SQ-lab SG Discussion Thread # 2

Dec 24, 2012

    1. @Yumeiro They have an English site and US shipping quotes, so I'm just making the assumption.
    2. @mewserie Which they've had for a long time. But their reply-rate has been unreliable. They used to be very good with replying once, but now... not that I know of.
    3. Yeah, they’ve had that English site for a long time and it you click around, you’ll see that it doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2014...
    4. Ah, can't believe I missed that! That sucks ;n; there are external dealers who sell them so it's not like it's impossible, just a bit more of a premium to buy from them. Thank you though that really answers my question pretty much haha
    5. Is it sad that I'm starting to look at selling my 53cm body because there's no easy way to get a new one? Hands or anything really. She's really the wrong color and I can't even re-do her faceup because her head /and/ body are blushed to match each other.
    6. Just to give a recent anecdote, I ordered an SQ Lab head from Koreadolls in November and it just arrived. The time it took to arrive was longer than expected (about two months past the high end of their estimate), but given the pandemic situation I'm surprised they got it to me as soon as they did. The communication wasn't great (I had to write several times each time to get a response even back in November), but I'm very happy with the head I received.
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