Studio *ANother Secret* discussion thread

Oct 4, 2010

    1. @Follow-the-Wind It doesn't help that generally heads are cheaper than bodies, and are more likely to be very limited or more often discontinued compared to bodies. *I say while eyeing a head from another company that just closed up shop :doh* I fear there's no help for me.:lol:
    2. My QingWan head arrived today and it's beautiful! I'm going to make it a girl. The neck hole is actually smaller than i thought so it will probably have to go on a 60cm body compared to the normal larger size they've been doing lately.

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    3. @KiwiNinamori Congrats for your new girl! She is already beautiful.
    4. So... I've just bought an ANS Isabella, but cannot find her name in DoA's wiki. Does she have another name?
    5. It's possible the wiki just hasn't been update with newer sculpts. It's community maintained, so if no happens to update it, it will be missing stuff.
    6. Yeah, using the magic of google, I found that her name is indeed Isabella XD I thought she had a chinese name. Maybe I should go to sleep XD
    7. Does anyone know how fast they reply to emails? I sent them one a few days ago but still no replies. I don't want to miss the pre-order deadline. I'm trying to bring home a QingWan head. I absolutely adore her face! I'm just wondering if I should send them another one.
    8. Can I suggest to ask Clover singing for help? She is fast and kind Contact Us_网店信息_系统分类_Clover singing doll base - Powered by ECShop
    9. I painted the faceup of one of my ANS floating heads. Well, it's no longer a floating head as I put him on an old Dollzone body that I have.
      I'm not sure wich mold it is. It was sold to me under the name of Seiyou, but I think he is looking like a Kouyou. Of course I have no Coa on wich I could look at it.
      I modified it, I added four horns:


      I'm not sure I will keep him. I already have many oni and he's not my favorite! ^^'
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    10. Another great face up @Follow-the-Wind! I really like the horns especially the cracking around them.
    11. @Cloudedmind Thank you! All my horned Oni have the same type of cracking around their horns. :)

      My Seiyou/Kouyou has his own wig now: