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Aug 13, 2017

    1. @Inspired - congratulations!:thumbup
      Great choices...Gloriana in Dark Chocolate will look stunning...and totally get where you are coming from with wanting two complete dolls. Do you have a clear idea of how they will look, their style and story or is it a case of wait and see once you have them in hand?

      Copied from the Spirit Imprint waiting room, here's my order:
      "Elf Girl 37cm, Letizia head, big bust, Toffee resin. Optional extras = Letizia closed eye faceplate, all 4 extra hand sets, ballet and heel feet, request for green eyes."
      Letizia will be for a character that I already have in mind. Infact she last shelled into BJD form about 12 years ago.:aeyepop:
      Enya ( love that name ) was in the running for my character, but decided she looked a little younger than Letizia.

      EDIT: Oh and yes to a dragon too!
    2. @StrontiumDog Thank you :)

      I have an idea for a couple of characters - Gloriana as a modern day fashion model with Enya as her alternate personality - an Egyptian priestess. I’ll be able to have some great makeup/hair/clothing styles for the model character and use some brightly colored flowing silk robes and ankh jewelry for the Egyptian priestess character. I’ve always been fascinated by Egyptian history. Of course, this could all change once they get here :)

      I chose the green eyes, too, and the ballet feet along with the heel feet. I love all the poses shown on the website and am really looking forward to seeing them in person :)
    3. @Inspired - sounds like a very interesting set up and the perfect chance for some colourful outfits and jewels!:aeyepop:
      ...subject to what they demand upon arrival.:lol:

      Yes, tremendous posing and could see your priestess dancing and displaying on the temple steps in some of those shapes.
      Well here goes with the wait...:thumbup
    4. I’m hoping there are a lot more who are getting the elf. It would be nice to see these sculpts with different face ups and styles.
    5. @Inspired - yes indeed!
      You have got me wondering about Enya again...should i get her as a head?
    6. @StrontiumDog Enya is my favorite head sculpt of the three. It wasn’t that much more to order her as a second head.
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    7. I'm so nervous and excited, I just placed order for Enya in tofee! Enya will be my first new bjd after eight years (and my second bjd ever!)

      Initially I chose Gloriana but I changed my mind after seeing the pictures of Enya in Java skin. I think Enya looks gorgeous and versatile in those pictures! I wish I could order both sculpts, but that's not possible for me at this time
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    8. @Inspired - ok, you have pushed me into trying to order Enya as a head!!:lol:

      @robin raihana - Congratulations!:dance What a lovely choice for your second BJD after so long.:love
      it has certainly been hard making decisions on the options and like you, if money was no object...one of each sculpt in each colour please:aeyepop:
    9. Well, just like that, super fast response and it's done... Anna - @CrowBlackJay - is so helpful!!! She let me add Enya's head and sleeping faceplate to my order. Ebay sales have been good to me, so it's all paid for too.
    10. I always forget to post in these threads!

      I've been modding Silara, my She Is A Dragon.


      I carved open her eyes a little more some time ago, and yesterday changed the shape of the forehead. I seem to have a bit of a thing where I don't feel a doll is mine until I've done some modding! I'm not sure if she has yellowed, or if the resin is just lighter underneath the surface, or a combination of both, but she's smooth as anything here yet still showing exactly where the work was done. I don't mind though! One day I'll finally get around to painting her, so it won't be noticeable.

      I absolutely love the body for the new elf girl, but sadly there's just nowhere in my crew she could fit at all. I'm excited about what new dolls may happen in the future though, the articulation is always top notch!
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    11. @nattherat - it is kind of quiet in here, but thanks for sharing Silara...who is looking mighty fine...cool, but subtle mods too, great going. I think the slightly lighter patch works and doesn't stand out. Has she got her eyes? What do you have in mind for her paint work?
      Even if you don't want an Elf gal yourself, you know where to come to check them out.
      The fact theses dragon don't have wings is something I really like. More akin to Eastern style dragons or mythic wingless dragon creatures called Wyrms. Silara's blue is stunning. Having looked at pictures of She Is A Dragon, I can't decide on a favourite colour.
    12. @StrontiumDog Thank you! No eyes yet, but I think I've decided on some I'm going to order for her. The paintwork won't be intricate, more simply a gradient. I may even do it via dip dyeing, for longevity.

