Studio *ANother Secret* discussion thread

Oct 4, 2010

    1. A little of snow fall yesterday and I took my Zyu Zoek outside for some photos. Here she is :

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    2. @Follow-the-Wind She looks lovely - and she seems to like the snow! Which mold is she? I am very bad at recognizing ANS-molds, I am not even sure about my own ones ;)
    3. @Ashemanu Thank you! It's a Zyu Zoek (vermilion bird) , which was for sale some years ago and then again with Ceng Lung in september.
    4. Oh, I thought Zyu Zoek was maybe her name ^^ Thank you :)

      My White Night has arrived meanhwile. I am so happy this is over. I quiet like him! Reminds a little bit of Heliot from Soom.I hope I can send him to get a face up this week.
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    5. @Ashemanu Her name is Oiwa. :) Congrats for your White Night ! I'm curious to see him with his faceup. I hope you will show him to us when it will be done !
    6. @Follow-the-Wind your Zyu Zoek is so gorgeous! I love all of your dolls. Her styling is so well put together.
      @Ashemanu I'm eager to see what you do with White Night! I love the lips on that sculpt<3

      I just wanted to introduce my Cenglung head that came back from faceup. This is Sanguine. She doesn't have her official body yet but I just had to get some head shots XD

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    7. @KiwiNinamori She is absolutely gorgeous! That´s one really wonderful face up!
    8. @KiwiNinamori She is beautiful ! What body are you going to buy for her ?

      I took new picture of my Oni couple , Tsuyu and Fubuki (ANS Narcissus and ANS Acheron) :

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    9. @Follow-the-Wind I getting a Dollshe 26F body to try with her since I want her to be a tall girl. And she has a big neck hole so I hope it works. Your Oni couple is so cute. Do you write out the stories for all your dolls? All the Oni are in a big family and have good backstory.
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    11. @Ashemanu Congrats on your white night coming back. I think the faceup looks good:) What type of wig were you thinking of changing to for him to make it cooler?
    12. Thanks! I put a long white wig on him now, with straight synthetic fibers, not angora. And different clothes. Much better now! He looks harder, not so tame anymore.I guess that was it what was bothering me most - his look was too soft.
    13. @Ashemanu Congrats, he is good looking ! I'm curious to see him with his new wig :)
      @KiwiNinamori oh sorry I didn't reply ! Yes all my dolls have at least a background, if not an entire story ^_^
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    14. New pic of my Drizzle along with my Elfdoll Soah!

    15. I feel like I'm spamming this thread with my pictures… :sweat
      But, well, again a picture of my Narcissus:


      I'm about to buy a body for my I'm! I think I'll take him a loongsoul 73cm body, because he has a big head. 65cm body doesn't fit him, I've try and it's awful. That's a shame, I prefer 65cm boys rather than 70 and up.
      If there is other owners of I'm here, on what body did you put him?
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    16. Spam away! It's nice to see someone is keeping this thread alive. My Blue Dragon still needs a body, and a face-up.
    17. @Follow-the-Wind More beautiful pictures! I'm so envious of your Drizzle. I sent mine to a faceup artist awhile ago and I hope he will be back by the end of this month. I'm so excited to see him done. And good luck on the body hunt!

      In other news. I'm anxiously waiting for a body for my Ceng Lung Head. I got her wig now and I'll finish the layaway for her body this month so hopefully she will be whole soon!

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    18. @Cloudedmind Haha, ok, I'll keep spamming then! My CengLung and my I'm are in need of everything: bodies, faceups, wigs, eyes… I don't know when I will complete them.

      @KiwiNinamori Your Ceng Lung is a beauty :D
      Didn't you buy a Milu too, recently?

      And new picture, as it doesn't bother you to see my ANS again and again XD

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    19. @Follow-the-Wind Thank you ^_^ and no I haven't bought a Milu, I tried though. There was one on the marketplace that I desperately wanted but I messaged the seller too late and it went to someone else. Man he went fast. So the hunt continues for more Another Secret heads on my list. If I ever find a Mr. Wolf I will have a heart attack, he's my grail