Studio *ANother Secret* discussion thread

Oct 4, 2010

    1. @KiwiNinamori oh, I thought you got the Milu! Too bad. Mr wolf is really rare, I'm not sure I've already seen one on the marketplace. I hope you will grab one someday !
    2. @KiwiNinamori Your CengLung looks great. I like the scale look. I've been thinking of eventually doing something similar with mine, but in turquoise and gold. What body did you get for her?
    3. @Cloudedmind Thank you and I look forward to seeing yours. I'm getting her a Dollshe 26F girl body. I assume since the head is for 70cm boy bodies then a dollshe girl body will be a good measurement for the neck.

      @Follow-the-Wind thank you! I'll continue the hunt and hope for the best. Meanwhile I'm still body hunting for my Drizzle head. XD I want him to have a non muscular boy body but not too short either because his head is so big.
    4. My body came in for my Another Secret CengLung head! She goes great with the Dollshe 26F body! I got the body in fresh but I think oriental probaby woudl have been closer but I can blush it to match better. IN person its not too far off.

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    5. @KiwiNinamori She looks great on this body! The proportions are very nice. Her top is beautiful, and I bet you did it yourself!
    6. @Follow-the-Wind Thank you I totally agree and yes I did make the clothes. XD

      Also here is some spam of my Another Secret Drizzle! He's back from faceup and I finished making his wig and blushing his horns
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    7. @KiwiNinamori Wow! He has an intersting faceup and the horns and wig give him a lot of presence.

      I'm happy I'm going to have one more ANS : I'm waiting for the Milu that was for sale last month. I trade him with one of my (many) floating heads. :)
    8. @Follow-the-Wind Thank you XD I can't wait to get some outside shots of him when I make him some more clothes. And a Milu head?! That's awesome!! Congrats, are you going to make it a girl or boy?
    9. You're welcome!
      I've enough girls, I think I will make a boy with the Milu. I wonder on what body I'm going to put him...
    10. @Follow-the-Wind, that would be cool to see!

      I just got a Orchid head that should be coming in the mail tomorrow so I'm excited about that

      NEW SCULPT!!!!
      Did anyone see that Another Secret released a new sculpt: Qingmao on their taobao? Her horns are really cute XD I wish they would have put up a notification on DOA about it but they only mentioned it on their new site. Sale ends on 5/18!
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    11. @KiwiNinamori congrats for your Orchid ! I've sold mine, but I still think it's a wonderful mold.

      The new sculpt is beautiful ! Maybe I've enough dolls now, but it would have been a wonderful member of my Oni family XD
    12. @Follow-the-Wind Thank you! And man I would love to see you get that head and make it apart of the Oni Family. I just bought one in normal skin. I'm going to turn her into a mouth influenced character XD
    13. @KiwiNinamori It sounds great! I'm curious to see what your Qingmao will look like.

      Better late than never! I wanted to paint tattoos on my Zyu Zoek's body since 2015. Now it's done:

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    14. Those incredible tatoos :D@Follow-the-Wind

      Horned qingmao will be mine :blush
    15. @Follow-the-Wind thank you! My qingmao will actually be arriving in the mail next week so I can look forward to starting her XD

      @lyderic did you already buy her? she is such a beautiful sculpt!
    16. Ugh, I'm waffling on buying a Song. My Blue Dragon still needs a body as well as quite a few other dolls, so I'm hesitant to buy more floating heads. >_<
    17. @Cloudedmind
      I know how you feel. Have the same problem :lol:
    18. @lyderic Thank you!

      @Cloudedmind Same problem here! I find the Qingmao very beautiful, but I've still the I'm and the CengLung without bodies (plus some others heads)...
    19. I've finally made a bit of an effort to buy doll bodies this year. (Six to be exact, but I'm still waiting on three) But, I still have too many doll heads! #FirstWorldDollProblems:lol:
    20. @Cloudedmind the # is so true! :lol: I've bought only one body this year, and three new dolls + two new heads. 6 is the number of bodies I need, I fear!
      I've forgot I also have the ANS Milu waiting for a body, not only the I'm and blue dragon… :doh
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