Studio *ANother Secret* discussion thread

Oct 4, 2010

    1. human_doll : huh? but they say that :

    2. Well I e-mailed them after the pre-order was ended (I believe)
      asking if I could still order and they let me do so on the 7th...
      I guess it can't hurt to try, all they can do is say no.
      Nobody wants to start a WR or have I just missed seeing it?
    3. Crossing my fingers for you Lula78. You're right, if you don't try you don't get it for sure.

      Couldn't sleep for the moment so I made a WR:

      Updated the list :)
      Name - [Head/s] - [With Face-up/no Face-up]

      NeVeR ToO OLd! - Orchid - ? face-up
      Sint - Orchid - No face-up
      Shaiel - Orchid - No face-up
      vulpes - Orchid and Song - ? face-up
      SDink - Orchid - No face-up
      Cynthia in FlintHills - Bamboo - ? face-up
      chakagarcia - Orchid - ? face-up
      Tsukasa - Song - ? face-up
      Haniwa - Orchid - No face-up
      hane - Orchid - No face-up
      Lula78 - Orchid and Song - No face-up

      No face-ups so far.
    4. Maybe they don't have total quantities for Orchid and all others heads are sold out ? I don't know...

      I've just receive an invoice ^^ and make immediately the payment for Orchid without makeup :)
      I'm so happy to see other amazing faceup for Orchid girl ^^
    5. Congrats human_doll, I'm happy you were able to order her!!
      Please come join us in the WR XD
    6. I placed an order before they announced to close. And I just got their email today (waited for 4 days to get the reply):

      The pre-order total quantities are much more than we suppose, for the quality and speed, we decide to close the pre-order.
      Please check your order if you still want, and then pay it to our paypal.
      Please pay the order in 24 hours, or the order will be canceled.
      Thank you.
      ANother Secret

      But, they did not advice shipping fee and their PayPal account. I just replied and asked for that. Have to wait for the answer again and be worried that it might be late than 24 hrs T^T. Anyone has any advice, please help me.
    7. I think that it could be a confirmation email to know if you are agree with the new conditions they have due the masive orders.
      So if you still want to order and you can pay in 24 hours, tell them again D:

      Hope you have a quicker reply this time, and you can get your head >_<
    8. Would it be troublesome to pay for the head and then ask for the shipping fees? That way you can pay within 24 hours and add the shipping fees later.

    9. I would probably do this also :)
    10. Sint, maybe I'm misunderstanding this post, but (as I said a page or two ago), I did order a faceup with the Bamboo head. Thanks for keeping the list--it will be fun when all these heads start arriving!
    11. Only the paypal adress is send with the invoice. :(

      @Cynthia in FlintHills: Ah yes sorry, you did mentioned it. I was busy collecting all data of who ordered the heads first and forgot the face-ups. :sweat

      Edit: I'm keeping the list up to date in the waiting room on the first post (until the heads arrives) So I don't have to spam it here everytime I post ;)
    12. Got their reply and paid! Yeah!!! Thank you everyone. :)
    13. Congrats gateaux!! Has anyone seen the new pictures?
      Mr. Saturday is making a 1/6 doll, it looks cute so far.
    14. aawww yes :D
      I've hope that they will have their own bodies :>
      Sweet faces, can't wait them :)
    15. Congrats gateaux! Which head did you order?

      The 1/6 head looks very cute. And it is great they make bodies too. For the smaller size it is not easy to find fitting bodies then with larger sizes.
    16. I order Orchid and Song heads. ^^

      Yes, 1/6 head looks cute. Really want to see her/him on make-up. <3
    17. I'm getting a Sunday's Song, from the first wave. :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      Who is going to do their own face-up?
    18. I ordered and paid for my very own gorgeous Orchid when they first put up the sale thread. I'm soo excited for her to ship out! I can't wait to see her in real life and give her a nice faceup. ^ ^
    19. I'm going to do my own face up to my Orchid girl :) I have concept and now just waiting for her :)


      ikke - can't wait to see him :>
    20. I'm doing my own face-up too and I hope to turn her (my Orchid) into a little warrior girl.