Studio *ANother Secret* discussion thread

Oct 4, 2010

    1. The heads are really nice, hard to chose which one to get. ;)

      Sillypeach (or anyone) do you know what bodies they fit?

      On their blog there is a note: '3-All dolls are normal skin color.1 / 3 size, for SD10/SD13girl,Also can be used with other body.'

      If there are any photos available anywhere, it would be great.
    2. Those sculps are amazing! I have a hard time to choose one of this and order :D

      Aaaaand I just ordered and paid for Orchid :D im so happy! And i cant wait to see her in my hands, ahh!

      Amazing work. I hope to be your customer again soon :D
    3. I'm seconding Tsukasa on this; are there any photographs of the heads on Volks SD bodies so we can see how well they fit? I have a Dollfie Dream II body and an oldskin SD body, I'm curious whether they'd fit. Anyone have any testimonies?

      The heads are completely beautiful and like others have said, it makes me really happy and excited to see such high quality sculpting coming from such a new company. *MONDAY*moe is a beautiful head, I can't wait to see what other days of the week look like :)
    4. I am so tempted to get an Orchid! XD Although, she would have to share my Spiritdoll gal's body.
    5. I love Orchid, she is perfect! Wish I could have her.....
    6. I love the heads, but I'm really amazed by the face-ups. :D
    7. well I went ahead and ordered Orchid and Sunday Song

      no idea what I will do with Orchid, I hadn't any plans for another girl but for some reason I love that face
    8. I agree with you St. James, ALL of these dolls are BEAUTIFUL and I have not been so excited in a very long time! I just ordered Orchid! she stole my heart! I cannot wait to get her and paint her!
    9. Sent an email a couple of days ago asking about the availabilty of these heads after this preorder. They wont be available again :( Also asked about Mr. Saturday's series:

      thank you for your message.
      All heads are limited,the order will be closed when the certain amounts of reservation
      Add up to a quantity for a particular purpose. and the old head would not be available for sale.
      Mr. Saturday's Aoha and Momijii are not sure now,if we have any news,we will inform you.
      Thank you.
      ANother Secret

      I hope they churn out more heads when I have money, that way I can forget the fact that I've missed out on ordering Song :sweat
    10. I just sent them an e-mail hoping I can buy Song & Orchid
      still.....I realized that they are the perfect sculpts for two
      of my OCs.... here's hoping I'm not utterly crushed :(
    11. I'm kind of sad to see that the pre-order option is closed, but that means a lot of people bought ANother Secret heads and that we may get to see a lot of owner pictures. ^_^
    12. Definitely the same as my thoughts as well! I didn't think the ordering period would end so soon, but I am glad they capped it to preserve quality for each and every person who ordered. I am really hoping I will see more sculpts like Orchid in the future and snap one up before orders are closed.
    13. It surprised me that ANother Secret got so many orders in only a few days, but it makes me feel less guilty for buying an Orchid on impulse yesterday.
    14. Oh, NO! :o I had made up my mind to order Sunday Song today only to log on and find that he's sold out! :...( :...( :...( This is not encouraging me to be less impulsive in the future. :(
    15. Being a creature of impulse, I paid for Bamboo with a faceup a couple of days ago . . . can't wait to see him in person! I have oldskin and pureskin SD13 boy bodies to try him on, as well as Demon Garden and Souldoll. If he needs an SD10 body (SURELY not!), I'll have to shake down the friend I sold my most recent one to. ;)
    16. Muisje & Cynthia -- Congrats to you both on the impulsiveness and obtaining the lovely Orchid and Bamboo! Can't wait to see what you two do with yours!

      I too am wishing I had been more impulsive and bought Orchid the other day (but I ended up going out of town thinking I could just put my order in today). I can only hope the artists will think up some sculpts similar to Orchid in the future that I will love just as much.
    17. That is what I am telling myself too right now! This is just the beginning, they will make more sculpts, I will love another one just as much as the one I just missed out on. No Sunday for me but maybe, just maybe he will have a brother type. :aheartbea
      Still, a big :doh for acting too slowly.

      SDink - I love the Orchid head very very much but didn't see how I could fit her into my group right now. I adore they way they styled her for her promo but I can't wait to see what you do with her! :chocoheart

      Cynthia - St. James and I were taking bets on which or how many of these heads you'd buy before you even posted here. LOL.
    18. Exactly! More sculpts will come out from this exciting studio and I really can't wait to see what everyone does with the sculpts they have purchased in this first batch of orders. I am still feeling a big :doh myself for not being on the ball.
    19. I had not expected the pre-order to close this soon, but there's still a chance to buy one of these heads on the market place later on. Although I don't hope I'll have to part with mine. I feel inspired by this one like I haven't felt in a while.

      I'm also looking forward to other sculpts ANother Secret may make in the future. All of the ones they've shown so far are very interesting. A combination of something familiar and something quite different.
    20. I wouldn't want anyone to part with their heads! They look so neat! XD If I am lucky enough to stumble upon an Orchid down the line then that would be nice, but I will also look forward in anticipation for whatever neat stuff they have in the works. I agree! I do feel a bit of familiarity with their sculpts, but also something very fresh and new. It is really inspiring and I can imagine there will be an interesting diversity of ways people will interpret their characters in these sculpts. :)