Studio *ANother Secret* discussion thread

Oct 4, 2010

    1. Thank you! For the life of me I don´t see any button for messaging, just Follow. God, I hate Social Media.

      Edit: I am using it on the PC, not Handy. Maybe thats why.
    2. Im using phone so idk... but it is next to follow button :) I already wrote here as well so I will let you know when/ if Ill recieve response ;)
    3. Managed on my phone as well now. Well, let´s cross fingers that that the Sleeping Beauty will wake up now!
    4. @Tanush Instagram seems to have done the trick. Tonight they finally contacted me. The first package they sent to me was returned by German customs due to problems with the magnet in the head. Now they are consulting with their agent how to send it again without this problem. They will send me the tracking number then. Funny thing is, I never got a tracking number for the first package. And I just got two heads from SiO2 which had no problems with magnets. I am not quiet sure if I should believe this.
      Did they contact you?
    5. @Ashemanu I've already heard problems with magnets. I wonder if ANS have sent heads without magnets for a while because of it... So maybe they say the truth ?
    6. @Follow-the-Wind Yes, maybe. It just irritates me that they didn´t send a tracking number. They had done that all the years before. That´s mainly why I am doubting this. And getting no communication doesn´t help either.
    7. Yup. They also wrote me that the first package had problem with the magnets... but if it was sent we should still recieved tracking number... so i think that they just forget to sent it... if there was problem with magnets and returning they would probably contacted us imo
    8. So lets hope that we will recieve ournheads quickly <3 :3
    9. Do you guys know whether or not AS still sells Alice head?
    10. My White Night head just shipped! Hopefully other White Night purchasers get their message soon!
    11. Grats to you - I could cry when reading this. Just got a mail from ANS that they are now looking for a new shipping company. The head was stuck at the warehouse of the old one and didn´t go out cause of the magnets. Therefore no tracking number. At least they are talking to me now. It´s not the wait time - it´s the uncertainty if it will be shipped at all. Yeah I know, I am probably overreacting. I ordered three items in September 2018, and all went horribly wrong, White Night among them. I am so absolutely tired of this, I just want my tracking number and be done with it.

      Hope your White Night will arrived safe and soon, @americanseamstress !
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    12. @Ashemanu

      That sucks! I’ve never had magnet problems. I was wondering if perhaps they were just late and covering their ass with a fake excuse.

      I use 17TRACK, which tracks packages from both ends of shipment:sending and arrival country. Although USPS (receiving/arrival) states that the tracking number has been generated but isn’t in the system, it does show as received by the sender’s post office from the other direction.

      Perhaps when you finally get a tracking number, you can use this service to put your mind at ease. I find it updates faster than just tracking via my country’s receiving/arrival post office.
    13. @Ashemanu
      I just recieved mail with shipping number :) tracking shows that i should recieve package on 16. :) hope that you will get yours soon as well
    14. @americanseamstress I just had 17TRACK for another parcel, the seller gave the link to me. It´s pretty cool! Thanks for the tip, I thought that it would only work for Taiwan.

      @Tanush Grats! Glad to hear it. But no tracking number for me. I just got an email though that the parcel is in the mailing process and that they expect a tracking number soon. Well, better than nothing, I guess.
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    15. :lol:So my Ceng Lung arrived today :) he is lovely :) now i have to find some body :sweat:lol:
      @Ashemanu what about you? do you have order number already?
    16. @Tanush Grats, I am happy for you! No, of course I didn´t get a number. Atm I am almost sure I never will get one :...(
    17. @Tanush Congrats for your Cen Lung! Did you take it NS or WS? I'm looking for a body for mine too :)

      @Ashemanu I hope you will soon get your head, even without a tracking number.
    18. @Follow-the-Wind Thank you :) I have him in NS :) looks pretty pale... but I will check the colour with others tomorrow with daylight :)

      @Ashemanu :( hope that you will get yours soon as well :)
    19. Thanks for all the good wishes! After asking again I finally got a working tracking number today. Now I hope for an uncomplicated arrival.
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