SQ-lab SG Discussion Thread # 2

Dec 24, 2012

    1. @Peneyofdeath Yes, there's definitely not that many images to help with making a decision and it's also hard to tell how much the lighting from the photo shoot is affecting the colors. I'm glad everything was able to work out for you in the end! I was worried about it being too dark as well, so I really appreciate you sharing your experience. It definitely helped me! :3nodding:
      I really don't want it to happen, but I'll try and find a different head if the real skin normal ends up being too dark. I'm aiming to get the DG61 body for my female grail, so I am hoping it won't be a glaring color difference. I really do like the sculpts and they are actually my favorite female bodies so far, so I just wanted to be careful with the color selection. I'll definitely post some resin comparison pictures with all of the other companies I own to help other people in the future. :)
    2. @Maechen My mistake was going for too light a body. If the head is lighter than the body, you can have whoever does the faceup (or yourself) color-match the head to the body. It took so many layers of paint for me to lighten my head to match the body that it ended up muddying up some of the sculpting of the mouth and nose. :) I actually have a project thread of that doll showing me color-matching all the parts.
    3. @Peneyofdeath That's true! I took a look at your project thread and you really did a great job matching the colors! :) I was also able to find a few resin comparison images for the company I'd like to combine with the DG61 body, so the color I chose should work for what I need. Thanks for everything again!
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    4. I just discovered SQ Lab DG61 female body and wanted to know where I could purchase one.

      Can anyone help me.

      Thank you~
    5. Koreadolls.com sell SQlab
    6. Thank you so much for the quick response.

      Greatly appreciated~
    7. Hello Hannaliten:

      I went to the Koreadoll.com site. It was not a secure site but sometimes I notice some sites will go into a secure site when you register. I filled out the fields and was just about to press the join button and got a warning message with "not secure" in red. So I ended up not joining.

      I am not a techy at all so if you or anyone can confirm that Koreadolls.com is okay to purchase from, please let me know.

      Thank you!
    8. @twinki Just avoid storing sensitive info. like creditcard info. on your user.
    9. Thank you very much, Yumeiro.
    10. Hey all,

      I’ve been itching for a DG61 as it’s almost exactly what I want for my next doll, but noticed that the hands seem a bit large in some pics. Those who own them, how do you feel? Any comparison pics to DD/SD?

      Also, is there a definitive opinion on which SQ Lab skin colors best match DD and SD colors? I’ve seen some people have issues with the store’s own recommendations.
    11. I own two SQLab Navis- one on DG59 and one on DG61 body. Both of those bodies are using the same type of hands. Those hands are for sure much larger and more detailed in sculpt comparing to Dollfie Dream's hands. SQLab hands are more proportional to doll's head- those proportions are very close to human's (it is said, that when you are drawing a human, their hand length should of the similar length of the human's head). Dollfie Dream's hand proportions are close to those that are often shown in anime/ manga, and their sculpt is less realistic. Here is a photo of my OE Navi who is on DG61 body, showing her hand length versus her face length:

      And also here is a link to the photo of my sleeping Navi on DG59 body, showing those in even better way (warning: top-less nudity ! that's why I'm posting a link):
      All sizes | navi2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

      For more photos of my SQLab Navis, please go to their Flickr albums:
      Vigdis (SQLab Navi)

      Halcyone (SQLab Navi sleeping)

      And here is a link to NOT my photo of Dollfie Dream, that I found on Flickr. This photo is showing the length of the doll versus her head length:

      All sizes | Dollfie Dream | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

      Navi is wearing wigs in 8-9 inch size. Dollfie Dream are also wearing mainly 8-9 inch size wigs, so their 'head/ hand ratio' is truly comparable :)
      It's up to Your own taste, what do You prefer better. I prefer the bigger and more detailed hands of SQLab, and I'm very happy having my Navis.
      As far as skin colour is concerned- I can't help You, as I have none of DD to compare with my Navis and other SQLab doll I own: Chibi-Moe. I have them three- each in a different skintone: OE Navi (made in 2014) is in 'NS for DD' which is in reality a kind of light 'cappuccino' colour (she was always like that, even now, after 5 years), sleeping Navi (also made in 2014) is in 'real skin white for SD' and she was in reality in paper-white colour, now a bit yellowed, and my Chibi-Moe (made in 2014 or earlier- previous owner was not sure) is in 'white skin for DD', and she has surprisingly not yellowed and is in nice, very light-pink colour. I don't know how the 'current' resin colours of SQLab dolls look like, because I haven't seen any of those brand new dolls in reality...
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    12. It's been a long time since I purchased any SQLab anything, but I love their body and hand designs.

      Did they simplify to only two colors? On the Koreadolls page that's all I see now. I cannot seem to find them at all on Y!Japan anymore.

      I'd love to figure out how long it's taking them now to fill in orders from Koreadolls and if it's possible to get some of the other head sculpts.
    13. @DemonMiko I would not order anything from Koreadolls, try contacting them first, I think they closed shop or have abandoned it because two of my questions havent been answered since february and may, and the website hasnt updated for the spring/ summer or winter event/dolls

      They have, or I remember them having four colors. DD white, DD normal pink, SD normal yellow, SD ivory white but I dont think its consistent. My friend ordered a resin head in the same body color from their YJA and the head was very different in color than the body, I think the YJA sells readily made stock and not made to order so thats why the colors are different.
    14. Oh, dear...

      @GreenTeaSlug thank you for the info. That's kind of bummer though if Koreadolls also isn't active.

      Was your friend able to get a doll recently?
    15. @DemonMiko they havent updated their SNS since january so I think they abandoned it..

      They got the doll over a year ago, purchased same time by the same seller/agent on YJA but it was a body only and head only auction. Both had it listed in the same color. It wasnt a small resin color difference, the head didnt match the body, didnt match DD normal or SD normal, it was strong peachy in color.....it was without a question legit and straight from the YJA agent
    16. @DemonMiko strangely enough, koreadolls seem to have come back because theres a new post and promotion in the BJD news section, but I have not received a reply to my old Q&A, I would contact them just in case, a lot of people have had very good experiences with them, but that time lapse from january 27 to now with no new update, reply or promotion is worrying for me.
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    17. @GreenTeaSlug - That's really good to know. I'll try contacting them, just in case.
    18. I actually ordered three pairs of SQ-Lab hands from Koreadolls a few months ago and just received them last week. They are very slow replying so be patient. Initially I emailed twice before they sent me a reply.

      And they told me that the hands came out a shade different than their usual resin. I ordered them for my Volks girls, as they advertise them to be the same as Volks resin, and the NS is definitely peachier than the Volks NS. WS is a bit closer to Volks WS. I can take photos if anyone would be interested in seeing the difference.
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    19. (reviving a dead thread because I don't want to be bothersome and make a new one ^^; ) Has anyone tried ordering directly from the SQ-Lab company site recently? It seems they're more English/USA friendly now, so I was just curious as to how the customer service and general experience went :]

      I'm really enraptured by their dolls and would love to get my hands on one, and it seems like through the company site is the cheapest option!
    20. Based on..?