Spirit Imprint - CrowBlackJay - Tinies

Aug 13, 2017

    1. Heads up! Think I have read it correctly...looks like a new dragon head and some adjustments to the arms and hands. Possibly an end of September pre-order for them too!!!
    2. Oooh that new head makes a 2nd dragon temping.
    3. Yeah, the new head looks awesome! My doll budget is well and truly blown for this year, but I'm hoping perhaps next year of the year after she'll have another preorder for these lovely dragon ladies.
    4. @Tippetarius - isn't it just! That green fade colouring too...:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup
      @Quiet and Insane - same boat here. Am supposed to be getting an Iple SID...hmmmmm, but a dragon is so tempting cos she would be the perfect companion to be Elf gal....*can't decide*
    5. Heh, my budget was blown on an EID, so I'm not far off you there.
    6. hehehe...all aboard the good ship "Iple-has-me-hooked!"

      My main difficulty is that with the uncertainty over re-lock down/re-tightening of restrictions, I don't know where I will be job wise come the end of October and simply cannot justify another BJD. I have saved some funds, but at the end of the day that is money I may need for important things. *wanders of to ponder*
    7. I can understand that. Prior to the current lock down in my city, I had manged to sell quite a few things secondhand, and just had the money sitting there. So I thought hey, money from sold hobby stuff = money for new hobby stuff.
    8. News from Spirit-Imprint's pre-order pages, quote:
      "She is a Dragon Pre-order

      Early October 2020

      Currently in development one new head, resin colors and pricing.
      My caster reported an increase in the price of casting, especially a significant increase in the price of transparent colors, be prepared for this.

      The number of dolls in pre-order will be limited."
    9. Well my doll budget for the year has been well and truly spent (went a little over, whoops). Hopefully next year!
      I'm keen to see the new colours on offer though! I love seeing everyone else's photos, so I'm happy to live vicariously through everyone else for a while.
    10. @Quiet and Insane - sometimes it's just best to let your budget recharge. Yeah, looking forward to seeing the new colours and head too. Decided not to go with an Iple order this time round, so maybe, just maybe, can swing it for a Dragon.
    11. I'm more than happy to sit back and enjoy other people's dolls for a while anyway. :)
    12. @Quiet and Insane - looks like you'll have some beauties to enjoy as the pre-order for the dragons starts in a couple of days time!
      Waiting to see the colour options...:aeyepop:
    13. I’m glad we will be able to order parts! It isn’t that I had a major problem with the arms, but the new ones are better! :D
    14. Ooh, congrats to those planning on ordering the dragons! I won't have any funds for new dolls for the next few years unfortunately XD

      About the elf girls, I have to ask, how do you guys prepare/buy clothes and wigs for dolls that haven't arrived yet? and in their first release? Do you wait until you receive the doll or buy things based on measurement? I wish I have at least something for my girl to wear when she arrive!

      And Instagram is really dangerous! I saw that gorgeous picture of Enya in Java and right now I wished I ordered her in Java instead!
    15. Ooh yes I'm keen to see colour options as well!
    16. @robin raihana - doll budgets for so many of us are flaky to say the least but, enjoy what you already own...and have fun dreaming about future plans.
      Personally, as far as kitting out the new gal is concerned, I have done a little based on measurements, regarding clothing. Wig I am not so sure about, because I can't quite nail the look in my minds eye, so might wait until she is in hand to make a call on colour, style and such. Shoes...thinking that Minifee Moe might work...possibly Popovy footwear, especially flat styles. Leaning more and more toward waiting to physically have her and see what she tells me about who she is and how she will look.

      You have given me a very good reason NOT to be on Instagram!
      Seriously, Enya looks great in Java, but I don't think you will be worried once you see her in Toffee.

      @Quiet and Insane - colour options for the dragons are up...pre-order page 3...:aeyepop::aeyepop::aeyepop::drool
      Straight away went for green...Oh but the 2 reds are tempting...grey would be cool....transparent emerald!!!!....can't choose!
    17. oh I saw the colours! I really love that rose red too, and the sky blue and ash is pretty as well! I agree, it will be tough for people trying to choose!

      Edit: I should've looked at popovy and other fashion bjd this size.. they might fit better than the 1/4 msd hmm.. the wig at least
    18. Well I have been back and forth for 5 hours and can't decide which colour I like best:lol:

      Yeah, that's what I figure. If I go down the route of hardcap wigs though, will wait until I can try making or someone else can be commisioned.
    19. Oh woooooow! Those colour options! :aeyepop: One of each please!
    20. I’ve been enjoying the Elf girl owner pictures on Instagram. It makes me even more excited for mine :)

      I’m hoping to pre-order a dragon. I really like the sky blue color. I think it’ll look good with the milk chocolate of my Elf girl.