      Honestly I love the new translucent colours! If I did not already own this sculpt, I would totally have been tempted by the dark blue translucent one. However, I'm hoping for more creature doll designs myself. There is only one other super bendy lizardy/dragon doll in this kind of style (and scale) out there afaik, and sadly the less said about that one the better atm (the drama can be found on the associated thread). I'd love to get more lizards to be companions for Silara!
    13. @nattherat, that blue is so lovely! I wonder if the elf girls would be offered in fantasy colours in next pre-order, I'd love to see a blue or grey elf too!

      @StrontiumDog, congrats for adding Enya head!
      Yeah, I've been in the hobby for years, and while a lot of dolls have caught my interest, theres always something.. like that doll is not as poseable as I wanted (my doll really needs to slouch), another is too thin, that one has great poseability but none of the sculpt really spoke to me, etc.. so when I saw the elf girl wip, I am so excited! She's just the perfect combination, super poseable with great aesthetics! and I managed to get the funds right this time!

      Is it too early to worry about clothes that fits? She is an odd size, no? Would she fit 16" fashion doll sizes or other fashion bjd? I know I wanted make her an armour (warrior elf) but I also want her to have modern clothing as well..

      so sorry for rambling!
    14. @nattherat - well she's still pretty cool with out eyes. The dip dye sounds very interesting and would help show off her many layers of jointing. Yeah, the translucent colours are fascinating. Having had another nose around at pictures, the orange kind of appeals, especially if it was dyed/paint with some variation.
      *peeks about for the other thread...think I know which one you might mean...nuf said*
      Hope Silara will find a friend one day.

      @robin raihana - thank you. Very excited now.
      Completely get where you are coming from with finding the right BJD. Like you, when I spotted the early shots of the Elf girl, a lot of what she had was so promising...and it just got better.
      Never too early to start thinking about kitting a character out. I have done a little research and she appears to be smaller than Minifee, but Minifee Moe feet size might work for footwear. Popovy dolls might be a little closer, but have'nt found reliable measurements yet. I have checked Elf sizes against a Tonner Cami body that I remembered was tucked away and even that is a little larger. Gonna be custom clothes for the Elf girls. Liking the sound of your warrior!
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    15. @nattherat - Ooh she looks awesome! I can't wait to see her painted up. :) I think when I do get around to ordering one of these lovely dragons I'll be hard pressed to choose a colour for her. Hmm, perhaps purple if it's available?
    16. @StrontiumDog That’s awesome that you were able to add Enya - all paid for is even better :)

      @nattherat Wow! Silara is gorgeous. I love her color. I’m hoping to add a dragon when the pre-order opens again.
    17. @Inspired - thank you. The Enya head and sleeping faceplate were about what I am due to pay for the monthly layaway, so it worked out well. Been playing about with all kinds of ideas, looks and influences for the Elf gals...Shannara Chronicles (TV version) cos' I love the mix of ancient and future that show has. Probably not going to near to traditional, Lord of the Rings stuff. She will live in the here and now...so can use modern fastenings like zips and poppers. Infact whilst looking around, rewatched an all time favourite, The Dark Crystal ( yes, I need to get Netflix to watch to recent series ) and had a bit of a revelation...the Wingless She is a Dragon are a bit like the mystic ur'Ru...kind of, sort of, well, it sparked it for me and now I do need a Spirit Imprint Dragon!
    18. Yay, more dragons! ;)
    19. I have ordered Gloriana in java but cannot find the waiting room. I am so looking forward to this doll.
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