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Aug 13, 2017

    1. @Tureluur - you are welcome.
      If you check out Anna's Instagram page she has a video of Gloriana in Java resin...showing off her amazing posing abilities...WOW!
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    2. I have watched the video a few times now...:drool:cool:

      Just putting this out there for whom it my concern...wasn't sure about the next layaway payment, so asked Anna. She said to try and keep to the 30 days between payments, earlier is fine, but to let her know if there is going to be a delay.
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    3. Just saw the video. WOW. I liked these gals when I saw then and figured they posed well but so nice to see it. Can't wait to see to see them when the arrive for all those that got them.
    4. @calliope13 - yeah it's great to actually see her being handled and posed...makes a big difference. I'm pretty sure Elf gals will be shared here in the future:wiggle
    5. Any one getting stuff together for their Elf girls? It can be tricky not having her in hand to get sizes right, but wondered if folk had started working on hair, clothes, shoes...
      Personally, have put some old Tonner doll clothing aside to try. Some slim MSD items that might just work...been checking out Popovy sized footwear and currently wondering about hair options.

      I have one last layaway payment mid month, but haven't seen any updates on casting.
    6. I like the elf girls, and hope an elf boy is offered someday. I can not wait to see owner photos and enjoy the elf girls through others ^_^

      Oh an odd side note to what they could wear the She's a Dragon dolls can wear some Barbie stuff.
    7. @Tippetarius oh yeah a boy Elf!!! It had not even crossed my mind, but yes, that would be fantastic!:love

      Hmmm...just trying to judge from the Elf girl's measurements, don't think Barbie size will work. She's closer to Minifee, a bit smaller.
      I have a Tonner Cami body and that's looking near size wise. Gonna have to wait and see.

      Oh but and Elf boy......:drool
    8. Elcatka on Instagram shows a lot of photos of her java coloured elf, including a face up. I love looking at her photos, and I also ordered java. What colours did you all choose?
    9. Thanks for letting us know about Elcatka @Tureluur ...oh wow, her Elf is stunning and can't wait to see her finished:love Pretty sure Elcatka's girl is an Enya. I'm learning how to sneak around Instagram:wiggle
      The Java colour is wonderfully dark, but warm, so you must be excited.
      My girl/s will be in Toffee.
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    10. Wow, I am looking forward to seeing your toffee colored girl! I think Elcatka's Enya too, I chose Gloriana.
    11. @Tureluur - thank you - ah, yes it was you who ordered Glorinana in Java...:thumbup
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    12. I also ordered a Gloriana in Java as well as a Letizia in toffee! So far I have eyes for them that I commissioned but not much else, I'm going to try and make their wigs and sew clothes for them myself. As far as buying clothes for them, I think minifee might work. I have a 40cm Eslyndolls Mary and minifee clothes fit her perfectly, I think the elf girls will be a tad bit smaller though.
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    13. @Abbinormal - well, great choices too:thumbup
      I have been looking at eyes on Etsy...but wondering if I should wait for my Elf too arrive. Definitely want some hair for her, so will probably get an item that's ready made and like you have a go at making a wig later.
      Minifee Moe seems even closer in size...right?

      ( checked out Eslyndolls Mary...stunning! )
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    14. @Abbinormal, two elves :thumbup that is something to look forward to!

      I am also thinking about wigs, no idea yet though.
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    15. @Tureluur - wigs - do you perhaps have a vague idea of what you're after?
      I've decided to concentrate on Enya first and the Letizia heads can wait. One of my all time favourite films is The Dark Crystal (1982) - IMDb and I currently feel ( but it may yet change ) that my Enya heads will be influenced by, very loosely, something along the Gelfing character of Kira. Hair wise, white, pale blond with a mix of braids, dreads and loose hair. Undecided on a fringe ( Ye Olde English )...er, ah...bangs or a middle part.
      *wanders off to look at more pretty pictures*
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    16. Btw tz_doll_clothes on Instagram has pictures of their Letizia up with full make-up, hair and clothes and she looks absolutely gorgeous! It's awesome seeing one of these ladies all done up! :love
    17. @StrontiumDog, I like your ideas! As for a wig, I think it also depends on the face up you choose and the 'type' you want your doll to be. For me this is the hardest part because I don't do stories so I have not a clue which way to go yet. I must add that I am not an experienced bjd collector...

      @Abbinormal, I just saw it! Thanks for mentioning it here. Isn't she beautiful all dressed up :love
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    18. @Abbinormal - oh boy, thanks for the heads up on the Letizia. Well she is certainly a very modern elf gal. especially like the way her ear peaks through her hair in what could other wise be a modern fashion mag shoot. Her dark lips are stunning. Guess she is in the Petal colour resin...hmmm or maybe the maybe Sand resin?
      For me personally, love seeing one of these beauties outside. I know mine will get lots of outdoor time, as I truly enjoy taking pictures of my BJDs outdoors, mixing with nature.

      @Tureluur - yeah...face up has to come into the over all look. Understand what you mean about not doing stories...so you're not pinned down to any character or look. I usually find that seeing the colour of the resin for really, in your hands, makes a big difference and things start from there.
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