...not helping my choice, but will wait to see all the colours.
    11. @StrontiumDog - I got into BJDs when the USD and AUD were almost equal. And it's all been downhill since then. The doll I bought this year was paid for in Euro and I essentially paid double once converted. It hurt, but gosh it's a gorgeous doll, and I didn't break my allocated budget so... :sweat Hopefully I can stick to my budget a little better next year and get a lovely dragon!
    12. @Quiet and Insane - ouch! Feel your pain....:...(
      ...but good luck for next year's budget:thumbup
    13. @StrontiumDog - Thanks! Meanwhile I will just continue to live vicariously through everyone in this thread. :)
    14. @Quiet and Insane - it's a good way to enjoy what you can't get your paws on - just yet:lol:

      Oh and the latest updates of the 3 girls in the different resins...that Toffee resin *swoon*:ablink:
      Anna (?) also mentions that it's in her plans to make the Elves in SD size!!!!
    15. Ooh an official website, yay! :)
    16. ORDER PLACED!!!:dance

    17. Congratulations! :cheer
    18. I’m ordering Enya in Dark Chocolate with Gloriana as a second head as it was hard to choose just one. I wish I could get two complete dolls, but it’s not in the cards. I’m hoping to get a dragon one day also :)