Studio *ANother Secret* discussion thread

Oct 4, 2010

    1. I was too late to order one, they already posted their note :( Hope that they will reopen soon !
      Because Orchid is very to cute to pass by ! :chocoheart
    2. Unfortunately they said that they won't be re-selling the heads they have already put up for sale. In other words, I think each batch appear to be LE (unless they change their minds down the road). I quite loved Orchid myself! :(
    3. My Orchid head arrived! I'm editing the pictures so they will be soon.

      So far the head is the average large head size and fits very nicely on the Volks SD10 girl body. I tried her on the Unidoll girl limited body, but the neck is way to small. On the Unidoll real boy/men body(Yeh know muscular) it looks very good in proportions. And I can tell the head looks good as a boy too.

      Anyway pictures will tell more.
    4. Now I'm kind of worried that my Dollmore Eve body will look silly with the Orchid head, because that body has a very thin neck. I'll see when my head gets here or maybe I'll drag the body over to Sint this weekend. ;)
    5. I just stumbled upon this thread and have to subscribe since these are some lovely heads. I really, really hope they release Monday Moe for sale because I really, really want one.
    6. I wonder if eyelashes will look good on an Orchid head.

      Nice to see that the head looks good on different bodies. I forgot that Unidoll Real male bodies have thin necks too, so Orchid may still look good on the thin Dollmore Eve neck. We'll see.
    7. I think eyelashes will look great on her ;) Some angles it looks like she is sleeping.
    8. I've started a Database entry for SUNDAY Song, here
    9. I've had the chance to put Sint's Orchid head on my Dollmore Eve body and it looks good enough for me proportion wise and as a resin match. It's not perfect, but good enough for what I want to do with my Orchid head. Now to find the right wig. ^_^
    10. nothing, everybody's patiently waiting.
    11. Nice!! :D Good to know for proportions and resin matches which bodies these heads can go on. Orchid is such a pretty and unusual sculpt!
    12. Maybe people want a chubbier body for this head, like that of SpiritDoll or Volks for example, but I want a slight "stick figure" look. Not that Dollmore Eve bodies are stick bodies, but mine will be after I mod it.
      The Orchid head does have an adorable child look, but the body makes it look more mature. I guess I'll have to add a few more years to the character concept in my head.
    13. I could see people wanting a chubby body for the head, but I think it could lend itself well to a more mature body. I am interested in seeing how yours will look! :)
    14. I must admit my first thoughts on seeing Orchid was that a chubby body would look good.
    15. ;) Must be the full cheeks?
    16. I guess so! I think she (to me she's a she) just looks very child like and pouty so I automatically thought about a small child about to throw a tantrum lol!
    17. XD I could definitely see that. (S)he has that sulky youthful look! I could picture him/her with tears. Although, I could also picture him/her giving someone a glare! :)
    18. I discovered this company two days ago and I thought they sold their head trhough preorders.. but Now I discovered they only sold out all the heads.. so I can't get miiiiiine T.T I feel so bad for this :S
      P.s. Can't wait to see her with a face up..
    19. The blank heads are being shipped right now, so you can still keep an eye on the Market Place. Most people bought the heads on impulse as the order period was so sort. There's always a chance that plans have changed.

      Since I got a shipping notice, I think I should start working on modding the body I have for my Orchid. :D