Studio *ANother Secret* discussion thread

Oct 4, 2010

    1. Thank you Dear..hope to find the head I like.. I'm confused now about my PG.. :S
      he is faceless XD
    2. I had a small conversation with ANother Secret (those that have had email contact know that long conversations are not going to happen with them)
      And I understood from that that they are planning to put up more/different heads soon....
    3. I hope Ikke, I really hope.. cause I found in SONG the right face for a characther I had in mind..
      And I'm not able to "see" him in any other mold for now >.<
      hope they'll come out soon.. T.T
    4. I've fallen in love with Bamboo!! Can't wait to see pictures :D Really hope I can acquire one, one day :(
    5. yay~
      my orchid is here! i love her!

      here on my Volks SD10 body. the body is a little more yellow, but i think the head will be yellowing to :D
    6. Shaiel -- Your Orchid is lovely! Congrats! :D
    7. Shaiel > Your Orchid is rally cute ! Hope you will post more photos of her soon ! :)
    8. I got my Sunday's Song head!

      As an overview, his head is on the small side with the face also being rather small and delicate. His resin feels nice, the NS coloring is darker or grayer than Volks NS. More like AiL Normal or DT Oriental skin or DG Normal. His eyes will need some work to be a little more even and he'll need socket beveling so his eyes will sit properly. He takes 14mm eyes, 12mm might work, 16mm is too big. The groove in his upper lip (philtrum) is way too deep even for my liking so I'm thinking about filling it in a bit, I don't want to sand it from the top and ruin his cute profile. His lip shape is a lot like my HM Omicron, very cute expression. The head does not sit properly on my SD13 boy body, the neck is way too thick for this guy unless you want to mod down the sides of the 13 neck. I'm thinking about trying the head on my v2 iplehouse body which is a very short and petite thing.

      I take a few quick pics of the head on the 13 boy body if anybody wants.
    9. Congrats on the arrival! Thanks for the review--I would love to see Sunday's Song on the SD13 body. ;)
    10. Okay,

      Here's a shot of the head from the side, the fit at the top is odd when his head is at a normal forward looking angle:


      At the same angle, it's an odd fit from the back:


      Same angle but so you can see how the neck looks bulgey from the sides:


      And since the head is small he looks a bit too small on the SD13 for my tastes:


      I'm not sure where I want to go with mine at this point. The head is small enough I could put in on a slender girl body which is interesting to me but I bought him to be a boy. Maybe he'll just be a much shorter boy than I was thinking. I still might try him on a few other small bodies but already know I don't have anything that will color match to this head.
    11. idrisfynn -- Great photos! The sculpt is really charming and I really love his profile!! The roundness of his nose and lush lips. The head does look rather small and might be more suited to a slim male sculpt. The body with have to be kind of more slight built like Dollmore Adams, Lumedoll, etc. I wonder what could work out...
    12. Yes, Lumedoll or DM Adams are in line with what I was thinking. Maybe Ringdoll? Or Iplehouse YID? Demon Garden may be good for both scale and color match.
    13. The Song sculpt is lovely but it's quite asymmetrical like Orchid - especially round the mouth. I had to file her eyes and bevel them out more (still have more to do - I noticed some of the new batch of Orchids were a bit better) and have also deepened the crease between her lips on the right hand side and sanded away underneath the fat lip on the left (looking at her). I'm still very pleased with her.

      I have Orchid on an old Custom House body - the colour match is good and the proportions reasonable although the neck is too long and slender. I used some silicon sealant round the neck socket to make it sit better. I've also had her on a Dollstown Elf body and only took her off that because it was the wrong colour.
    14. My Orchid is arrived today ^^ I have already open her eyes a liitle and here's the pictures.I use an SD 10 volks old body , ns orchid head is a slighly lighter than sd volks body, matching 90%.The proportion is for me good :)


    15. Congrats to all :)!
      I got my Song 2 days ago, i had some problems putting the eyes in...
      @ idrisfynn: thank you for the pictures!I also would like to fill in the groove in his upper lip a bit. What materials are you going to use ^^?

      I would like to get the LoongSoul body, do you guys think that would be a good color and proportions match?

      And anyone got some pictures of Song with 12 mm eyes? That would be great :D!
    16. congrats for all your lovely orchids ( and song ! idrisfynn thanks for these shots : a great mold !)i received mine today

      if somebody can try orchid head on spiritdoll elegance girl body / dollstown body it would be great !;)
    17. I think Ringdoll is a little more translucent because it's environmental resin (unless it's been changed), but the build looks about right. Unfortunately, they only sell a pink normal skin and a white skin. They don't have the yellow-toned resin as an option anymore. Demon Garden would probably make a really good match! I didn't think about that. They've also updated their body.

      Human_doll -- Your Orchid looks lovely!
    18. @Human_doll: She is lovely and she is so cute on the sd10 body. Good job on the eyeopening too.

      @idrisfynn: Congrats with Song! I always forgot how thick the necks of sd13 are. I bet if the neckhole can be modded so it fits deeper on the neck, the head will look fine on the SD13 body. ;) But +/- 10cm necks are the best fits indeed.

      My orchid head did look surprisingly good on the Unidoll male body, which is pretty muscler and broad. XD Unidoll guys does have very thin necks though (10cm).

      (Sharing the pic as it is still funny XD)
    19. I wonder how many people will make Orchid boys. ;)
    20. I have a tracking number for my Bamboo head (with faceup)! I've been hanging onto a yellow-normal Demon Garden body and an oldskin SD13 body to try with him--will report back with pictures once the head is here and I have a chance to experiment. :sumomo: