SQ-lab SG Discussion Thread # 2

Dec 24, 2012

    1. Or DG hands and legs/feet... I wonder why they don't sell those separately, they do still sell the DG61 body. :(
    2. I love how other discussion threads are like, "Look at my doll's new wig! Day at the beach with my doll!" But this one is a shopping support circle. I wish it were easier to get things from them
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    3. Hello ! I would like to buy a 53cm body in Real white skin and, of course, it's the only color that is not available on the shop YaJ... Do you think it'll be restock ?
    4. Does anyone have any luck ordering these dolls recently?
    5. No. They don't reply to email, their representative on Facebook told me to go through email, and their Japan Yahoo store only sells things I don't want. I have given up.
    6. I'm sorry to hear that :(
      I just sent an email to them.... Not super hopeful, but still want to give it a try :P
      I wonder how people in Japan/Korea area order these dolls?? Do they also have to go through the Japan Yahoo store?
    7. I think it is possibly a language issue. They might not have any english speaking staff atm
    8. so cute
    9. Oh no, are they not selling anymore? I was so wanting to throw money at them for a body to fit my Zaoll head D:

      If anyone here knows how I can get ahold of them or even just get the SG body I'd love them forever.


      Editing to add...it seems that I need to thank the person who mentioned Japan Yahoo. :D Thank you! Now we'll see if she actually comes in or if I owe my husband back doll money to pay back something that didn't work out.....
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    10. I actually got a reply when I asked them about the availability of a body a few months ago but I never went through with the purchase. I just sent them another email with my order list. Let's see if they reply this time. I really want the DG59 body but unfortunately it's not listed on YJA. ;A;
    11. Oh wow, that's right. They only have the 61cm in. Now I'm a little bummed, it took me looking at that to realize they don't have any of their SG hands listed either. I guess if they reply there's hope I can get those eventually.
    12. I ordered my sq lab KSG L body and head from Jause.com Japan services. My girl should be here this week coming up.
    13. *sigh * Still waiting to hear anything about the progress of my girl. Does anyone still lurking here know the about turn-around time for these guys? All I had to go on was the time line listed on their old page that showed a week til ship once ordered. Obviously that isn't the case.
    14. Hi guys, I have a NS 4sdoll body would like to buy some SQ's hands, do you have any idea witch skin color is fit for 4s's NS skin?
    15. @killbill 4Sdolls normal resin match Volks normal, and from SQ Labs website, real normal matches Volks so real normal should match 4Sdolls :)
    16. Thank you! I got hands from sadol instead, I believed they are the same hands as SQ61 hands, Sadol's have slightly color difference with 4sdolls, but both of them are not quite the same color as volks', maybe SQ lab's may more match for volks’ :)
    17. I really like the DG59 and DG61 bodies and want to get them for hybrid dolls. Would anyone happen to know how light the real white skin color is? Is it really similar to the website images? I took a look at their color chart and the real white skin seems the best for what I need (everything else seems too dark), but I am a bit unsure about the resin colors.
    18. @Maechen The real white skin is...reeeeeally white. I'm actually regretting a little that I didn't get the regular white skin. I was going for more of a Dollmore normal, and ended up having to color match the head followed by tanning the whole body. But here's an example of just how /white/ the RWS is. (my girl is the 53cm body)

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    19. @Peneyofdeath Oh, wow! :ablink: It doesn't look that white in the official images. My girl is pale, but I definitely can't use something that light. Thank you so much for the image and your help! :3nodding: After taking another look at their color chart, I noticed that the real skins are more of a yellow tone while the normal/white are more pink. I think the white skin might be better for me since my girl is on the pinker side of the spectrum.

      Edit: I looked around a bit more and read a lot of Korean blogs/reviews. It looks like real skin normal could work. I'll go with that and hope it turns out well. :eusa_pray
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    20. @Maechen this is why I wanted to dig this out to show you. I spent days looking at the different pages to see if I could somehow glean what the colors for the bodies were as they only seemed to show the color for the heads or their vinyl heads. I'd originally ordered the real skin normal, and freaked out thinking it's going to be waaaay too dark for my pale lady and figured that the white version would be closer. :/ diiidn't happen like I thought. But I do love how she came out in the end <3